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5'7, 125 LBS , 34A---Small chest, want a more...

5'7, 125 LBS , 34A---Small chest, want a more natural, fuller look that compliments my body! Will post pics (before and after)

Any suggestions!? BA scheduled for...

Any suggestions!? BA scheduled for Friday---deciding between a 350CC or 325CC? My PS reassured me that often his patients want to go bigger after surgery. I was nervous I may look too "big" (I want to be a small C at the most, full B), so we decided on 325CC, Mentor silicone gel, under muscle. But now I am thinking 350CC? 350CC or 325CC?

5'6 128LBS Pre-op: 32/34A

Third day post-op (BA was on Friday, today is...

Third day post-op (BA was on Friday, today is Monday)....Yesterday (2nd day post-op_ was great as far as pain, barely any! However, I woke up and was extremely tired, could not even keep my eyes open, so I slept for a couple more hours! Woke up feeling great, even went out to dinner with my family (but only for an hour! I was dying to get out!).

Today (Third day post-op), I woke up with a very uncomfortable pain in the middle of my chest (Sternum). It almost feels like an intense heartburn, but from what I have been reading, I believe it is just the skin stretching in the middle of my chest, but ouch! Tomorrow I have my first post-op appointment with my PS, I have a feeling all is well so far!

I did post a picture but it is quite difficult to see what is happening, however, I will try and post one later. It is difficult to tell what size I will be, I started off as a small A, and had 339CC (right) 371CC (left) Natrelle Style 15 unders, incision under the breast (cease).

I am confident that my PS made the right decision! I am also glad that I went larger rather than smaller. Although they look very high/small/swollen right now, I am confident they will be the small C I was hoping for.

From the picture I just posted, it is difficult to see the swelling, but believe me it's there! I am taking a shower today, so I will try to post another! Also, I am surprised that I have not had any negative emotions towards the procedure post-op. I was waiting for that "OH MY GOSH WHAT DID I DO" reaction, but it has yet to come and maybe it never will.

For those of you who are waiting to have your BA, believe me when I say that most of your nervous/negative feelings associated with getting a BA seem to all come pre-op, mainly because you are just unsure of what to expect, which is only natural! But afterwards, if this is something you TRULY wanted for yourself, you will be happy and realize you made the right decision :0)
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