7 weeks Post op! 400cc HP Silicone

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Age: 28, Height: 5'4, Weight: 130lbs Current...

Age: 28, Height: 5'4, Weight: 130lbs
Current Size: 34B, Goal: 34D
Type: Silicone, HP, not sure on CC's yet

I have been living life in super padded pushup bras for as long as I can remember (Thank you VS for helping me false advertise for all these years!) I have been talking about getting implants for a long time. I am hoping for a fairly natural look that will balance out my current pair shape (I'm a girl with a booty!).

As of today, My deposit is paid, vacation time is approved and my surgery date is officially set!

45 days to go... I was feeling very nervous...

45 days to go...

I was feeling very nervous when I paid the deposit, but now just feeling really excited! I'm sure the nerves will come back as my surgery date approaches.

I had my consultation about 3 weeks ago. My fiance came with me but he didn't come in the exam room until the end. They said they prefer to do it that way... I think maybe so that you are not influenced by anyone else when you discuss what you really want from the surgery?

I feel really good about the PS I have picked. His staff was great. The facility was immaculate. He didn't seem rushed and made me feel very comfortable.

I tried on sizers in the 325-400 CC range, but haven't really made any decisions on that. I'm looking forward to trying them on again at my Pre-op appointment.

I wasn't sure about saline vs silicone before I went to my consultation. I have looked at hundreds of before & after and really liked the look of both. But after holding both in my hand and talking with my PS I've decided on silicone.

I have been reading all the stories on here and find it so helpful! I hope sharing my journey will be helpful to others too!

I'm going to try making some rice sizers tonight!...

I'm going to try making some rice sizers tonight! My pre-op is still 4 weeks away and I'm feeling VERY impatient!

I think maybe trying them on with some of my regular clothes might help give me a better idea on CC's. (I just used a plain white t-shirt at my consultation that they provided.)

In case anyone is curious:

3 more weeks! The shopping begins!

Time has gone by so fast! I had my blood work done yesterday and my pre-op appt is on Wednesday! My fiancé is going with me. I think he is getting more nervous than I am, ha.

I played around with the rice sizers and have been trying them on every few days! I also went shopping at Walmart today and picked up a couple bras for after surgery. It's harder than I thought to find unpadded no-underwire bras! I tried them on with my rice sizers when I got home and think I will have to go up a size. It's funny they looked huge to me in the store!

I also picked up one of those pillows with the arms that is nice and comfy. I planning to go shopping this weekend for all the other odds & ends I'll need.

I haven't been able to find pjs that button in the front... Any suggestions?

2 Weeks! Pre-op Appt Yesterday!

I know everyone say this... But OMG it's getting real now! I had my Pre-op appt with my PS yesterday!

My appt went great. PS walked me through the 14 page consent document. He explained the risks and then went through my pre-op instructions.

*7-10 days before stop asprin, ibprofen, vitamin E, fish oil & herbal supplements
*No food/water after midnight
*No make up, nail polish, or deodorant (boo!)
*Arrive at 7:00am on the 20th for surgery at 8:00am

Then I got my prescriptions:
*Transderm-SC: anti-nausea patch
*Celebrex: anti-inflammatory
*Cephalexin: anti-biotic
*Valium: muscle relaxer
*Demerol: pain reliever (cuz Vicodin & I don't get along)

(All 5 presciptions only cost $45 at Walmart! I was expecting more.)

I will also have a pain pump that delivers continuous local anesthetic for 3-4 days.

2 Weeks! Pre-op Appt Yesterday

Oops hit post on accident!

When it came time for my questions, I had a list I brought with me. I knew I'd be so excited I'd forget other wise.

Should I stop taking birth control?
PS said the risk there is blood clots. He recommended I stop them taking them. Also, he will have me wear special compression boots during surgery to minimize that risk.

Do I need to stop my other vitamins?
PS said I could continue my multivitamin, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron as I usually do.

Should I ice after surgery?
He said I can, but probably won't need to with the pain pump.

