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I am 27 years old. I'm very petite- 5'0, 97 pounds...

I am 27 years old. I'm very petite- 5'0, 97 pounds. I have only been over 100 pounds when I was pregnant. I have two BEAUTIFUL daughters, 3 and 2 years old. I nursed both of them. I have always been at least a 32/34 C, and have been a D at times. Due to nursing (which I would never take back), my breasts have become super saggy. Beyond that, I have ALWAYS been uncomfortable with the size of my areolas. They are way too big. I know that was great for breastfeeding, but it is so UN-sexy and I feel like I belong in a National Geographic magazine. I have been through a divorce this past year, and that was and still is extremely difficult. It is so hard to see my x-husband "live it up" with girls 8 to 9 years younger than me, girls that I feel look better than me. I am very excited for this procedure because it will restore some much needed confidence. I currently wear the Bombshell bra from Victoria's Secret. I am wearing a 34 C, but that means I am probably more a B now becase VS runs small. This bra brings me up about 2 cup sizes and people sometimes ask if I have had a boob job. So yeah, I look great with clothes on, but once the bra comes off, I have pancake boobs! I have a very dear best friend who I know I will marry some day that is funding this for me. He said that it does not matter to him if he ever even gets to see the end results, he just wants me to be happy and feel good about myself. He is flying in the night before surgery and staying for 5 days to help me with my little ones (daughters) while I recover. I will be on my own for about half of post-op day 5, and then my brother will come up to help with my daughters. On day 7, my ex is coming to take the girls for his visitation, and I will get them back on day 10. After that, I will be on my own with a 2 and 3 year old who both love me very much and are very cuddly. This makes me very, very nervous. I carry them both, but especially my 2 year old. She weighs 22 pounds or so. Oh, I guess I should mention that I am getting 415cc silicone gel, submuscular, with a donut lift. Here are some questions that I have for anybody willing to help me out...
What size sports bra should I shop for? I am a 32/34 band size, and I currently wear a small sports bra. Do I still buy a small and the girls will just stretch it, or do I get a medium? I hate the idea of not having the band of the bra close around my frame at the bottom.
How long do you usually wear the bra they send you home with? I have nobody to impress for awhile, and I would rather be comfortable than trying to push them up too soon. I would rather wait to go bra shopping until they drop a bit.
Anybody else have small children they had to take care of after surgery? Am I going to die?
I guess these are my main questions right now. I will add more as I go. I have really enjoyed reading this site and all of your experiences. Thank you for sharing all the nitty gritty details and posting so many pics! I will post some pre-pics sometime in the next week. Anything else I should do/get before surgery?

Prescriptions? Check! Sports bras for post...

Prescriptions? Check! Sports bras for post surgery? Check! Call from hospital to finalize everything? Check! Paid in full? Check! Today was a great day because I accomplished so much! You can see I posted some before pictures. The VS Bombshell bra is amazing, you can see how great it looks with a shirt on. I am hoping that I look something like that after surgery, yet I won't have to wear a push-up bra!

I guess I should add that my implants are going to...

I guess I should add that my implants are going to be Sientras- the new, gummy bear implants! I am excited about that. They are textured, which will prevent them moving around inside and becoming displaced. Because of the donut lift I am getting, the incision will be all the way around the areola. Not sure if I had mentioned that yet.

Today is the day. I'm so scared now. All of my...

Today is the day. I'm so scared now. All of my excitement has turned to fear. I'm not scared of the results or second guessing my decision, but I'm scared of the procedure itself and of recovery. I don't have to be at the hospital until 12:30 pm, so this morning has been a waiting game. If it was first thing this morning, I would not have had time to be scared. I haven't eaten since last night (per Dr orders) and I'm starving! Pray for me! I hope to post tonight!

Thank you for all of the well-wishes. Don't feel...

Thank you for all of the well-wishes. Don't feel so much like posting, so I will catch up tomorrow. I've survived so far! Yay!

Ok. I haven't felt much like typing- I have fallen...

