Almost 67 and Headed for First Consultation with my Surgeon. Idaho Falls, ID

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I am hoping my age won't disqualify me. My bmi is...

I am hoping my age won't disqualify me. My bmi is 40 and I do have hypertension. I have recently had spinal surgery and it was my neurosurgeon that encouraged me to investigate this. I have other spinal conditions that while not be corrected will be helped by loss of weight. I have a relative that had the sleeve about 22 months ago and has lost 95 lbs and is off all her meds and is full of energy. She has given me a realistic view of the procedure and the hard work it will take. There is only one surgeon nearby that does the sleeve. I went to his seminar last month and met his team and some of his past patients. I meet with him for my first one to one on 5/6/15. I have been reading this site for about a week and am so impressed with the people I have found here. The information I have gained is helping me make a list of questions to ask my MD. My immediate family has no idea I am seriously considering taking this step. After I talk with MD I may ask them to watch his seminar that is also online. I haven't decided yet. I will have to tell someone as I live alone.
I want to especially thank Puppy's Mom for her responses to me and to everyone else. I always come away feeling better, more informed and encouraged.
Yesterday I just wanted to do something towards this process. So I purged my pantry! I figured even if I am not a candidate I can start making healthier choices. I am also going to get a fit bit. So onward and downward I hope!

Almost 67 and headed for my first consultation with my surgeon,Idaho falls ID

Good news and bad. Too old for Medicare to pay top limit for them is 65! My full retirement age had to be 66 ! What's with that? Good thing I will still have my work coverage until Oct 1st and they will cover about 1/3 of cost here. Good news is there is no waiting period. So I go for all the consultations 1st week of June and may be scheduled for late June early July. GULP!

Had my first consultation and yes, age matters!

Good news and bad. Medicare doesn't pay over 65. So if you are thinking about procedure make your mind up by time you must register for part A, and that is 65. Good news is that my work insurance will pay about 1/3 cost and there is no waiting time. My surgeon said he has no problem with my age. So I am scheduled first week of June for consults with nutritionist, psych, exercise specialist and upper GI. I could be scheduled by end of June for surgery. We'll see.

Just 12 more days to find out if I qualify!

I have read on this site every day. It is so helpful to find answers to questions I have and didn't even know I had. I am considering Mexico as an alternative if I have any questions here. It is more expensive here. I also have reservations about the surgeon. Not his skill or credentials, he has great training and skills. It is a center of excellence. . But on my second meeting with him the person to person was polite but abrupt. His staff seem very nice and very happy so I am holding off making a final decision until after this next phase. I know most of my interaction will be with his staff. The seminar I went to had post op patients that seemed to have very good interaction with him and his staff. I will just have to wait and see.

One week from today I start my journey!

I go for the upper GI, dietician, psych evaluation. When I had a brief meeting with the surgeon last month he said he had no problem with my age so I hope they don't find anything physical that will halt the process. I preach patience to others on this site so I guess I better practice what I preach! This is also the last Monday morning that I have to get up for work! Retirement here I come!

Thought I would be starting my journey. But. .

I was all set to have all my preliminary appointments today. I had talked with surgery coordinator twice beginning of last week with some questions. All answered. Then on Friday at lunch I had two voicemails. One was confirming time of psych evaluation. I confirmed that. The next one was from coordinator saying the appointments would have to be rescheduled. I called back and left message that I had already confirmed psych and asked if I should cancel. I also said I would plan to maintain nothing by mouth in case the upper GI could be done later appointment. I waited for any message this am then left another one. I called psych and asked if I should keep appointment and they said yes. So I went. It was interesting.. I've never had eval before. I passed! bUT. The coordinator was at desk and I asked her if I could reschedule the other portions. She asked me to go with her. We went around the corner and she said" we have to reschedule because Dr is leaving he is going back to East coast." Not what I expected to hear. They have no replacement as yet. "They are in the process" of finding someone. She assured me I would be at the top of the list... Wait, I don't want to be first! I'm sure they will find an experienced surgeon. This is a center of excellence. I feel sorry for the ones that are or were in the line already. He has been very successful and he is fairly young. . I am sure it was a good offer..But... I have a fairly small window of opportunity before my work insurance runs out. Medicare in this region does not cover it. I guess I will be patient but I am not sure I will have any resource to "check out" the new surgeon. My neurosurgeon worked with this surgeon and was very sure of his reccomendation and my referral to him
. It is so frustrating. I am concerned that maybe my age will be problem for new MD. It is anyone's guess. Thanks for reading my rant! You have all been so supportive.

Good news,new surgeon found!

Got a call this am from the bariatric center scheduler. She informed me that the center had found a replacement for the surgeon who left the beginning of this month. She didn't have all the details only that the new MD would start August 1 st. She said if I was uncomfortable with the situation they would be happy to help me find another surgeon. She said she was sure they could schedule me before my insurance deadline. (My work insurance goes until 9/30/15 and then I will be on Medicare which , in this region, does not cover the sleeve) This practice was a center of excellence and it sounds like they have taken this interim time to add more classes and further improve their program. I am very relieved. So here' hoping to a date in August!

