21 Yrs, Currently 32B, Striving for a Full C or Small D. 5'2, 97 Lbs. NO KIDS! 325 CC High Profile Silicone under the muscle

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I've decided to write this review and blog about...

I've decided to write this review and blog about my thoughts and processes. I have some unanswered questions that I am hoping some people can shed light upon. If not that, I would at least love to help any other girl who is trying to gather information and research (once I get my BA done and have results to report) just as I am right now.

So I've been deciding on a breast augmentation for only a little while but have 100% decided on doing this before I move to a new state in a few months. I thought this was the perfect time to do this as I will be meeting new people and would much rather have this done now rather than meeting all these people and then suddenly having a huge chest.

I've done some online searching and the one surgeon that people rank as the "best" here in my small town is booked until September, or late August for even a consultation. I thought that was way too late and wanted my breasts to have time to "settle" prior to my move. I decided to book consultations with other respectable surgeons. I went to my first consultation a week ago. This PS suggested High Profile Silicone 340 CC's. I don't feel very comfortable with this surgeon and if there's one thing I've learned on this website, it's to choose your surgeon correctly. This one didn't seem to interested and just answered my questions (idk...I've heard of other doctors being very interactive and helping with more input). I asked about transaxilliary incision he told me no, its not possible with silicone - which i KNOW it is possible just by browsing this website! So...i'm not sure if I heard incorrectly or he just really didn't think I did my research. Anyways! I got quoted around $4800... I thought that was too cheap ( is there something wrong with me?) and got weary that the place might be not as experienced or losing clients or something. Idk. Maybe i'm thinking too much into it. (also read some negative reviews on this place, so i'm kinda paranoid).

In 3 days I will be going to another surgeon. I believe he is one of the top surgeons here as well. (Chief of Plastic Surgery at our huge local hospital with many years of experience (25+?) I have almost already decided on going with this surgeon just by his before and after photos he's posted on real self and his choice of incision. He has many photos of doing the periareolar incision (right under the nipple) the breasts look fantastic and the scaring is almost invisible! (The other surgeon I previously went to ONLY opted to do inframammary). So I'm super excited to meet up with him and get his input on what size I should get and ask him what he thought of the previous surgeons suggestion on size. I'm hoping he has sizers because the previous one didn't. I want to have an idea of what they'll look like :(

Question! What is the procedure right after the surgery? Do I need to have my ride waiting for me in the waiting room or can they pick me up outside? The one person I've told about this surgery is not too keen on me doing it and may or may not pick me up. So I have friends who will pick me up but I don't want them to know what I've gotten done. Will surgery offices allow this or do they need to meet the person? Also - will I be functional? I'll be coming home to a very strict person and I need to act as normal as possible LOL. Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any advice on my questions if anybody can :) I'll be updating again once I have my consultation in a few days. I'm uploading photos of my current boobs and wish boobs!

Went to my 2nd consultation - this is the right doctor!

Went to my second consultation today and absolutely love this doctor! He was very nice. He was the one that escorted me to his office, sat me down, talked to me, and then escorted me to the exam room to try on sizer's! I was very happy that this office held sizer's so I could actually see what they looked like on me! Just how hospitable this doctor was made me feel very comfortable. Usually the doctors are in and out in a hurry but he seemed to have all the time in the world! Anyways, enough gushing about the PS, I tried on the size 350 cc silicone. They looked great I think! I uploaded photos of them. The doctor recommended either high profile or ultra high profile because of how petite I am... I heard that these don't look very natural but I think I trust his opinion. He chose high profile in the end and i'll just ask some more questions next week when I go in for the pre op. Oh, did I mention, I already booked the surgery date? LOL. It's in 2 1/2 weeks!! OH MY GOSH!! The quote price was about 1000~ more than the one I previously went to but I don't mind. I think it is way worth it.

After talking to the front desk lady/esthetician, I expressed my concern to her about boob greed and she went to talk to the doctor for a bit and I guess he decided on 375 cc's instead. Which I guess is a barely noticeable difference. I hope they don't look huge. I was also hoping to have the peri areolar incision, but the doctor says it may be a bit difficult :( So i might just ask him again at pre-op ... I really don't want an incision scar under my breasts :( Anyways, my pre-op is next week so i'll update some more once that comes. I'm going to start wearing huge bra's for the next couple weeks so the difference isn't shocking once I get them!

13 days until surgery!!