Ok. I haven't felt much like typing- I have fallen asleep with the laptop on my lap a few times today as I have tried posting lol. I hope I can get through enough right now. I showed up at the hospital yesterday at 12:20 pm or so. The whole hospital staff was so great. After being situated and having my IV in, I just waited with my boyfriend in our pre-op room. I was so nervous leading up to everything, but I was much more calm once I had my IV in. I think that was the hardest part. The anesthetist was so awesome. He came in and spent some time with us before-hand, making sure all of my questions were answered and just chit-chatting. I have only a few glimpses of a memory of being wheeled out of our room and to the operating room. When I woke up, I was in a curtained off room with a kind nurse. She gave me some antibiotic through the IV, as well as a dose of pain med. Once I was wheeled back to the pre-op room, where my boyfriend was waiting, I started getting sick. I finally threw up a bunch of stomach bile. I was not allowed to eat after midnight Wednesday night, so I think I just got sick from the muscle relaxant and pain med on an empty stomach. After throwing up, I fell asleep for awhile. We didn't even get out the door of the hospital untl 6:30 pm or so. I felt pretty good after coming home last night. I was really drowsy, but didn't feel much pain. This morning, I had my first post-op appt with Dr. Freeman and his nurse, Amy. They just wanted to see me and make sure that everything looked like it should at this point and answer any questions that I had. He was impressed at how they looked- no bruising. He said that usually if somebody is going to bruise, they do so in the first day or two. Hopefully that means that I can avoid much of that! He took the time to answer all of my questions, and then I was out of there. I go in next Wednesday for my second post-op visit. I think they take the stitches out then. I am cleared to shower now or take a shallow bath. I need to wear the strap as much as possible for this next week. I actually don't terribly mind it. It will be nice to be done with it next week, but I don't feel like it is debilitating or anything.
I will try to share some details about the pain that I am feeling. That was helpful for me to read on other people's stories. After surgery and through the night last night, I reall y didn't feel much actual pain. Just super sore and tight. My left side has hurt a bit more in a dull, achy, sore, heavy way. My right side has had some more stabbing pain underneath in the crease area, which is weird because there was no incision in the crease. Dr. Freeman said that they do cut some on the inside, so that might be where the pain in my right breast is coming from. Sleeping propped up really wasn't as bad as I thought. My boyfriend set his alarm for every 5 hours so that I could be on schedule with my percocet (pain stuff). I didn't want to take a chance and wake up screaming in pain or something, so I have kept up with the pain pills and muscle relaxers. I wasn't due for more meds until 4pm this afternoon, and I had a rough patch from about 1:30 until then. Even this rough patch of pain was ok, though, it was just the most tightness and soreness/pain that I have felt. I wonder if it was because I overdid it today. After my dr appointment this morning, I walked around the mall a bit because we wanted sme bath and body works lotion. My boyfriend is set on rubbing me with lotion wherever it doesn't hurt me. We also went into Target to get some extra strength tylenol and a few other things.
I feel ok now, just laying in my bed propped with pillows. I am posting a bunch of pictures. I don't feel comfortable taking the guaze off yet because it is stuck to my boobs from the oozing. I know that it will hurt to take it off. Maybe tomorrow. In fact, I have to tomorrow because that is when I will attempt a shower. I will take more pics then. I feel like I am mostly rambling and I am not being very helpful, so please ask me specific questions if you have any! I mught be more coherent tomorrow and make more sense!

The first half of today was a bit rough as far as...

The first half of today was a bit rough as far as pain/soreness goes. I slept a lot. I really appreciate the percocet and flexeril because they help me to relax. My boyfriend has been so amazing at taking care of me! I am really upset, though, because my x-husband is such a jerk and he announced that he is coming over to see our girls before he has to go back to work in North Dakota tomorrow. He wasn't supposed to be back in town until next Wednesday in the first place, and now last minute, he is coming. So I had to get out of the bath and hurry and clean the house a bit. He is the type to take note of a dirty house and call cps or something, because he is so difficult. I have been sweeping, scrubbing the kitchen floor, taking out the trash, wiping down counters, and tidying in general. I am so bugged right now. He doesn't know about my procedure, so I have to hide it and pretend like everything is normal. And I just heard him pull up. I will post more after he leaves- I have a few pics to post, too

OK, I need some help. My incisions are around my...

