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Yipeeee. I'm booked! July 2nd. Excited and...

Yipeeee. I'm booked! July 2nd. Excited and scared to death! Love this site. I'm reading everyone's blogs like crazy and creating a list of things I need to buy or do before my surgery. I'm working out/jogging and trying to lose a few last minute pounds.

I'm 5'2 and about 138 pounds. I have had a C-Section and a Hysterectomy and my stomach (muffin top) not only protrudes out from lack of muscle tone but I have muffin top to boot. I have spent years at the gym, spinning, doing Zumba, cardio, weights, and nothing touches this mid section. I've wanted this TT for 10+ years and I'm finally sick and tired of being sick and tired about my mid-section so I'm treating myself! I'll keep blogging and reading as the weeks approach.

Went to my regular Doctor this week and asked if...

Went to my regular Doctor this week and asked if she would order my pre-op labs as part of my annual "wellness exam" and she agree, so yipppeee on getting insurance to pay for at least that!" LOL.

My pre-op instructions arrived in the mail the other day too. Low bulk/low fiber diet several days before surgery and then no eating from noon the day before surgery. I'm going to be hungry :)

Pre op photos

Pre op photos

Pre-Op Labs

Just took a slew of pre-op labs. The results came back fine for my blood work but my urine test came back with bateria and white blood cells. They said that means inflamation. I have to retest in 2 weeks, right before surgery. I'm drinking cranberry juice because I don't have any symptoms. hmmmm.

I have my pre-op appointment next week and I'm coming armed with a list of questions. I have a lot questions about pain management. I will have the pain pump thing but since I am also getting my neck done, I don't know what oral medication he will prescribe. What have other people taken? Codiene? Perxaset? (sp??)

Pre-Op Appointment Tomorrow- Getting Nervous

Tomorrow morning is my pre-op appointment. I need to pay $9,000 and do a final health check anda Q & A. I'm getting really scared about the length of recovery. I was going to have a friend come stay with me, but those plans changed and I'm actually going to be staying with another friend of mine, who is retired. Her husband is disabled so they have all sorts of things including hand rails throughout the house and handicap bathrooms. I was going to try and stay with her for 5-days and come home. She said I could stay as long as I need though but my son is going to only be away for 5-days. He is 11 years old. Think I'll be okay coming home and being alone after day 5???

Pre- Op Appointment.....Check!

Had the Pre-Op appointment. I'm excited but nervous too. My Doctor was a little dissapointing today. He was really hurried/ rushed, and seemed annoyed by my list of questions. Thank God the nurse helped me out ahead of time with my questions, so by the time I got to him, I really had a few left.

I'm actually going in the day before surgey for a "markings" appointment. That's cool b/c it's one less thing I have to do the day of surgery. One interesting thing they have me taking before surgery is Dulsym. It's a cough syrup that has some pain managment research behind it I guess. That's the only thing I'm allowed to take the day of. Also, I don't think he is going to do a pain pump but instead some thing that they spray on your tummy before you wake up and it numbs you for 3-days w/out the need for a tube. Sounds cool!

One down side is that I scheduled my appt on July 2nd and I won't be going back in until Monday b/c they are closed on that Friday for the holiday. I can't get my drains out until Monday and I can't shower while they are in. I'm not sure why but that sounds really gross to me. That's like a week w/out a shower. I can't even picture that right now, but I guess I'll deal with that as the time comes.

That's the update for today. eeeek :)

Surgery Eve

Well, here we go. I've been on a low bulk diet for a few days now, per my Doctor's request. He also wanted me to take 2 Docolax, but that stuff makes me sick to my stomach so instead I've been doing Miralax for the last 3-days, with his permission. I'm about to have the last of my low bulk food in an hour, because I start all liquid diet at noon. :(.

I have my "markings" appointment at 4:15 today. I hope I can shower after the appointment, as long as I don't scrub the markings off. I brought a scarf since I'm having some chin lipo, I dont' want to run around the medical building with marker on my face. LOL.

