Breastlift 'Letdown'

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I had the anchor breastlift last Sept. and wear a...

I had the anchor breastlift last Sept. and wear a bra even to sleep in. I'm very disappointed. My breasts look like someones breasts who's just going in to get them done. They are sagging with the exception that they are sagging from a higher position on my chest.

I've had a 'tweek' surgery in Feb. to correct a fold in my skin in my cleavage, which is still there. The self-confidence I was hoping to gain with this proceedure is distroyed. I will have to go through the surgery all over again [except the nipple area] to raise the inside breast matter up to create nipple projection.

What can be done if I don't want the same surgeon at this practice to redo me? Is it acceptable to ask another phyician there to redo them and not be charged all over again? What's the norm for this?

Updated on Jan 7, 2010
I did not get the nipple projection that I had hoped for and will not do implants . I am naturally a c cup. I had 2 procedures following the lift to try to correct the projection problem but they still don't look as I'd hoped. I'm done with this .

how can I reduce the color of my scarring from my breastlift 16 mos. ago? Has anyone had any luck with any products. I just had the shots done yesterday to soften the scars. o those usually work well ?
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Doctor was way too conservative

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