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Hi. I am a 29 years old female and have already...

Hi. I am a 29 years old female and have already been through 6 sessions of laser hair removal for my bikini area. After 6 sessions, I now see remarkable results and my skin is beginning to smooth out, although only slightly. I went for the treatment with the impression that I will be hairless and content after just 2 or 3 treatments but that was not the case. I am not saying that I am not satisfied. All I am saying is that it takes quite a few sessions to get the desired results. When I started getting this done, I was told that this is a permanent solution but what I read online was completely different. I came to know that the results are not all that permanent, unless you continue getting it done, for quite a few sessions. I have also heard that sometimes hair grows back, but that has not happened with me. The truth is that laser hair removal does work, but you have too got all the sessions you are told to take. Sometimes, people get so happy in the beginning that once 80% of the hair is gone, they stop going and then later end up seeing hair growing back.  I was more concerned about the very dark and thick hair I had in some places and I went in for regular sessions because the tech had told me that the follicles of the dark hair take longer to die. So if you are regular and go in as many times as the tech asks you to go, you will get good results. I have seen great results on my bikini area and I hopefully don’t ever have to go back again. The pain is ok. It burns more than it hurts actually. I have heard about women who use anesthetic creams but I was advised against it as it can cause complications. My skin was red for many days and was swollen too but it got alright later. My husband got very worried seeing the redness and thought I was having some crazy side effect but since I had been told this would happen, I was alright and the redness went away gradually. The cost also varies depending on the area and it is not expensive at all. Razors are a bad idea especially for the bikini area and laser saves you from cuts and stubbles. Go for it.
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