41 Yr Old Grandma Lipo to Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, Flanks and Arms - Illinois, IL

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I am 5'2 currently 164 pounds but normally 155ish...

I am 5'2 currently 164 pounds but normally 155ish
Would love to get to 145 but it is getting harder and harder the older I get.
I work out 4 to 5 days a week. I am healthy and active
So far I have had 1 consult and I really like the doctor. He wants to use PAL or power assisted and general anesthesia with an overnight stay
He said he will take 5 to 10 liters of fat from these areas but was very realistic about the dimpling and the
amount of cellulite on my legs etc and the skin elasticity of my arms
I will likely need full brachioplasty if I don't want the saggy arm skim so
at lease he is honest which I really like
and I love that he is willing to do a larger volume
I have one more consult this coming Wednesday with a doctor that does Vaser so I will keep you all posted

2nd consult

So I went in to consult with the PS that does Vaser today. This PS I really like. I have been to him before and I like him. (I did not mention this yet but I had a tummy tuck ) almost two years ago
by him. He really knows what he is talking about and seems to have more experience but basically said he would not do large volume because I don't have good skin elasticity in some of those areas I want lipo in Like my arms
and legs. He would do some but he said a thigh lift may be more for me.
He spent a lot of time with me and answered all my questions honestly
What to do what to do
Because of being a former patient the consult was free and I am supposed to get a really big break
on the work he wants to do
I will let yall know when the estimate comes in the mail
Oh and I scheduied Juvederm with him Juvederm and botox for April 2nd

After a lot of thought I have decided to go back to my old ps and give vaser a shot

I booked my lipo for 6/3 $ 5600
He will do lightly on my much hated arms ,hips, touch up on my lower abdomen
I say touch up because i had a tt 2 years ago almost to the day of this scheduled lipo ans I am getting a repeat customer discount
It was 1800 for the surgical fee?. 1800 for the arm area and the hips abdomen touch up area $500 because I had some light vaser with my tummy tuck two years ago. Oh and $ 1300 for aesthetician.
Anyway that was the price breakdown. I a tt review a couple years ago but couldn't seem to figure out my log in to repost on the one so I am creating a new one.
I am 5 '2 Currently 162 but I generally stay around 156 ish in the summer
I am wondering if I am wasting money and should just hit the gym really hard to do it on my own. I called the doc thinking about canceling feeling quilts and he ask me to come in and chat about it so I go in two days the same time as my pre op appointment .
I will repost then and let you all know how it's going

Had my pre op today

Had my pre op today and discussed what my expectations are
Asked the doc to be conservative with my arms explained I would rather have fat than just flappy skin. He agreed and also told him I am a little nervousness because I have been recovering from a bad sinus infection and chest cold from about two weeks ago.
He thinks I will be fine because I still have another week to recover.
He told me to stop taking anything that contains vitamins e or fish oil etc.
Gave me my scripts narco/ hydro condone a nausea patch to wear behind my ear
For the day of surgery. Celebrex, and an anti biotic
He said it was ok to start bromalaine, (pineapple juice) and arnica Montana
So I am ready I guess
I have a couple hours to drive to get there at 6:45 Am next Tuesday just a short 6 days away. I am staying in a hotel with a friend to help me but I only took off 3 days. And I will have to go back to work Friday but luckily in and office by myself
And there is a couch there so I can rest if I néed to.
That is it for now I will be glad when not only it's done but I have recovered
Happy healing all !

Losing weight down to 162

I wish I would have been more diligent with my diet and exercise I would have loved to drop 10 pounds or so
Although I work out 4 to 5 days a a week is screw myself over holidays , weekends , vacations and such. It sucks a week worth of diet and exercise can be ruined in one weekend. Anyhow I do about 5 to 6 miles a day with cardio and have recently started incorporating weights into my routine as per docs suggestion. That's all for now . Happy healing to all you beautiful ladies today !