OK, I need some help. My incisions are around my areolas, not the crease. However, I'm getting super sharp and stabbing pains in the crease area when I sit up all the way or even shift. It is very, very painful. At my day 2 post OP visit, my PS said that they have to make cuts down there on the inside, and that's probably what I'm feeling. At least I think that's what he said- I was on pain killer and flexeril lol. But it has gotten much more intense. It is unbearable. I'm wondering if it's because I overdid it yesterday by cleaning and carrying my daughters and stuff. Is this pain normal? Will it go away soon?

Since I did house work last night and held my...

Since I did house work last night and held my daughters and stuff, I took it super easy today. I was in so much pain last night so I doubled my percocet dosage that I was taking. Instead of 1, I started taking 2 (the bottle said I could). It made a big difference. I did get out of the house once just for some fresh air, but I didn't get out of the car really. It was just nice to be out of my bed for an hour. I have been doing my stretches and that is going pretty well. I haven't looked at them yet today, but I can't imagine they have changed much since last night. I will probably take pictures before bed tonight and post them. I feel like it hurts a tad to breathe deeply- this is normal, right? It just is super tight when I do. Also, can somebody describe "zingers" to me? The sharp, stabbing pain might be that, but I would love to have others describe it. Whatever it is, I hope that it goes away fast! I can stand the soreness and tightness, but that sharp stabbing pain is rather debilitating! I have to go back to work tomorrow, Day 5. It would be nice to not be in obvious pain. Beyond going to work tomorrow, my best friend/soulmate/boyfriend leaves at 10am to catch his flight back home! NOOOOOOO! I am so scared to be on my own. My brother was going to try to come up tomorrow night, but he still hasn't been able to get one of his shifts covered. One day at a time. I will survive somehow.
For those of you that have phased off of the narcotics and onto Tylenol, can you tell a huge difference? It is hard for me to believe that otc tylenol could help so much. But I hope that is true, since there is no way that I'm going to work on Percocet and Flexeril! Lol. Thank you for all of the support, and I will try to post pics tonight!

For the past few days, I have been feeling an...

For the past few days, I have been feeling an intense, sharper pain underneath my right boob. Now I'm getting the same pain on the left, around the side/bottom of boob. My incisions are around the areola, so there aren't any in my crease, which is what the pain feels like. It is usually felt when I sit up or stand up after I've been laying down for awhile. Even if I've been sitting up in bed, a small shift in angle hurts. It feels like a raw wound, and almost like there's liquid burning or something. This probably makes no sense. I am just wondering if this is what zingers are. It would be nice if it was something normal and nothing was wrong!

This will be brief, as it is almost midnight and...

This will be brief, as it is almost midnight and my body needs sleep to heal! Today I had to go back to work. I took percocet at 6:30am, and then tylenol right before work (I don't have to work until noon every day). I took flexeril at 8am. I thought the drugs would be out of my system by the time I had to work, but they sure weren't! I was a tad loopy and felt like I was floating. It was interesting. I got a ride to and from work, I definitely didn't want to risk driving in that condition. I work only four hours a day, and by the third hour, I was starting to hurt. Surprisingly, it was my back that was killing me. I think I was propped up crooked the other night as I slept, but I didn't feel the back pain until today because I had so far been on percocet. When I got home, it was me all alone with my one and two year old daughters. It was rough at first. I felt bad because I was quite moody and my 2 year old kept making messes and being difficult. I felt like I was just a big grump and snapping a lot at her. I think it is just the meds in my system and the stress of healing, but I still shouldn't take it out on my beautiful babies! As the evening wore on, I got in a cleaning mode. I hand-washed all the dishes because the dishwasher is broken, wiped the counters down, swept the floor, folded laundry, and tidied in general. I had to lift my two year old a few times as well. I actually didn't feel too bad doing all that. I broke almost every rule of what not to do, but I feel ok. I will just try to take it as easy as possible tomorrow. My brother is supposed to drive up tomorrow and stay for two days to help. Once he leaves on Thursday, I am pretty much on my own again. But if the worst is over, then I will be ok because things are manageable now. I am worried about my appointment on Wednesday- I think they are taking off the tape and then maybe the stitches. Does that hurt like crazy? I am scared to even wash over them in the shower. I am still too scared to even touch my boobs. Oh- I FINALLY had a BM tonight. First one since surgery FIVE DAYS AGO. It was quite the ordeal, sorry TMI. Super painful, and I have been taking colace since Thursday. I finally took some "Smooth Move" herbal tea. I think those things combined helped to make it happen. Advice to those who have not had surgery yet- take colace a few days ahead of time and keep up on it. I feel so much better now that that is over with. Well I am hoping to take some more pics tomorrow and post. I don't feel like much has changed, though, since I still have the tape on and everything. If anybody would care to share how it was getting tape off and stitches out, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I meant my two and three year old daughters. Won't...

