Finally Getting a Much Needed Otoplasty at 33.

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I have the same typical story of an insecure...

I have the same typical story of an insecure childhood full of teasing names such as Dumbo, Monkey Ears, and several others that were pretty clever. The first time I wore my hair up was my senior year. I was even trying to play sports with it down when I could get away with it.

Fast forward many years. The idea of reinflating my aging boobs sat in the back of my mind. They were on the bigger side in high school and my early twenties, somewhat of my trademark. Pregnancy and breastfeeding took a toll. I also lost about 10 lbs. on top of my pregnancy weight as I took up running daily. I held up my secret boob demise pretty well by flooding my bra inventory with VS Very Sexy know, the super padded ones. But mostly off eBay as I'm a tight ass in general. I continued to get compliments and was always being asked if "they were real". The thought of ridding myself of all that padding was so appealing. It remained just a thought until recently when my BF muttered those magic words..."Do it. I'll pay half". SOLD!! Consultation booked for the following week. That went well, we discussed sizes and set a surgery date. We returned home and later that night my BF asked why I didn't ask anything about my ears, since I complaint about them. It didn't even occur to me how genius an idea that would have been! So I called them back, set up another consultation, and we added that procedure on as well.

I had both procedures done April 22nd. I'd have to say the worst part of anything was the turban looking compression wrap that I had to leave on until my follow up appointment on post-op Day 4. I avoided the public at all costs and even worked my desk job during night hours two days. When I finally went in and had the compression wrap removed, I was looking forward to the relief from the ache it caused. Didn't happen. The first day with the wrap off may have been the most uncomfortable for the ears. I've been wearing a 3in black spandex headband over them during the day. They gave me a surgical type band to wear while I sleep, which isn't too comfortable. But here at post-op day 6, I'm really not too uncomfortable in general. My biggest concern is the current appearance of my ears! My surgeon went out of town right after he did my surgery and I was told in advance that his resident would be doing my first two follow ups. The resident says I have a lot of swelling and remains confident that the ears will look better as the swelling subsides. I go back again at post-op day 12. I'm nervous overall.

In better news, boobs look great...

Photos from Day 4 Post-Op

So concerned with the appearance, especially my left ear.

Post-Op Day 5

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