I made it out

So I was up at 3:30 and on the road by 4: 20 ish . Got there and waited for them to open at 6:30. I was the only one there and they came and got me right away unfortunately I don't know why but woke up with diarrhea sorry if that's (tmi) but I really stopped 3 times on the way there. May have been nerves doc said or something I ate he told me we would just play it out and if I needed Imodium they would get it. I really like him I think just talking to him made it go away he is very calming and kind of down to earth realistic . He listens. Not pushy or anything good doc !
Weight,blood pressure urine, the worst part ever pics the drawing all ove my skin by the doc and then more pics. Worst part I hate it !
The anesthesiologist on the other hand needs some of whatever the doc has cause he had no bedside manner and was rush rush rush like I got better things to do unfortunately. Oh we'll eh didn't ruin my day
The nurses there were wonderful like always and the newest girl is so sweet
I really like them all. Woke up groggy and disoriented and shaky
They called my friend to pick me up . She was shopping in the area
That was at 11:30 or so saw doc again . Came in gave me is instructions and told me he was pretty conservative he said 720 cc in one hip flank area and more in the right than the left I believe he said he took like 400 out of my arms and I can't remember what came out of the left flank hip area?
I came home wrapped up like a sausage and really don't feel to bad the strange thing is my thighs hurt and legs where he did no lipo?
The norco are not helping me sleep or not really cutting the pain so I'm a little scared about how I'm gonna feel tomorrow the 2 nod and 3 rd day are always the worst I'm sure. I called and told them that and he said to take Two every 3 hours so we shall see? When I change my gauze I will take some pics
Already bleeding thru the binder which was to big in the first place and had to be secured with a safety pin . Was my only complaint really.
So far so good and kind of glad he was what I consider to be conservative !
I'm not gonna jinks myself by saying this is a piece of cake compared to the TT
; )
Ta Ta for now
I sure hope you all are well and healing quickly

Woke up very sore

Very sore this morning and some bruising is showing
I am leaking from one abdominal entry point a lot and a little bit from another
This is no picnic but so far nothing compared to 3 c sections and a tummy tuck
I could get up and move around and have been , probably more than I should
No swelling yesterday but today whew we my arms are the worse with swelling
The worse part is the loopyness from these norco pain pills. I feel like they make me useless and lazy and I had a really hard time sleeping . I think they are keeping me awake ? If I don't take them I am more sore so as for now I will continue to take them at least one more day. I got so irritated with my ace wraps and binders two I bought from Walgreens and the one that I don't think fits from the docs office. It had to be pinned on and it's not really wide enough
I had to get online and just order a body compression garment from make me heal. Over night should get it here tomorrow and hopefully . It cost $ 110
Wish me luck that it fits well.
That's all for now
Happy healing all!

Day 2 post op

I drove myself home from the hotel It was about an hour from the hotel. I was not comfortable in the hotel and wanted my own bed my own space so I let the pain pill I took wear off and was fine once I got into the car. Got home over did it a bit cooked dinner , did dishes changed out and folded laundry. Spent the evening watching movies with my son. I also showered nod felt 10 times better Oh man am I glad I did I finally had a restful sleep I woke up about midnight and was up until 2 but went back to sleep on the couch and slept until 9 am! So happy!
Also got my full bod compressiOn garment delivered by fed e this morning and this is by far the best post op item I have purchased I love love love it
It was a b---ch to get on but wow so much better than mis fitting binders
It is fantastic !

Ps going without any pain pills today wanna see how it goes

Doc said I could take 2 every 3 hours of norco because the first day I was taking 1 every 5 ish hours and man that was not working for me. But I feel like they keep me awake? Not sure ? Could be the tea I am drinking anyway. Haven't had one since about 10 pm last night and so far so good. As long as I am not moving so we shall see.
Happy healing to all !

5 days po

Man I had a couple of very painful days ! Sleeping was the worse ! Turning in the middle of the night can feel like your skin is ripping away from the under lying tissue. going without the pain pills was not possible for me at night I needed them to sleep I am taking just one every six hours still to sleep at night only.
Today although still sore I did go shopping with my husband just moving a little slower than the norm.
That's all for now I don't wanna post any more pics because of all the swelling
So soon I will post again
Happy healing all.

Day 10 PO

so doing so much better had my follow up appt and stitches removed a couple days ago everything looks good per doc.
Still some pain randomly like not even moving and zing a sharp little sting will shoot up my arm. Weirdest thing and of course it's painfully if you move or stretche wrong in huge middle of the night . So still taking it a bit easy
Doc said wear the compression Couple more weeks night and day then just day for Three weeks after that but basically said your body will tell you
In other words if I start swelling etc I suppose
That's all for now back to the gym in one and a half more weeks
I miss my gym time
Follow up again in July will post final pics then
Buh bye for now
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

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