Just had my pre op today! Signed some papers and got my prescriptions. One for nausea and one for pain. Tried on the sizers again with my mom there for opinions. (Finally got her on board with it - she doesn't approve completely but she's accepted that I've made up my mind and will now be my transportation! ) She thinks the 350 is too big and they're recommending 375.... So I may go with 350. Going again next week with more tight fitting clothes to try on the sizers again. I think the size will be fine but I just really want peace of mind or I will stress like crazy haha. I think I may go with the smaller size. I read often that if you're choosing between two sizes to choose the bigger one. But idk, I would much rather be too small than having it too big and fake looking. If it's too small I can just wear a push up... Idk! I want it to look natural and believable, not for people to look at me and immediately think fake boobs. Idk. Haha what a hard decision. I did a countdown and its 13 days until my surgery! Wow!!! It's coming so fast! So I've been guilty and shopped on eBay and got 2 crochet knit tops already :( they were one size so I'm guessing they'll fit fine. They're super cute and I got them because I'll be moving to California and can wear them to the beach!!! And actually have a chest that will fill them out! They're shipped from China so idk if I'll be able to take a before photo and after photo before they get here. So excited ! Will update more at my next appointment to try on clothes and sizers if I change my decision on anything :)

11 more days!

So I got my medication! One for nausea and one for pain. Also some scar strips and this other cream that I saw other user on here use! Still contemplating size and might even go smaller... Once I go in on Monday with all my tight fitting clothes I'll decide. Just 11 more days! Oh also I been wearing two bras (LOL) so that it won't be a huge change to others when I get the surgery. No one has said anything about big chest so I'm guessing it's not a huge difference. I've always worn push up bras anyways... Now I just won't have to :)

cant wait to fill this top out

looks like i got this top before my surgery!!

some rambling..

So today I went in for my last pre-op ( yes i had to have a second one because I was unsure about the size). I tried on sizers again with the 350 and 400 (they didnt have 375) with different clothing. the 400's were too big but the 350's were perfect! however, i read that you lose CC's if you go under the muscle. I had to make the decision at the appointment because they were going to order the implant size I wanted so that I could save a couple hundred dollars from getting them at the hospital. I panicked and chose 350. Then on the drive home I was doing frantic research because I was so unsure of what I wanted!! Then i read on real-self a few doctors saying that if a patient liked the look of 300, they would give 350, especially if going under the muscle. That made my decision for me and I called them immediately and told them to stop the order and order the 375's instead! LOL! I really loved the look of 350, it was perfect!! So i'm guessing if i chose 350, it would be smaller than that, but that's the exact look i want! I think i wont regret 375.

Before calling them and changing it I was going to write a huge thing on here for myself to read post op telling myself to not get booby greed! but now I wont have to! I chose the bigger of the two sizes and if I regret not going even larger, it was never an option in the first place and I wont feel bad :D LOL.

I'm going to call them again in a few minutes to make sure that they got my request, because it was somebody else who answered the phone, not the lady who ordered the implants. I'm so very excited! I have a few photos of me with more sizers on with different clothing I took today. I think they look good and proportionate to my body...I hope it turns out this way!

ITS exactly ONE WEEK AWAY! i don't think i'm prepared!!! i got my scar stuff, and meds! i'm still deciding between periareolar incision or inframammary! i'm seeing some GREAT scars under the nipple, like barely noticeable and i'm leaning towards that. My surgeon has some good photos of him doing the periareolar and the scars are not even noticeable! ugh....more things to think about before the big day :( I really don't want scars on the breast it self.... HARD DECISIONS! i'm going crazy lol.

Freaking out..

Okay real self I am freaking out. Well, I was. so I had ordered 375ccs yesterday and now I'm wondering if that's too big. I started looking online and seeing asian girls of my build get around 250~ cc's. And they looked huge! And I was going with 125cc's more! I was going crazy and about to cry worried that I shouldn't have had them order the implants and should have just paid the extra 200$ to choose from the hospital. I don't want to look huge and unnatural! I was hating myself and regretting the entire decision. I then called the office and was going to leave a message but they picked up and I told her my situation and asked her if I could switch to smaller. She says it's possible,, thank god!!!!! So I'm going in AGAIN tomorrow to try on smaller sizes .. Maybe 300 cc's.... They said maybe have to go with ultra high profile if I choose that. Ugh. I need to calm down. Going to do more research tonight. Ah!!!!


Hey guys! sorry for all these updates lol, too many things going on. So today I went to see my surgeon again and apparently he said that 375 is way too big for me and he has no idea why they were ordered.... so i'm kind of confused about that. So i'm really glad I didn't go with them. Not sure what was the confusion in the office that led him to tell the nurse that I can choose from that size or the 350s. had to pay extra 45$~ for shipping for the new size i chose. Anyways, I went with the 325 CC's because I want to be safe! I would much rather be too small than too big, I come from a very conservative background!! If it's too big I cannot hide it, if its too small I can wear a push up bra! REMINDER TO FUTURE SELF - DON'T GET BOOB GREED! Don't be greedy!!!!!! You're lucky enough to be able to get this elective procedure done and you should be grateful not greedy!!!! hopefully I will remember this. So finally I am super excited to get this done and I am no longer afraid it will be too big. There is no longer any more stress! Thank god. I just hope everything else goes well! I"M SO EXCITED! Oh! ladies wanting to get this done in the future! It's VERY helpful to look at photos of girls with your same height and weight and boob size and their after photos to be able to see what you will look like with the sizes. Today at the office I got to take a look at their book with before and after's and the nurse showed me photos of girls that looked like me with my same height and weight and the sizes looked great!! So i took a photo of my photos, and going to upload on here so that girls who are similar stats to me can compare (once i get my surgery done!) 5 more days so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a photo update xD

