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For some reason, after I had children my teeth...

For some reason, after I had children my teeth just lost their strength and I had so many cavities... and fillings. My top front 8 teeth all had fillings in them, which were discolored. I went to a dentist to have the fillings replaced. My natural, unbleached teeth are a level B4, which is pretty bright for a coffee drinker. The fillings this dentist did were horrible. My discolored fillings looked better before I went in. So I called, told him I wasn't happy and he re-did the work. This time it looked a lot better. For about a week and the fillings were falling apart and they stained instantly. So I decided it was time to get drastic.

My girlfriend has a beautiful restored smile. I got the name of her dentist and scheduled a consult. Originally I was wanting veneers, but the dentist didn't think I would be happy with those because I already had a crown right behind my canine tooth that was 9 years old and the color wasn't right. I also had a couple root canals 2 years ago I never crowned. So he told me I needed to crown those two root canaled teeth first, then I could do the cosmetic work.

So in total, I am getting ten new crowns on my top teeth. Yesterday was my prep appointment. It was long, painful, miserable. So many shots to keep me numb, I hate the temporaries, they're darker than my natural teeth and look like halloween costume teeth, I'm on vicodin for the residual pain. My teeth were straight and the size and shape was nice, I was just unhappy with the structure and color and fillings. So at hour 6 in the dentist chair, when the tears were ready to fall because I was hurting and I had just had enough, I thought to myself... Why am I doing this to myself!! AGAIN!! (I had a tummy tuck 3 months ago and SWORE I would never purposely make myself miserable again.)

BUT... I KNOW this is worth it. My smile is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I have one more appointment (hopefully next week) to put my permanent teeth on and I CAN'T WAIT.

The brain has a funny way of forgetting the pain and suffering to get to an amazing end result. i.e. child birth.

After having permanent crowns seated. Round 1. (I'm definitely not done yet)

I had my permanent crowns placed 5 days ago. Still getting my bite adjusted, which I expected. Overall, I'm okay with how they are right now. I could live with it had I not just paid $12000 for it. My right front tooth isn't right. I went to the dentist the day after they seated them because it was hanging down further than the other front tooth and it felt crooked; like it wasn't seated high enough on one side. The dentist ground off the bottom to make it straight there so I didn't feel like a snaggle tooth. I still don't like the way it feels and looks crooked. When they placed the crowns on my teeth before cementing them, while I was laid back in the chair they gave me a hand mirror to look at them. At this time I had a completely numb top lip and couldn't smile so all I could see was the bottom half of the teeth. It wasn't until the numb wore off that I could really smile and see that the lab had made the top half yellower, to resemble natural teeth. To me, it looks horrible. I didn't want any yellow teeth which is why I got the crowns to begin with. I didn't really get much say in the color. I bleached my bottom teeth a shade lighter and wanted to continue bleaching but they told me to stop a week before my appointment to match color. They wanted the BL3, saying it matched my bottom teeth. I'm just disappointed. I didn't want hollywood chicklet teeth, but I wanted whiter with no yellow. I really wanted the BL2 which is the most popular shade. I could live with the BL3 if it wasn't yellow on the top half toward the gum line. I feel bad complaining because that isn't me. I never even send food back at a restaurant.. I was at the dentist this morning to talk about the front tooth I don't like and the color. They reluctantly said they would redo them, reminding me of all the pain of the first time and saying my teeth wouldn't look natural. Also, my left side canine and the one next to it look weird because they are temporary cemented right now because they didn't seat right and the dentist is redoing them.

The finished result

These are the before and after pictures the dentist's office took. So happy with the final outcome.
Dr. Zirker

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