Anesthesia Reaction Liposuction Chest - Illinois

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I had chest liposuction (gynocemastia correction)...

I had chest liposuction (gynocemastia correction) one week ago. I was placed under general anesthesia for 2.5 hrs during the procedure, and after which awoke natrually. The surgeon then discovered a unilateral hemotoma, and I was placed under twilight anesthesia 5 hrs later for a 30 min procedure to cauterize the bleeding and stop the hematoma. The surgeries were successful and I was discharged the following day.

However, as I am recovering, I am noticing I am having a high amount of anxiety, an elevated heart rate and frontal headaches that have not dissipated since the surgeries. I think I am having an adverse reaction to general anesthesia. I was wondering if a patient has a history of elevated anxiety, can general anesthesia cause this to exacerbate and can it leave damaging long term results on the heart and on the anxiety condition?


Thanks Drs. I am concerned about the skin...

Thanks Drs. I am concerned about the skin adhesion, if notice on the right side of the pic. Have you seen these before and what is the cause of this? Also, how can this be removed? I have been massaging regularly and doing stretches but it doesn't seem to be helping release the adhesion. What surgical options are there, or non-surgical for its removal?

I am now about 3.5 mos post op as you can see in...

I am now about 3.5 mos post op as you can see in the updated pic. I'm very concerned about my left chest, as it is very thick. It's not squishy. My PS says it's scar tissue and dried fluid from a hematoma I had post op. I've been massaging and compressing constantly, but the thickness in the left chest has not dissipated. Any recommendations on what I should do? My PS says to wait another 3 mos but I want to be sure I'm not losing any time and ignoring options at this point.
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