hi! nothing really new to report, just that i got this top before my surgery and i'm super excited to take "after" photos! I really like this top on me but omg its going to look AMAZING with actual boobs!!! EEEK :D 4 more days!!! by the way I got this on ebay only 6$!!!

Too excited to sleep... Just blabbering..

This post will probably contain nothing important but I'm laying in bed and it's almost 5 am and I can't think of anything but my future boobs!!!! I also spent 110$+ on bikinis from Victoria's secret and they'll be here in a few weeks which I hope is enough time for my boobs to have dropped a tiny bit to see how they look in sexy swimsuits! I ordered medium tops .... I hope that is a good size for what I'll have, since I hear VS runs small. I couldn't help myself! Ah! I need to control my urges LOL. But it's just so exciting for me.... I never was excited to get bikinis because I never had anything to show but now ill be able to!!! Ahhh!!! Still 3 whole days!!!! Time please go by faster im ready for a chest!!!!!

TOMORROW is the day!

Tomorrow I show up at the hospital at 10:30 then my surgery is at 12:00! I'm so excited but also very nervous. Started thinking of all the things that could go wrong specifically capsular contractures and very very dark scars (since i'm Asian and we're known to scar worse). Really hope this is all just nerves. Most surgeries happen with no complications right? so nervous!! I also got some palmers cocoa butter to help prevent stretch marks and it helps with scarring as well! Saw alot of RealSelf users that recommended cocoa butter and this is a great brand!! So i have 2 things for scars, hopefully I can make it as least noticeable as possible (have seen some pretty dark scars and I really don't want those) AHHHH SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! probably won't be able to sleep tonight hahahah!! Really hope everything goes well!!

Got the boobs!

Hi girls! Ugh I just wrote a lot but my phone acted up and I lost my progress. Anyways, I have boobs now although I have no idea what they look like because they are wrapped tightly with a bandage, no bra yet. I'm in a lot of pain and i threw up today after waking up and eating. My mom spoon fed me lol. Took my pills asap. The surgery went by before I knew it. The last thing I remember is they putting some medicine in my IV and I was out. Didn't even see the anesthesiologist. I'm in so much pain and it sucks. I hear some girls say it's not that bad so idk if they're opposite of exaggerating it (can't think right now at all lol) or I'm just an exception :( I hurt and it's tight and ughhhhh I just want to lay down all day. I don't want to get up everytime I get up I feel nauseous and dizzy. Ugh. Hopefully have something more positive to report tomorrow, as well as get pics. Also, my dad doesn't know about this so he was blowing up my phone while I was in recovery because he couldn't get ahold of me and just making everything stressful. I wish I had a supportive dad so I didn't need to worry but he's just making everything so much difficult even though he doesn't know how I'm feeling or what I just had done. Also he unplugged the internet because he treats me like a child lol. Thank god for 3G. Blabbering over, Gnna read more real self stories and sleep. Bye for now!

Bed ridden all day

So I've been bed ridden all day after my surgery..... And very nauseous whenever I get up. Been taking my meds as soon as the 4 hours were up. I wish I didn't feel nauseated :( so jealous of others who felt okay and only sore after their BA. I'm feeling a bit flat with my right bandages on but im definitely not worried. All the google results that came from girls who have gotten 325cc's have ended up with D's and some C's! Sounds huge but they look great on their bodies. Hoping for mine to do that as well. My left boob feels hard as I press it and higher up. Ah I can't wait to see them!!! I might not be able to go to my post op tomorrow :( no ride. So Im seeing if I can get permission from the PS to just have my mom take off my bandages and help me put on my surgical bra (they let me bring one home). Ah. I'm so excited to see these babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) although I feel sick, the excitement almost over rules it hahaha.

Only pic I could snap so far

Boobie Blues already

Jeez already facing boobie blues and I haven't even seen them yet... They're still tightly wrapped in bandages. Sources of my sadness are that I may never look natural in a swim suit ....how will I explain a boob job to my significant other in the future.... Will they think lowly of me..... Augh. Maybe this medicine is having bad effects on me. Idk. Also I don't think I'm huge at all currently but still haven't really seen it. I'm okay with being smaller as long as I can look natural in clothing and swim suits. Going to my post op tomorrow, hopefully they will let me take and keep this bandage off for good. I hate it. It's so tight and uncomfy. Gnna take another pain pill and sleep off the night.

