425cc Natrelle FF silicone teardrop Breast augmentation

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Hi! I am new to the site. As you can see after...

Hi! I am new to the site. As you can see after nursing two babies my ladies are completely deflated! I am going for a consultation tomorrow! I have spent hours scouring the sites and my biggest question is whether or not I will need a lift! Thoughts?? I have seen so many posts with boobs similar to mine but they are all over the board on lift or not!

Inspiration Pictures

Consult complete but more confusion!

Alright so I had my consult Tuesday. Now I am more confused! I absolutely loved the doctor! He measured me and said that I have a very large chest plate so I could fit any size Implant that I want! I said I want to lean towards the natural side. He recommended naturelle silicone tear drop implants which I also liked. He said I definitely didn't need a lift... Now when I tried on the size or is in the office they were Saline filled round implants and the brad was a shitty worn out cloth thing... So it literally looked like I had put a fake dog toy plastic hamburger underneath my bra... I kept laughing and saying this is not helping me at all I have absolutely no idea what size I would get. I made rice Sizer's at home which he said are not accurate... I made 350 and 450 just to give me an idea and I would probably want something in between going off of the right sizers. He recommended 425ccs for me. He also has the technology to take my picture and digitally enhance me with the size I chose. Now they look great doing that from the top and the bottom but from the front I could hardly tell the difference they still look just as saggy and it was actually pretty discouraging. I guess my problem is now I am just so confused on the size. I wear a 36c now but mainly just for the band size since I am wider I need the extra space in the cup so I don't spill out the side. I am 5"5 and about 145 pounds but a lot of that is muscle.. I lift weights a lot and my body fat is just around 21%. I know it varies so much from person-to-person but I am so confused!! Help Please!!

Preop complete!

Well I just finished my Preop! It went awesome! We decided on Natrelle Silicone (410s) 425ccs under the Muscle FF so full projection and full height. He said I am very long from my neck to be the Boston of my chest so These implants will give me the best upper pole fullness while still keeping with a "natural" look!! I was shocked when the nurse said I have to go one month without a bra!!!! The FANTASTIC news is that my dr said in regards to working out that I can do what I feel comfortable doing until it hurts.. He said I will be shocked at how the smallest things will be painful but I can ease into light cardio! Woo hoo!!!
I've got my pain scripts! My surgery is May 20, they will call me the day before with my surgery time!!

Preop complete!!

3 more sleeps!

Time is officially moving backwards. 3 more sleeps and til I get my tickets! My fiancé asks me daily if I will continue to consume my free time with looking at boobs after surgery... Probably yes! Especially at the beginning! I have looked at I can't tell you how many reviews on here and I am amazed at how different everyone's experience is. Does anyone else get overwhelmed by that?? Clearly every body is different and will heal differently and there are lots of factors... But holy hell. Person A will have spongebob square boobs for 6 weeks and then BAM BEAITUFUL... Person B will have dropped and fluffed within a week... Person C will need Vicodin for 10 days and horrible pain and person D only took Tylenol from day 4!! As the time dwindles down to surgery my thoughts race more! Let's get this over with!!!

On our way to the surgery center!

On our way to surgery! I have to be there at 7:30am surgery at 8 am! To be honest I am freaking out... Bottle of emotions right now. But I am so excited to get rid of these saggy deflated boobs! I took some more before pictures this morning. Half of the hardest part this morning has been not being able to have coffee!!!

I'm home with the new ladies!

Well I did it I am home! We had to report to the surgery center at 7:30 AM… They had me take a pregnancy test and then they took me straight back to the operating room. Dr came and marked me! The anesthesiologist put in an IV and immediately gave me a potion to call my nerves… And then within no time I was out! I was so happy to anesthesiologist did the nerve blocking stuff ( hell of a description I know) on my sides by my rib cage he said that helps the pain after surgery. When I woke up in recovery the nurse took out my IV talk to me a little bit which most of that is very foggy… Sent me in a wheelchair and I was on my way. Obviously they have lots of information to my wonderful fiancé. The surgery center is about an hour away from our house so besides a few bumps the ride wasn't bad at all! We actually stopped and had subway for lunch so that I could take a pain pill!! I definitely am hurting but it's not something excruciating by any means… I was hoping to maybe get away without taking rough stuff but I did take a Vicodin earlier! For me it is true it just feels a little heavy on my chest but nothing terrible like people had said… If you work out it definitely feels like I had a really really hard chest day! Obviously it is only been a few hours since my surgery so I'm sure everything will change dramatically in the next 48 hours as far as my comfort level and pain level goes. I am in shock at how the tiniest things I can't do… I know everyone had said that but I never really understood it until after surgery. When we went to eat lunch my fiancé had to open the door to the bathroom for me and he ended up coming in and pulling up my pants cause I couldn't get them all the way up! It is also hard to hold a water bottle so I have a glass with a straw in it… But I couldn't fasten my seatbelt to reach forward to turn the air down any of that!!! I am amazed at how good they look already my surgeon did say that with this type of implant they should look pretty good from the beginning… I can tell they will need to settle a bet but I keep looking down saying oh my god they are huge!!! Oh also my surgery was a took about an hour I was in recovery for about an hour total I think and then they sent me home, also I have not felt nauseous at all which I was so surprised about! Normally after surgery I feel so nauseated!!!

