Botched by Dr Hasan front vanity cosmetic surgery

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I want a really tiny waist hips I don't have any...

I want a really tiny waist hips I don't have any and a round butt with a good arch looking for 1500 cc's to achieve the look and curves I need help guys I like the dr surgeons but I don't want to travel that far I don't want a round I want to do this one time and that's it can anybody help me please :) lol

i finally paid my deposit today of 1900 and they said its fully refundable .does anyone have any in put about his work and does

ive been stalking this site for two years and its surreal that im actually going to get surgery done but I know its something I really want to do for myself to feel all the way confident in my prime age 23 .everyone says my shape is fine I just need to go to the but the gym wont give me the results im looking for im currently 168 lbs and 5'3 my goal weight is about 155-160 pre op post I would like to lose alitte more but im not in a rush I don't want to lose any fat or definition

scheduled for march 11th !dr hasan

so I found a cancellation date for march 11th so ill be leaving on the 9th im just a little I hope I get my money worth because its a lot im sacrificing to get this done

landing in miami tomorow

leaving tomorrow for surgery

Finally Hasan did a miracle lol

Finally its done i have an ass now

i dont like its way too way to big

I told him i wanted a little bit more projection and now i look like kmichelle smh

when will i be able to sit

I need to go back to work when do think i can sit down

my body is botched and I wish I went to another doctor smh

I'm almost a year post op and I'm ashamed to take my clothes my body before even tho I didn't have a butt and a nice and my butt was I just wanted more entire body contour is deformed uneven lipo on my stomach one side is small the other is big one butt cheek is bigger and higher I have a chunk of fat on my left idk if he attempted to gv me hips but injected a bigger chunk of fat on the top of my left hips then goes in and it's flat smh u can see the dent where it goes flat in my butt where that's another place that looks very deformed not to mind u my right hips doesn't have any fat injected smh I sent my pics to a couple doctors and there it's a hard task idk what to I'm so u pleased I got this feel better a body not worst


Doctors saying it's going to be hard to fix smh here are some more pics of my botched work smh
dr hasan

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