My stuff is packed and over at my friends, my kid is packed and getting ready to go to grandma's. I'm packed and whatever I've forgotten at this point, I can probably send someone to buy.

Lord help me.......................Here I go. I might post again after markings appointment if anything new comes up.

Marking Appointment

I'm home after my markings appointment. I'm feeling super excited about this. My Doctor was super nice this time around, great bedside manner, funny, charming, etc..... We laughed a couple times and he took his time with me. Maybe he had a rough/busy day last week. I will cut in some slack :) This was much more like the Doctor I met the first time. Yipeeee. I can't say I'm nervous, just hungry and excited!

I'm also getting Exparel and I'm super excited about that too! No pain pump and sounds like good stuff.

Finishing up a few touches around the house, getting organized and ready to go. I think I"ll take a walk tonight.

See you all on the flat side (I've been waiting to say that). Prayers to others who are going tomorrow morning.

Holy heck day 3 postoperative

Hoky heck. Day 1 sucked. I thought I was dying, I got that Experdal and that helped in certain areas but not the upper part or back. I was super nausea most if the night and didn't eat a thing. When I switched to the oral drugs, rather then IV drugs, that seemed to help. I came home yesterday and have been up every 2 hours walking to the bathroom since. I have foam on my back under the binder that was driving me crazy so I finally just put it on the outside of my thshirt and that's been helping.

Chin looked good but I had a little panick attack when I'd woke bc I had this huge strap that crossed across my neck. 1 panick attack and 2 Xanax later, I've settled into the strap.

Ok here's to better days. I'm praying the worst is behind me.

Day 6-post opt

Things are moving along nicely, but slowly. Sleeping in a recliner has been a life saver. I am staying w a friend still but returning home tomorrow. I hate the thought of leaving her recliner, but I think I'll be okay now at home.

My drains are still in but I think I'll get them out today at my first op. appointment. Still taking occasional pain meds and struggling with nausea and not much if an appetite. So glad I had one night in the hospital. I don't think I would survived this without that night. It was a restless nit with these foot pump boots that blew up every 30 seconds. It was like Chinese torture , but anything that keeps the blood flowing is a good thing I suppose. That foam was very hard on my back and when I was able to remove it, my recovery took a turn for the better.

It's true, I thought many times, "why did I do this?" but I can tell now, already in day 6, that my stomach looks awesome!!!!!! I'll post some pictures after my drains are out. I'm going to love being able to wear the fitted tops that I've avoided since college. I have not swelled up yet either, but I wear the garment like its my best friend. After my appointment tonight, I'll wash the garment. I dread the thought of not having it on for a few hours.

Okay, back to cat nap before my big appointment.

First Glance

Here's the first peek at my belly. Things are slow and steady. I'm still on pain meds and I ordered a recliner (rented) for the rest of the month. I LIVE in this recliner. My stomach is doing really well. Most of my pain is in my back and my face, where I had chin/neck lipo. Ouch. I got back for 2nd post op on Monday.

Slow and Steady

19-days post op and probably running around a bit too much these days. It's strange that my head is ready to go back to my regular routine but my body hasn't followed yet. It's hard to slow down but I know I need too. I've still been taking a Norco at night sometimes. It makes me itch, but it helps me sleep. I love my new belly and my chin. It's amazing! My Doctor is a rock star! He did some amazing work. He really knows what he is doing and he doesn't cut corners or cheap out on anything. My surgery was expensive, but I know I got the best of the best too.
My chin is still lumpy, bumpy and swollen but being able to take Ibuprofen has helped and I have to remember to massage it more often.
I must admit, I haven't worn the compression 24/7. We've been in a heat wave for a week with temperatures reaching 106 with the heat index and running around in spanx's has been challenging. My Doc is suppose to refer me to some to start lymphatic massages, so I'm hoping they call next week so I can start. I go back to work in 9 days :( I'm totally fine to go back to work physically, but I've enjoyed being home.
I will try and get some chin photo's going soon. Going to try and shop for some new work clothes this week. I've dropped from a size 8 to a size 6 and that's with swelling. I don't have anything to wear back to work next week. LOL quality problem.
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