Moving forward, again.

This afternoon I have an appointment with the nutrisionist and an internist. I will be booking my tests as well. The center has two surgeons coming. I was given their names and have googled them. I am excited about what I have read. Both are very experienced. One will be here middle of August. The other beginning of September. The coordinator is aware of my insurance window. It will be a close call. So here's hoping everything lines up. If not, Mexico here I come! I will get this done!

Finished my requirements!

I had my upperGI, EKG and lab work this am and got a call this afternoon that everything was good except cholesterol so will start med for that. So onward and awaiting surgeons arrival! I may get this done yet!

JURY DUTY! Really?

You've got to be kidding. I have to have the surgery before i October 1st due to work insurance over then I find a summons for jury duty sept 14th - 25th in the mail on Saturday . So I will have to find out how to resolve this as they don't mess around out here and will put you in jail for 3 days ! I so don't want to be a headline! "older woman, just post op, has gas explosion while sitting on jury" !

Got my date

I found out on last Tuesday that my date is 9/11! I went to 3hr pre op class on Weds. It was very good. There were about 20 of us who had finally gotten dates. The new surgeon has arrived. The Baritric program staff are all very happy with her and all reports are good. I started the liver shrinking diet on Friday. It isn't!t too bad. 1 protein, 1 dairy and 1 fruit for breakfast, 1 protein and 2 cups of veggies for both lunch and dinner. There is a list of choices for each category. Many combos to make. It is the fluid intake I am having trouble making. I am not a very thirsty person. I will keep sipping along! I have a follow up visit with cardiologist this week to review my echocardiogram. They have already scheduled the date so I am assuming everything checked out. MD said they were just crossing all the Ts and dotting the I s for insurance. This site has been a life saver for me. Thank you to all that have responded and supported me since joining in March.

Got cardiology ok!

Saw the cardiologist. My echocardiogram was good and my labs were good except for insulin resistance. I was down another 5 lbs! Hurray! Also had pre op labs done as last ones done 8/4 will be more than 30 days before surgery on 9/11. Still a challenge to get the fluids in but not having trouble sticking to the food rules.

Just met my new surgeon

Oh my gosh, I just love her!!!!! Young, but 10 years experience in bariatrics. Very enthusiastic about this program and this hospital. Asked me what she could do to make me the most comfortable, answer questions? Go over procedure? Post op questions? She was on time to the minute and was not rushed at all with me. I got home and got a call to see if I wanted to move my date up to 9/10 as someone on Thursday had to postpone. I said YES! Of course. So just one more day. Yeah!

I am sleeved!

I had surgery 2pm Thursday 9/10 and came home last night about 7pm. I have done well. mD and staff said I didn't look like I had the surgery yet. Had pain and nausea right after waking up but they medicated me and haven't had any thing but occasional wave of queasiness. I am just now having the gas pains. Whoa! Bad! Been up and walking/burping. Trying to sip and take my usual meds. I feel like I swallowed an alien as I have never heard such sounds coming from my body! Thanks for all the well wishes. Headed for a nap now.

Nine days post and LOVING IT !!!!

It was a beautiful fall day here. We had frost last night and snow on the peaks of the Grand Tetons already. There is also a huge smile on my face . It is only thing I ever want to be huge from now on! I feel good. I have had very little pain and absolutely no hunger. It is very strange. I have to remember to eat! I don't know how much if any I have lost but my clothes are loser and my face is thinner. I am satisfied.
I was able to do the 2 mile walk around the park yesterday. I felt tired but not sore or exhausted. This morning I worked out in my garden. It felt so good. I have an appointment with surgeon on Tuesday and a support group meeting on Thursday night. I know there were at least 10 of us "done" the week I was so I am looking forward to meeting them.
This is going to be a good weeks as I hope it will be for all of you in this great ,supportive family!

First MD post op visit

Had a great post op visit. I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 9 lbs in 11 days. I don't have a functioning scale so I was just being very satisfied with loose clothing and feeling great! So it was just cherry on top to have proof! I am looking forward to the support group meeting on Thursday. I just can't stop smiling!

I can see my feet!

Post op day 17 down 13 lbs. started puréed on Friday. So happy to have flavors again! I was taking shower this AM and glanced down and what did I see? Piggy toes looking at me! I haven't easily seen them in 20 years! Still smiling!

First,not so great, day. Beware of dehydration!

Yesterday I was very busy in AM and didn't do my walking until afternoon. First mistake, it did me in. I felt like I was 90! I was having lots of dizziness. It also started my back pain which I haven't had in months. I babied myself all evening. I slept well but woke up and felt even worse. I looked back in my food notes and realized I was probably dehydrated. I just haven't been doing well taking in the fluids. Everyday I would say I will do better tomorrow. I didn't think about the cumulative effect. So today I didn't do much except take in fluids. Dizziness is gone now at 7pm and I feel a young 67 again! i am glad I took Puppy's Mom's advice and have kept a notebook of everything. I just didn't add up the ounces
often enough. SO ADD UP YOUR OUNCES!

As much as you read about it,it is hard to beleive it!

