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I have had large breast for as long as I can...

I have had large breast for as long as I can remember. I went to see a PS and to discuss with them whether I was a candidate for insurance approval. I think since I have lived with them so long I start to think maybe they aren't that big but then I see pictures of myself and its hard to believe that those are mine. I got insurance approval and now I have so many mixed emotions. Its hard to think your getting ready to lose a part of yourself yet I will be so glad to be rid of them and they pain they bring. Right now I am a 34G. I'm so scared to have the surgery my mind gets away from me...I'm worried about dying while I'm having surgery and if I make it out of surgery what if I die from complications from surgery and then what about infection. I know I'm a complete worry wart. I have even considered cancelling but I think I would just be so mad at myself if I do.

17 Days Till Surgery

Even though I am having so many fears I'm still trying to think positive and I'm moving forward with this surgery. I have read so many inspiring stories on here and I am very encouraged by everyone. My Pre-op appointment is on June 14th and was told we would discuss size then. How is that determined? I have no clue what size I would like to be this size is all I've known since forever.

6 Days to Pre-Op and 10 Days till Surgery Date

The clock is ticking down and I'm am pretty anxious. It seems like its ticking by rather slowly. Still not sure about what size I want to go to, I'm hoping that my PS is going to guide me in that decision. I just want to make sure it looks normal to my body shape. I am currently 5'11 and I weigh 150.

Surgical Bra???

Is this something I am going to need or no? What size do you order since you wont know until after surgery what size you really are? I want to make sure I have everything in place before surgery, my husband works out of state and will only be able to be with me for 7 days after the actual surgery. Is there any suggestion for anything else I will need to prepare?

7 Days Till Surgery

Okay, so today I woke up feeling anxious and as of yet hasn't gone away. I know its just nerves. I've been concerned about my weight which I am really trying to watch because when I get nervous I tend to eat, however, I don't think today is an eating day I can just feel it in my stomach. But the good news is I got on the scale this morning and had actually lost 2 pounds so that is good. I need to figure out how to relax. My doctor has given me very specific instructions on what I am do to be doing for the next 7 days, including showering daily with an antibacterial soap which I'm concerned will dry out my skin, but I will do what he says and no lotion will be applied to this body. My Pre-Op appointment is this Friday June 14th, and since my husband works out of state my mom will be going with me so I don't forget to ask anything and remember what he says.

Pre-Op Appointment Tomorrow 06/14/2013

The clock is ticking by so slowly I feel like it is taking forever to get this done and over with and I'm sure its just my nerves which are going crazy. I was awake at 4:45 this morning in a full blown out panic attack, I find that I forget to breath during the day. Hopefully after I talk to my PS it will help settle my nerves, I have even been losing weight because of it. Surgery is June 18 and my husband will finally be home on June 17 which I'm looking forward to. I will update tomorrow after I see my PS. He is 2.5 hours away from my home so I have to leave early tomorrow morning.

Pre-Op Appointment

Went to my Pre-Op appointment today and it went really well. My PS went over every detail and every question that I had and was so reassuring. The procedure that he does is the laser bra breast reduction, which I think is going to be amazing. He gave me 5 prescriptions to start taking. I feel alittle settled down, so for now its all good. Surgery is June 18th..

2 Days till Surgery

My anxiety level just increases the closer I get to the surgery date. My husband is home which is great I'm glad to have him here with me.I went into full panic this morning when I realized we would be leaving tomorrow to drive up for surgery on Tuesday. Breath I just need to remember to breath. I hope I am not driving you all crazy with my anxiety and I do apologize, I'm just venting and sometimes it helps to just write it out.

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Well I'm less than 24 hours away from surgery. Days were going by so slow and now have sped up which I'm thankful for.

Todays the day

Todays surgery day, 4 more hours and I will be in surgery.

I'm done and at the Hotel

I'm done!!!! I'm stil super out of it because of anesthesia. I'm so glad that I didn't cancel and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be super please. I thank everyone on this site for all the encouragement.


At this moment I have been done with surgery for about 8 hours, I am not in enough pain to take anything its some discomfort but not much. So the question is, is do I still take the pain meds for discomfort?

1 Day Post-Op

I'm one day post op and feeling pretty good. Trying to take it easy. I went to the PS this morning and he said everything went really well, he said my breast tissue was really dense and that he removed around 2 pounds off of each breast and when the swelling goes down I will be either a DD or D which I'm hoping for the latter. My stomach is bloated not sure why that is but hopefully it will go away in the next few days. I'm not in a lot of pain mainly discomfort.

Shower Day, YAY!!!

I was able to shower today, amazing how much energy taking a shower uses.

4 Days Post Op

Today I'm 4 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good. I don't have a lot of pain and I haven't had to take any pain meds. However, sleeping on my back is killing it, I am so use to sleeping on my side this is horrible. I can't get any sleep. I'm not sure if I can use a heating pad for my back but this morning I am. My next appointment with my PS is going this coming Monday so I will ask him then.

Compression Socks

How long have you ladies worn the compression socks after surgery. I think they told me three days but my mom said at least a week, I'm scared to take them off.

11 Days Post Op

Today I'm 11 days Post-Op and feeling amazing. My PS says I still can't go for walks or anything until at least 14 days Post-Op. I have a question and I hope I'm not being to personal. How long did everyone wait to have sex. My PS said at least 2 weeks Post-Op, however my husband works out of state so by the time he gets home it will be alittle over 3 weeks. I'm wondering how long it was for everyone and maybe the experience as far as how it affected you. I think I'm a bit nervous.
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