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I am 5'9", 185lbs. I have a little bit of a butt...

I am 5'9", 185lbs. I have a little bit of a butt but need more!! I have been to 7 doctors and have narrowed it to 2. The hold up now is cost and whether or not I do my bbl under local or general anesthesia. I want measurements of 36D(have), 26, 46. 1 doc is ASPS and the other is a dermatologist.

Just Measured!

I just did my 1st review last night-but that was BEFORE I measured myself. Wow I am 36D, 32",46" already!! If I am able to get my waist down to 26"......OMG it will be heaven! And then maybe add an inch or two to my hips.......OMG again I will simply float every where I go with more DIVA attitude than I already possess!

1 MORE DOC 2 see

Sooooo.....I have decided to add another doc to the list of consideration. I will be consulting with Dr. Stefan Szczerba at Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute aka CASI on Jan. 14, 2015. I need to find someone below $8K that is board certified! If I can and I like the doc's work, he will be my go to. He will be the 8th doctor that I consult your research ladies. Out of the 7 I've seen so far, only 2 made the cut (I am super picky). The $ is an issue because I have other obligations, as I'm sure we all do; school loans and regular bills for me AND occasional shopping. The derm doc is significantly lower in price, but this is bc there's no surgical room, anesthesiologist fee etc AND he's not board certified. I would definitely PREFER TO BE SLEEPING during this procedure, but have been contemplating local. From my questions to the docs on here (10 answered) unanimously ALL DOCS deemed general as the way to go. The reason being that this procedure is considered MAJOR & CAN BE PAINFUL. I am a wuss when it comes to pain. Dr. Memar (1 of the docs I am considering), asked me if I had given child birth.....basically insinuating that the pain would be on a similar level or that I would at least be able to bare the discomfort. NO THANKS REALLY......Hell I get a paper cut and damn near faint. Ohhhhh boy I hope Dr. Szczerba at CASI will deliver AND under $8K...say a ball park of $6K-7K then we're in business. BIG BOOOOO-TAYYYYYY I am coming for ya.

Today's the Day!!

I'm here at the surgery place today! just took pre op pictures, Im marked up, went over the incision sites, as well as what to do after 24 hours. I am super nervous! I am not wanting any scars. This is going to be difficult!

Swelling and Soreness!!! Grrr

Omg.....still swollen. Starting to itch. Some of my incisions are neater than the others. ....not enough projection!!!! I want to SKIP this whole soreness, swollen & incision closing phase right to using scar cream!! Dammit! The real rest for if my results pass the test will be when I try on 1 of my dresses, a pair of leggings & my swimsuit. Waiting to do it tho.....scared bc I know I'm going to be picking out every lil thing that could have been BETTER! ! Maybe after my first post op appointment. Ttyl

Hanging in there!!

Well it is now 15 days post op for me and I feel like I'm winning. I was aggravated about a few things & wondered how come I didn't know about it. Let me vent here: the water retention, garment burn & possible allergic reaction to various 1st aid stuff (like band-aids) I have a small garment burn under my left butt cheek that I was surprised to see!! I remember reading someone's review about garment burn & thought to myself "wow that's gotta be painful," but never once thought I may experience it. Luckily mine was from my 1st stage garment & now that I am out of that 1, I am no longer getting irritated in that area.
I changed from the flexible band-aids to the plastic kind bc the flexible fabric ones were leaving too much glue residue. Switching to the plastic ones left wayyyy LESS RESIDUE, BUT (NO pun intended) they also irritated my skin & left a freaking dark mark on the both sides were the adhesive is!!! (grrrrrrrr). So now, on top of trying to get the incision scars to fade & heal, now I have to get these dark marks to fade too. ALSO, I had super DRY SKIN afterwards where the only thing that helped add moisture back into my skin was the Palmer's skin therapy. Small bottle for about $9....helps though. All of this is an added headache for some damn curves( I still did it though)!
In my opinion, I feel like the BBL procedure was harder than when I got my breasts done! Lots of incisions to clean, prep, bandage, then massage lipo areas, scar regimen, moisturizing regimen, waiting on all of the scar gel & Arnica gel to absorb/dry. I mean wow! It already took me a long time to get ready before, now there's an EXTRA 30 mins at least added onto my daily routine.

**Now to the technical stuff.....I am sure my doctor is like "she's so ocd," bc every time I see him or talk to him I have tons of questions. I just had my post-op appointment Sunday 3-22. I was so irritated....let me tell you the story. I called close to a week after my procedure & asked when they were going to schedule my post-op & was told it would have to be 2 weeks out instead of 1. I was a little confused....but agreed. So my appointment was for the 23rd of March & then I was called by the patient coordinator & told that the doc was out of town & they would have to cancel!! I completely flipped out. I wrote emails, texts called & then I fortunately had the doc's #, so I copied & pasted my email to his phone # via text. He called asap & apologized for confusion & proceeded to brain-storm with how we could meet prior to the 23rd since he was unavailable. Long story short, I expressed that I was totally NOT COMFORTABLE with waiting over 2 weeks for a post-op & needed to see the doc since I was no expert @ this medical stuff. I also conveyed that if the doc was unavailable that there should be another board certified doc in his place who was seeing after his patients in his absence. At 1st I was told no....but then after I made a big deal (bc it is), the doc called & showed concern. I asked if he had hospital affiliation at a facility near me & he made it convenient for me to meet up & complete my post-op. My whole thing was, I am a psychology major for clinical I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to medicine & the body & absolutely need it explained to me in detail as to how all this bbl stuff works. I achieved my goal & I am now more knowledgeable. The doc told me I looked great, heeling fine & to give my body time for the swelling to dissipate & for the water retention to go away. He also told me the fat has TAKEN by now (yayyyy). I asked specifics like if I could go to a movie now & sit down on my butt without a pillow etc. & he said wait another week at least (doable).