When will my first post-op appointment be?
5 days after

When will I be able to play on my sand volleyball team?
6-8 weeks because of the type of movement... bummer! There goes the rest of my season!

After that, we talked some more about size. He is still planning to use 350CC's (Natrelle HP Silicone). But he will actually take multiple sizes (325-400CC) into the OR and "try them on" to see which he thinks fits/looks best based on the look I want... Which is proportionate not giant :)

I am now paid in full and super excited that two weeks from now Ill be on the other side!

Help! Question for Post Op girls

My fiancé's parents, who live out of state, just decided they want to visit 2 weeks post op! I wasn't planning on telling them about the BA at all.

They haven't been around me that many times and I always wear padded bras. So, I don't think they'd notice once the swelling goes down. I wasn't planning on seeing them for several months.

2 weeks is a toally different story! Is there any chance I will be able to hide the fact that I've just had surgery 2 weeks before?

This is seriously upping the stress level!!

5 days go!

Just wanted to upload some more before pics!

BA Tomorrow!!

I can't believe I'm less than 24 hours away from surgery! I'm verrrrrry excited!!

I tried on some wedding dresses this week (getting married in January). It definitely reminded me why I am doing this... All the dresses I tried on had this big gap where boobs should be!

I feel pretty prepared for my recovery. I cleaned this weekend, and picked up the last of the items on my list. Here is my list of supplies for post-op for anyone looking for ideas!:
*face wipes
*dry shampoo
*diet ginger ale
*low sodium soups
*choc exlax
*desitin (for surgery bra chafing)
*2 pairs of button up pjs
*zip & front close bras
*comfy bed rest pillow w arms
*TV tray
*movies and magazines
*extra strength tylenol
*scar cream (from my PS)

Now I just have to get through the scary part! So, far I'm not freaking out just feeling very anxious! I'm having a hard time sitting still and focusing at work today.

I'm drinking lots of water and trying to keep my sodium down today.

My fiancé is going to take me out for dinner tonight to my favorite restaurant to celebrate & distract me a little. :)

Ill update soon!


All set to go!! Leaving for the surgery center in 15 min!! Ill update once I'm on the other side!!

Good Luck to the other girls having surgery today!!

The other side!

Quick update! Surgery went great! Already home and very little pain!

Will update with details and new pics soon!

Post-op Pics

Surgery Day

Surgery took an hour & it was piece of cake! IV went in & then I woke up with new boobies! I ended up with 400cc HP silicone unders. I was considering 325-400cc and I'm really happy my PS chose the 400's!

Pain has been minimal so far. The pain pump that's keeping most of my chest numb. I have been icing and I'm taking my meds right on time. I actually created sheet to track when I take them.

It does hurt to get out my recliner or reach for stuff, but my fiancé helping as much a possible.

I haven't had any nausea. So, I guess that patch worked! I haven't been very hungry and have been awake since surgery. I'm finally feeling sleepy now tho...

I'll update again soon. I'm happy to answer any questions too!

Pain Pump

Post op hasn't been bad at all. I think the pain pump has a lot to do with that.

It drips Lidocaine constantly which numbs my chest. You can see it in my last photo. The medicine is in the very stylish fanny pack (lol) and the tubes are taped to my stomach then run into my chest.

I can remove the tubes myself once the medicine is all gone which should be tomorrow. I'm really wondering how the pain will be once its gone tho.

Overall, my recovery is going well. Swelling isn't too bad and they are already dropping.

Post-op Day 3

My recovery has been so much easier than I expected. I'm still taking my demerol and valium on schedule.

I took out the pain pump about 20min ago. It didn't hurt at all. I also got my first look at my incisions. They look great, no bruising at all.

Not a whole lot of swelling and already dropping.

Overall, just loving my new boobies!!


Post-op Day 4

I'm so in love with my new boobies!!!!

I was a little worried the first couple days because they seemed a little far apart but the space is going away as the drop.