Comparison pictures

Post op day 2

Well it's amazing how much things can change in less than 24 hours! The anesthesia has worn off so I am not loopy at all like I was yesterday… But my pain is much worse! Not terrible I just feel very engorged!!! Bags of frozen peas still my best friend! I also am taking two Vicodin now instead of just the one like I was yesterday… Hopefully that will help more with the pain! I slept on the couch last night propped up I woke up a couple times in a lot of pain so I ended up getting frozen vegetables and putting them on top of my chest in the middle of the night. My incisions are a little sore today as well. I can tell that I'm very swollen on the sides it hurts when my arms come down on them.I still cannot get over how great I think they look for day two! My surgeon doesn't want me to wear any kind of bra or anything like that basically just a to free ball it for quite a few weeks.
Ps I can't stop staring at them! My fiancé said he's never seen my boobs so much ????

Day 2 Post op photos

More comparison photos

Help! Question!

So my nurse just called to check on me… And I vaguely remember yesterday when I was in recovery her saying that my muscles were weird or something along those lines. So I asked her about that and she said yes that normally wear your muscles meet one goes up and one goes down… She said mine don't do that. She said they didn't realize that until they got in there she said it's just one of those things where everybody is shaped differently and you don't know what you're going to get until they open you up. So she said they want to check me tomorrow instead of in a week just to make sure things are okay. Taking that extra Vicodin pain pill has made me a little fuzzy so of course I didn't ask for enough information from her… And now I'm kind of freaking out about what that means. I tried googling to see pictures of the muscles to try to figure that out and I have no idea what she is talking about. My mom called back for me to get some more information from her but she is on lunch. Has anyone else heard of this??

Post op appointment

Well technically it is day 2 post op.. 48 hours since surgery. My surgeon had me come in this morning because he was concerned with my muscles. Apparently he said that I have three times the chest muscle size as the average person. So he had to do a lot more cutting of the muscle.. Which he was concerned would make me bruise Terribly. He was shocked when he saw me today, said I look fantastic. No bruising and settling great. I have dissolvable stitches but the nurse will see me next week to take off the tape. Both nurses commented on how well I'm moving around and how great my placement is, so that's great to hear. One of them said the other girl that has survey after me was moving around like a trex... Apparently I have a great use of motion for just having surgery. I'm having a lot of soreness on the outside underneath sections of my boobs but overall I feel pretty good.

Post op day 3. Insicion pain?

Well I must've jinxed myself yesterday… I woke up this morning feeling like complete shit! I don't have any more soreness on the top of my breasts which is nice. But the bottom right hand side of my right breast is killing me! If I sit or stand in certain positions I can't feel it but all of a sudden Bam I'll get the sharp pain.. It feels like it's coming from my incision. I've been trying to put frozen vegetables there and that helps a little. I may be jumping to my own conclusion but I'm wondering if some of it has to do with the stress of the implant on the incision? Or also now that I'm writing this I did have a huge cut made on my body so clearly that won't feel good! But my surgeon is that having me wear any type of bra any band and wrap of any kind so my girls have just been hanging there for three days!! I still have my incision tape on so I can't see underneath. I'm sure this is a completely normal feeling but such a bummer since I felt so great yesterday!!

Day 3 post op pictures!

To be honest I always used to wonder when I would be looking at the sites why women would post pictures of themselves and bras or bikinis that were too small… I totally get it now! My girls have clearly not settled so they're stuck in the same place I can't mold them into my swimsuit or bras... But it is so fun to see how big they are and how much they had changed compared to what I used to look like in the same pieces!!

Post op day 3 pictures

Day 6 post op!

I can't believe it is almost been a week since my surgery! I go back to work on Thursday ???????????? I asked the nurse today about the sharp pain that I have in my right breast she said that is completely normal and probably just my nerves…she said I looked great and they'll see me in a month and that was it! My surgeon still doesn't want me to wear a bra at all… Which I did buy some no wire really thin stretchy sports bras that I will wear occasionally at work if the top calls for it.. Otherwise my girls are way out, up, and at me! I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM FROM THE SIDE! my poor fiancé I think I talk to my boobs more now than I do the boys (our dogs) ?? I did some shopping today and after two hours I was paying the price, my boobs were super sore!!

8 days post op and major nipple sensitivity!!

So my sharp pain in the lower portion of my right breast gets less and less everyday... But to take its place is nipple sensitivity!!! I had NONE OF THIS before day 6... I hsd nothing done to my areola region and all of a sudden!! My shirt just barely touching them makes me squirm and not in a good way!!!!!!! I love them I just really want them to soften up! Oh and I finally got my aritzia bra in the mail that a lot of ladies on here rave about!!!

11 days post op

It is amazing what a roller coaster at least for me this process has been! I am day 11 post op and I finally feel like there is an end in sight!! They are getting squishier by the day and the pain goes down everyday. I still am stiff when I wake up and have some sharp pains when I get out of the chair (still not sleeping in my bed)! By the end of the day I am very sore and just want to sit down but I can actually do laundry and other household duties and not feel like I'm going to hurt myself! Woo hoo!!

Full body shots for proportions

Is anyone else still bloated after 11 days?!? I've been off the Vicodin for awhile but I'm still taking the muscle relaxer and otc painkiller!!! Dying to get back in the gym!!!

18 days post op

The girls are getting more "moldable" but he day, thank god!! All pain is gone... I do have some tenderness occasionally and I have constant pingers but other than that things are fantastic!! I know it's too early for bra shopping but I was at the mall the other day and I had a great time trying things on! Just for fun I had the girl measure at me at VS and she said 36C... So we shall see I a few weeks if that changes!
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