I started my soft diet yesterday, I was so excited. I made some tasty scrambled eggs. I plated them and actually sat at the table. I couldn't wait for something I could chew! It was as good as I hoped after first bite. It was as good after second bite. Alas, there was no room for a third bite! Unbelievable. Full, full, full! I had to remember to eat other meals. It still is very weird to not be hungry.

Sitting on ground and able to stand up all by myself!

It was a beautiful clear very warm for here, 80's. I took one of my sons family to an annual Harvest Hoedown at Yellowstone Bear World. My son his wife and 4 children and I took a picnic lunch and went to see the Bears, feed the Bears, do corn maze and potatoe catapult and treasure hunt. We had a blast. After sitting on ground watching them fling the potatoes 200-300 feet, it was time to get up. Usually my son takes my hands and helps pull me to stand. Yesterday I just stood up! Allejuliah time for me. The when we got into the vehicle to go into the area where the black and brown bears roam freely, I climbed right up the ladder to the feeding deck. Right up there. I practically broke my arm patting myself on the back! It is these things that bring smile to my face and peace to my mind that I did the right thing having this surgery!

New lab results "excellent"

Had a return visit with Internist I saw for preliminary surgical approval. Labs drawn last week were all in normal range! He said within 4 - 8 weeks he thinks I will be off all my meds! That is 2 for HBP, 1 for high chloresterol and later possibly my hypothyroid. He said he thinks my stall is dehydration and too low calorie intake. So I absolutely need to find a solution to my fluid intake issues and actually eat more! He kept telling me how great I looked and how "peppy" I seemed. It sure is nice to come away from an MD appointment feeling happy with what you hear. Next week I have post op with surgeon and appointment with Dietician. Hopefully I will have better intake to report to them.

Had my six week check up , already!

The time has flown by! The surgeon was very pleased as I met the goal of losing 15% of my excess weight. So I am " right on target". Got the ok to do any exercise I want. Got a really great exercise booklet along with resistance bands. The booklet was made by the exercise specialist of this bariatric group and has very good instructions. I met with Dietician who gave me some good suggestions on some of my problem areas. All in all it was a great appointment which ended with a " you are a great example" and a hug from the surgeon! I just love her and the whole staff. It amazing to think how many lives they have helped to change for the better!

The best thing ever did!

9 weeks out and very excited to see the daily changes. Sometimes changes are in lbs. sometimes they are in energy levels. Mostly they are small things I never thought about. The best thing is the reclaiming of control. I would do it again in a minute. I have a great surgeon and her staff beside me as well as all the great family here! I am very grateful.

Jury duty done!

For those of you who have kept up with my journey of jury duty I am happy to say it is finally completed and without adventure! By Friday I was out of clothes that fit so I went into it with fear. Fear that every time I heard "All Rise" that I would stand but that my pants would not! I was hanging on to the waistband by the time I was released from duty! Just another challenge after this surgery. A challenge met and conquered! LOL now I can go into this Holiday season with less pressure and with a definite attitude of gratitude. I am so thankful for the opportunity this surgery has given me. So thankful to my family that supported me ( once I told them), and very thankful for the family and support I have found here! HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!

12 week post op!

I cannot believe it has been 3 months ! It is scary how fast time goes by. Even faster now that I am so senior! Saw my wonderful surgeon yesterday. She walked right by me in the reception area apologizing for running late. A few minutes later when she came in to exam room she said" Oh my gosh, I didn't even recognize you! You look fabulous" OK my ego has been primed to last until 6 month visit! She was very pleased as I had lost 27% of my excess weight! I am down 30 since day of surgery and 40 since preop diet. I haven't been this weight in 25 years ! It has been gradual loss 3-4 lbs then plateau week or more then a few more! My skin, especially my neck has not drooped . I'm grateful for that. My breasts are another story however. I have to try not to step on them! I will have to find a creative way to fold and package them as I have no money left for surgery and insurance covers nothing plastic/ cosmetic. I'll deal with it.

My labs were all good except for B12, which was high. I will cut down on that dose. I remain totally satisfied and happy with the decision to be sleeved! Headed to support group Christmas party 12/17.

Back on track

Had a great holiday season and was able to adjust to the variety of food situations. My biggest problem is too much time on my hands. Up until Christmas I was so busy making gifts but now I have nothing I "have" to do. I have been watching Netflix for weeks and grazing as I do it. Not good. I have been called back to work starting today. The nurse that took over for me did not work out. I will go back for 4 hours a day. Hopefully, it will restore some routine and purpose to my life!

6 month follow up with Internal med MD

Great appointment.. All my labs came back in normal range! Am off one b/p med. he wants to wait 6 months more and take me off others, b/p and statin. My choke sterol was under 200 but he would like to see it lower. I am lucky to have really high good cholesterol so he was happy with that. Next week I see surgeon for 6 month. Will also see dietician. Am looking forward to it! It is nice not to dread MD visits !
Next week I see surgeon
Moorestown Bariatric Surgeon

Dr Medvetz is new to the Bariatric center at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot ,Idaho. She is wonderful! Great positive attitude. Makes you feel she cares about each patient individually. Entire staff that I met has everything good to say about her as well.

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