**Last but not least....I am going on vacation in about a month & wanted to be ready which is 1 reason I am over the top about wanting to heal faster & look gorgeous by the time I leave bc I am hoping to be bikini ready. Doc said I should be fine & the only thing that would restrict me from anything would be if I have pain. Speaking of soreness is a LOT BETTER. However when sleeping on my stomach, there's a lot of tightness still & I seem to be more sore while in bed. (Doctor's answer needed here for as to why). Doc also suggested that I get some kind of self massaging machine from Amazon called Genie Rub..kind of pricey..over $150 to over $200. Was thinking of getting a few lipo massages professionally, but I'll see. I already spent this $ & I'm also paying bills for my ill mother.....need to start scaling down now.
All in all, I am happy with my results. I still wish I had MORE PROJECTION!! I do love my waist though. 1 hard part though is trying to revamp your eating habits. I have cut out fried food & cutting BACK on sweets, I love pastries, candy & bread! I will also start some light exercising here in a few days. Happy healing to those who are going through the process. Those that are thinking about joining on the other side, you better be ready! It takes dedication to sit on these yoga mats, pillows & to take these butt contraptions anywhere you go just in case you have to sit. I went to dinner the other day & took my yoga mat right inside & sat on it-dedication baby! I had a meeting with my boss & sat on my mat. I also have had class & sat on my doughnut ring in class-covered it up with a scarf!! Not for the faint of heart chicas. TTYL

Small garment burn

This is the small garment burn from my 1st stage garment. It was on my left cheek. Another issue I'm worried about that's unrelated is that my doc made the left butt cheek BIGGER than my right!! He said the left cheek is more swollen. .... but I don't know. On top of that, to be able to tell 4 sure, I'll have to wait 3 months to really see the real results.... I'm a little worried.

Revision Done

Haven't been on here in quite some time to write anything, but I've still been stalking the pages looking at booties. LoL. If you read above from my initial review, I felt as though my left cheek was larger than the right. Needless to say, I've been stressing about it & told the doc and I finally got my revision done 3-4-16. I'm only 5 days post round 2 and I'm nervous of injuring my fat bc I'm back to wk. :-( & I drive. The doc stood behind (no pun intended ) his work & evened me out. Although I wish I still had MORE PROJECTION, I guess u can't get what u don't have. Doc kept saying I didn't have enough fat 2 get my desired results. He had to lipo my inner thighs just to even me out & I didn't really wanna go that route, but left wo a choice. Smh. Now I'm super sore and hoping I'll feel better about this a few months from now. Doc lipoed me like nobody's business! !! After swelling has gone done I should b SUPER FLY. I cannot wait for summer to wear all my lil dresses.
For those that have to keep going only s few days after recovery, b strong and rest as much as u can. U bought the buckwheat pillow on Amazon, but it hurts to use it while driving behind the thighs. On top of that, it makes u sit up really high n the car-especially if your a tall gal like me. Any suggestions for sitting guys? ? I'm going back to using my rolled up yoga mat, this works better n my opinion...... still worried about the fat being damaged but recovery 2nd time around isn't as bad as the 1st. No photos yet....maybe a lil later .
Paul Dillon

**Had a revision 3-4-16 & seems as though things are less organized than last year. Staff is sub par, and you're put n a room to wait on the doctor for hours & told it'll be a few minutes. I was scheduled for SX at 11am, doc didn't show until nearly 4pm......smh. I was told he was n another sx after about 2.5 hrs of waiting & me becoming irritated. AFTER he arrived, he was attentive & listened to what I wanted & was straight to the point of he could deliver or not per whar he had to work with. The wait times however are unacceptable & absurd. It's official, March 9th is my date!!! Less than 1 week away and I'm excited, nervous and ready to be beautified all at once. Lipo is super important to me to ensure that I'm sculpted to a T. Also most important is to keep down bruising and swelling after sx. I am keeping this away from my bf bc he doesn't want me to have the procedure & if I have a lot of bruising it will be difficult to conceal. My surgeon is board certified by the asps & it'll be performed under local anesthesia. .....scared about that bc I don't want any pain! ! Not a lot of preoperative directions. I'm taking vitamin c, multi vitamins, iron (which he said wasn't necessary but I could take), & arnica. I also have the arnica gel as well... stopped my drinking for the week in advance, so no wine...:-( Have all bandages & other aftercare items too. Didn't buy a Boppy, I said I'd improvise by rolling up pillows and other items to place under knees for sitting. I only took 4 days for off work.....would like more time but going on vacation at end of April & will be gone 10 days! I only have 3 weeks off for the whole year & my time just started over....hopefully I can pull through. So far, Dr. Paul C. Dillon has answered all my questions, responded personally by email & has even called (I had a LOT of questions & concerns) even after his assistant talked to me at times . Bedside manner seems good, will be a better judge on the day of my procedure. Just waiting now....6 days!!

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4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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