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I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They...

I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They were deflated C/D breasts, because I lost weight. Very low and droopy, so I felt like I was an old granny. I didn't want huge porno boobs! I didn't want anything noticeable that would draw attention from gawking men. I can't go anywhere without men staring, and I am very uncomfortable with that.
When I woke up from surgery, I knew I made a mistake. Very wide spread, way too big!
I have DDD'S! Yikes! I'm afraid to tell my PS that I am unhappy - he seems so proud of his work. Ugh. I shouldn't care, though, right? I also feel badly to tell my husband that I hate them beau
se I have been wanting this surgery for years, saving the money, done having kids, etc...and he thought I was fine the way I was. Now I feel guilty after spending $10,000 - what a waste! I have giant boobs that were supposedly lifted, but they are droopy oversized "beasts" that are more of a problem than ever. Was hoping to have firm little perky boobies that didn't need a bra! I can't even find bras in stores - have to special order - 32DDD is just not natural!
Sorry I am going on and on, but I just haven't expressed myself regarding this matter yet. I am 2 months post op, and I keep trying to talk myself into these, but now that it's warm and it's tank top season, I am really hating myself. This is exactly what I didn't want, and I made it clear to my doctor. I don't know what to do :(

Five months later and I'm depressed as ever. I...

five months later and I'm depressed as ever. I just can't talk myself into these huge breasts. I feel fat. I'm tired of the looks. Tired of spending hours searching for bras that work. I've gone through almost $1000 worth of bras, and I'm still not satisfied! My clothes look stupid. I can't wear white. I only wear black so I appear smaller.
So I am contemplating having the implants removed. But I wonder if they will be sagging too much? I am hoping they will at least be a little better than what I looked like originally.
I would love to just have them removed, smaller implants put in, and lifted again. I really really really wish that I just had small, "full" breasts. C cup. That's it.
I'm so upset about the disappointment I feel. I was sooooo excited to do this, but just unbelievably depressed now. And all of the money spent!!!

These implants have got to go!

16 months later, after somehow learning to love my dumb "big boobs", they have changed. They dropped or something? One day I woke up and my right nipple just looked funny. It is definitely lower. It seems like the implant shifted. I don't know. I'm back to hating these again because they just make me look fat, and they are in my way. Size 32 G bras are a pain to shop for (pretty much online only) and I'm tired of slouching to disguise my largeness. I'm so uncomfortable, I just want to get rid of them. I would love to be re-lifted after removal, but I don't want to spend the money.
I'm sure I will be happier as a B or C cup than a G cup though!
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