I meant my two and three year old daughters. Won't let me go back and edit.

I have so much to say, but such little time! I...

I have so much to say, but such little time! I have been back to work now for three days. I even took my muscle relaxer and percocet when I got to work and I was just fine. I still haven't been driving, since I'm taking pills still. I feel good tonight, minimal discomfort. This morning was super painful, though. I have been overdoing it so I got more swollen and bruised and had more pain. I had the stitches taken out this morning! They put new brown tape around the nipple, over the incisions, and it has to stay on for one more week. After that, they will be completely free! It was pretty uncomfortable and made me a bit nauseous, but I can't really say that it was painful. This was my second post op visit, and tomorrow is my one week anniversary with the new boobs. The Dr said they look really great for one week and I should be happy. And believe me, I am ! I posted a ton of pics that I took tonight. I am allowed and actually encouraged to wear underwire now. The dark bra in the pics is a $15 Target bra with slight underwire. It is comfy! I am going to wait another month or two to buy cute bras that are more expensive. As of right now, I am a 32/34 DD in normal bras, 32/34 DDD in VS bras. Enjoy the pics! I am so happy!

I had some intense bruises show up on day 5 that...

I had some intense bruises show up on day 5 that are quite painful and ugly. How long do they usually stay? I know bruising is normal so I'm not worried, but it will be much more comfortable without the bruises! They are on the outer breast, around the crease area.

Wow, I just wrote a huge post and my laptop shut...

Wow, I just wrote a huge post and my laptop shut down for updates. I lost it all! So this will be more brief...
I will be at three weeks post-op this Thursday. Life has moved on and been back to "normal" for a couple of weeks. I wish that I could have taken more time to heal, but I am a single mom with two young girls and I have had to lift them and just deal with everything! I was back at work day 4 and without help by day 6. But to anybody else that is in this situation, it is ok and I have survived and it has been such a blur! I feel discomfort around the incisions, but it is not debilitating. Just background discomfort. How long does this last?
I have been having this raw, burning, stinging feeling inside of my left boob when I shift positions at night. It feels like the implant is rubbing up against a raw wound inside when I change positions. It does not happen during the day, though. Just while I am sleeping. Does anybody else ever feel this? Is this normal? It takes my breath away because it is so intense. I am hoping that it will go away soon! I miss my sleep! This used to happen when I would sit up straight from a 45 degree angle and it was much worse, but it went away by 7 days. This is just lingering.
Next Q... for anybody that had a donut lift or an areola incision, do my scars look normal for two and a half weeks? I know I am being impatient, but as long as I know I am normal, I won't fret! I have my third post-op appointment tomorrow, so I can bring all this up.
Also, I feel like my areolas are not even. I had my PS cut them down in size a bit, but they don't seem like perfect circles anymore. It might just be me and I am super nit-picky! It doesn't really bug me that much, but it would be good for a second opinion.
When does all the pain go away for good? I am ok, and I don't really notice it during the day, but I am tired of background discomfort! I am also too scared to go to the gym just yet. When I jog from in the parking lot from the car to the store, it feels weird and my boobs feel stiff. I would only do the the eliptical anyway, but it still makes me nervous.
Has anybody gone tanning at all since surgery? I know they say it is bad for the scars, but what if I wore a bikini top? I know, tanning is bad for me anyway, but I love going when it is 5 degrees here!
I guess when all is said and done, I am not in a super big hurry for them to look perfect because I am not sexually active. I am the only one that sees them. I get so busy, that I go days without really looking at them sometimes! I can't wait for life to slow down a bit and I can enjoy them more! My boyfriend and I are waiting to get married, so I have some time for them to look perfect! I appreciate everybody's comments and everything, this website is so helpful! Oh, one more thing, I wish I had gone for Ultra high profile instead of just high profile. Sigh. Oh well. I still love them. : )
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