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I always thought that one day I will have a FL but...

I always thought that one day I will have a FL but I didn't know when. After trying many, many, many EXPENSIVE creams I decided that was enough! . The creams were not going to take care of my jowls and neck. So I decided to look for a PS and I found one who make me feel comfortable. After I found the PS and made the app. for an evaluation I mentioned to my husband that I would love to have a FL because I don’t feel happy with my appearance and He replied: go for it! Wow! I didn't think that was going to be so easy Lol!( LOVE him) I am petite, size 2 , and soon I will be 55! my PS said that my body doesn't match with my face. Should I take that as a complement? LOL! Well the countdown start today. Just started to take the vitamins that the doctor gave me and follow his instructions. Waiting for January 31st sometimes nervous and sometimes excited :)

I was so close!!!

I was so close for my surgery day (January 31st) Had all my prescriptions, tests, vitamins etc. etc even my hubby already asked for 2weeks vacation to take care of me :) Then I received a call from his boss letting me know that my husband had a very bad accident at work. Now here I am in ICU worried about him :( The first thing he said when he saw me was "sorry" , how sweet, He knew I wanted my surgery so bad. But it's OK. that can wait, the most important thing right now is that my husband gets better. Good luck to all of you who are having surgery and the ones who already had it I wish you a smooth recovery :)

Here we go again!

I am just 11 days for my surgery day! I was scheduled the first time for January 31st, but just 8 days before,my hubby had an accident and I had to postpone :( He is not 100% well, but he will be able to take care of me and our son. Last Friday I started to take my vitamins AM and PM and 3 days before surgery I will start with Bromelain. So far I like the way the PS is taking care of every little detail, I'm scheduled for a pre-operative facial at his SPA on September 9, He wants my skin thoroughly clean and hydrated . Last night couldn't sleep well I'm starting to get sometimes nervous, sometimes excited!


Two days ago I started taking Bromelain and today I just took one capsule of pre-op SINECCH. Just left the Dr. Office, the nurse gave my husband the post surgical instructions today so tomorrow he doesn't have to worry about absorbing all the instructions. I trust my Dr. But I'm feeling very nervous! Prayers will be appreciated :) My surgery will start at 9:00 am and hopefully finish by 2:00pm.


I got my surgery on September 12! My dear husband drove me, I wasn't nervous at all, just excited, the nurse gave me a pretty and soft rope, slippers, a cute kind of silk bikini, she said no catheter because they don't want to risk infection. The doctor came and took a picture with me shaking hands Lol! After he market my face I went to the operating room and all I remember is I was getting into my car. The first night I couldn't sleep well because the dressing! I kept asking my husband for the time, I couldn't wait for the next day to have the dressing removed, my eyes were completely shut down I couldn't see anything! Poor my husband he had to do everything for me :) that night I felt something crawling on my head, .I thought I was bleeding! But I guess I am healing :) the next day the doctor removed the dressing and the nurse shampooed and conditioned my hair, That felt good! My eyes are completely. Open, the black bruises are turning purple, I'm swollen which is normal, having.more appetite today, I bought a lot of frozen fruits especially pineapple so I can have smoothies for lunch and soups for dinner, the hardest part is keeping up with the medications, luckily my hubby made a log and he is in charge. Tomorrow I will see the Doctor but right now I feel like ants are all over my head!

A little hard to keep up with all the medications!

I can't see the stitches!

I went for my second appointment today, the doctor said I'm looking great (knock on wood)on Wednesday my hubby will start applying an antibiotic ointment that the doctor gave us , twice a day on my stitches. I am trying to post a picture. So far I think he did a good job, let's see..

My. second appointment today

4th day

I don't feel well this morning, I feel like I am having a tooth ache but it's not my tooth, I think it is my chin implant. My jaw is hurting and I can not open my mouth too wide. Does someone experience this kind of pain with a chin implant?


I can believe it! One week already! This morning went for my 4th follow up, I had some staples removed, didn't hurt at all! One of the nurses cleaned my face and ears really good and later washed my hair again (I had my hair washed the next day after surgery when the dressings were removed) doctor said I'm doing really well, swelling is going down quickly, bruises still there but fading. I am wearing a headband around my chin because is still swollen My next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday when the rest of staples and stitches will be removed. Feeling great so far, but prayers still welcome to heal completely without complications :)


Just arriving from my 6th follow up appointment, today he removed the rest of the stitches, staples and pins YAY! I don't have to wear anything (I was wearing a headband over my chin for a few days). Everything is healing nicely! I couldn't believe that he put my chin implant through that little incision.(Photo) still bruises of course, getting much better each day (11 days today) I can open my mouth wider but still eating soft foods until Friday when I will see him again :)


Went to my appointment today, everything is healing nice, bruises under my eyes and by my chin almost gone :) EXCEPT the swelling on my Chin and neck, the doctor suggest one more week with soft foods and continue to sleep in the recliner just to play safe, wearing again the "headband" to support my chin. I will see him again on Thursday.


I will clean my incisions with hydrogen peroxide daily and apply advanced scar supervision twice a day.
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