Lefty is a little more sore and riding higher. But I'm really happy and I think the size right now looks very natural. I'm really hoping I won't lose much more volume when the swelling is gone. I'm wearing a 36D currently.

The pain pump really kept me from feeling the weight of the implants the first few days. They feel very heavy today. But, now that I'm not numb I have feeling in both nipples!

I've been sleeping good and jave been taking it really easy. So lucky to have my fiancé home helping me.

I can't wait to start trying on clothes and wedding dresses! :)

Random tip!

Just FYI I'm so glad I got this plastic cup with a straw and lid. Super cheap at Walmart. I've knocked it over several times and am able to drink out of it with out sitting all the way up with no spills!

Random tip 2

I took my first shower without help this morning. My left boob still feels super heavy like a brick. So, I wore a swim suit top to give me some support. It helped a lot! Especially when I had to bend over to shave my legs.

11 days Po - Back to reality

I went back to work today. I was hoping for an easy day since a lot of people took the week off for the 4th. Instead I got a crazy busy stressful 10 hour work day with only a 15 minute lunch break. Needless to say my new boobies didn't enjoy it. They were sore and swollen by the time I got home.

I still love them... just pretty uncomfortable tonight. Ready for the sore, sensitive, swelling part to be over!

I will be 2 weeks PO tomorrow

Overall things are good. The swelling, soreness, sensitivity comes and goes. It's not painful, just uncomfortable at times.

I trusted my PS to make the final decision on CC's and am totally happy with my results. I truly think they are the perfect size for me.

Most of my clothes still fit, just differently. I will need to shop for some clothes that are more flattering to my new figure though.
I was very relieved that its not too noticeable in work clothes since I dress conservatively and almost always had a VS bombshell on pre-BA!

I'm posting a more revealing picture that will show the total change a little better. :)

Happy healing to Post-Op girls and Good Luck to Pre-op girls!

Meant to post this last week

4 week update

I've been meaning to update, but things have been very busy. Wedding planning is in full force now that I'm 6 months away from the big day!

My new boobies are doing great and I'm feeling like myself again. I am able to sleep on my side without any discomfort and my scars are disappearing quickly.

I went into VS last week and they measured me at a 34DDD. I don't think by looking at me, anyone would guess that size though. I'm hoping I'll end up being able to fit in a DD only cuz the bra selection at DDD sucks!

I'm still in search of really good sports bras since I'll be cleared to resume workouts soon!! They seem to be so expensive at Dick's... Let me know if anyone has any suggestions!

Overall I've had a great experience and am so thankful for this site for helping me through the process!

7 weeks PO

I had my 6 week check up last week. PS said everything looks great! My muscles are still a little tight. So, i have a little more dropping & fluffing to do. I've been measured at a 34DDD twice at VS... And the bras definitely fit. My PS seemed pretty surprised by that tho. I think they run small, idc what the tag says really, I just love my new boobies!

I have no trouble on my bike or the eliptical/stair climber at the gym now. Leg workouts are fine too, but I tried doing some light arm weights (bicep/tricep) this weekend... Some of the movements were ok, but others still hurt my left boob. Lefty has been the most sore throughout the entire process tho. So, I'll probably stick to cardio this week & give it another week or so before I try weights again.

I asked my PS about when I can go back to the tanning bed... He's really against doing it ever! Looking grossly pale in the summer is totally killing me though! Has anyone else tanned yet?

15 months PO - Wish they felt as great as they look.

I've been meaning to do an update for awhile. If you read through my story you will notice I mention pain in my left boob a lot. It still hurts 15 months later. I have nerve pain in my ribs below my left incision that wouldn't go away and got worse over time. Things like driving, opening doors, pushing a grocery cart... Became difficult.

I've had a chest X-ray and Chest CT and both came back fine. Nothing is wrong with the implants them selves. I've been seeing a pain specialist for 3-4 months and he currently has be taking Lyrica. It helps... But the side effect suck. Weight gain, swelling, etc.

Hoping for the best but feeling discouraged. I wish they felt as great as they look.
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