Post op appointment

Went to my post op earlier today, was told i was looking really good for being only a couple days. Can take bandages off tomorrow and wear no bras for 2 days. Also can shower. Really want these bandages off they hurt really bad. Well, the wrappings do. So tight and so much pressure. Thanks girls for all the kind words by the way, about my boobie blues. Feeling better about it now and just want to feel like myself again. Still reliant on pain medicine and my bed currently. I hate it :(

Day 2 post op, finally pics!!

Finally feel well enough to sneak off the wrap for a tiny bit so I could snap some photos :)

Day 3 post op

Took off the wrap, feels so nice. Boobs feel heavy. They look huge, wouldn't mind them getting smaller lol. Here's some pics. Yuck the stitches and incision site looks disgusting. Still been doing nothing, getting up a little more though. Stopped taking my pain medication last night.... Have a headache though :(

roller coaster of emotions update

Hey everybody! So I haven't been on real self for a few days because I was regretting my decision to get implants. I think it was a combination of the pain medication and the post surgery feelings. I wanted immediately to get them out and wanted to stay off this website because I didn't want to keep the fake boobs. I felt like I ruined myself. I knew that it was normal to feel this way but of course I thought my case was special and that I knew I was right. I talked to my mom about it who kept trying to reassure me that it's okay and they look fine and to give it time. I was freaking out and crying and knew I needed to get them out to feel normal again. I felt like this for a few days and didnt' do anything, I was so depressed.

Come today, I made an appointment to see a doctor about implant explant. He said that he could do it over local anesthesia and he could do it whenever. It was quoted about $2200. Once I found out that I could get them out I felt SOOOO much better. However, it was then that I started wondering ... do I really want them out? So I made an appointment for 2 weeks from now to get them out and I am debating cancelling it. Either cancelling the appointment or waiting until its closer to decide.

After that, I decided (after not telling anyone but my mom about these implants) that I needed to tell my friend. I needed to tell SOMEBODY. I thought it was okay now to tell somebody because I'm going to get them out. After spending day with friend who thought they looked great and very proportionate to my body, I started realizing maybe I should just keep them in ... I'm still not certain what i'm going to do but I am really leaning towards keeping them right about now.... Going to talk to my mother about it again tonight and see what I should do about the appointment I made.

Main reason I was regretting having them in was because I was afraid of what people would think. I shouldn't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need to get that through my head. gah. This is honestly so much better than what I had before - almost nothing.

Besides that, I tried on a Walmart sports bra type deal which was under 5$ and I fit into a medium! I was worried that they were tooo huge but medium is not huge. Idk. I really think they look so good under clothes..... not a huge fan of how my breasts look out of a bra lol. I'll post photos!!! :) oh crap i have to go pick up my mom i'll post the actual breasts in a few hours!!

Just photos I needed to upload:)

swim suit photos!

from victorias secret clearance sales!! :) ignore edit lol covering up tat

feeling better :)

Hey girls!

Thanks so much for all the kind and encouraging words.. I am definitely feeling better and over the post surgery depression! I really do like these implants. They are a little too big in my opinion but I can live with them. I love how they look in clothes but feel they are huge without clothes on haha.

Today I went to my surgeons office to get my stitches out and he says i'm looking very good. I asked about the scar silicone strips and he says not until another month, when it's done scabbing and healing. :( dang it! I want to get on it immediately!

I've noticed my breasts are dropping really fast and I think it may be due to me not wearing a bra for 4 days. When I first got my implants in I wore a wrap for 2 days then took them off and stopped wearing a bra. I finally got sports bras so i'm wearing them now. I put Palmers cocoa butter and Egyptian magic cream on my breasts at night to prevent stretch marks and hopefully help ease the stretching of the skin.

Does anybody know how much softer implants get? Mine feel soooooooo hard. Has anyone who's had them for quite awhile or has felt someone who has had implants for awhile? How much softer do they get? How close do they feel to real breasts?

Love you all so much you wonderful ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some photo updates

photo updates... squishiness and a new top i got


Just an update and photos! So they're definitely getting softer but i think one is dropping faster than the other. I'm a little worried about my left breasts incision. When I feel under it, I feel hard lumps, and the area around the breast is harder than my right breast I'm probably just being paranoid and one is just healing slower than the other. Trying to be patient!

kind of obsessed...

I feel like a narcissist lately, been pulling down my tank top every time I pass by the mirror in my room to look at my boobs! AHH! They look so nice and I think they look so great at the moment but know they will look even better once they drop more! And I can't believe i'm saying this now but I feel like I could have gone bigger?!??! WHAT?!?! Never in a million years when I first got them did I think I wanted them even bigger but now i'm thinking that I could have gone bigger haha.

Oh well! I love them so much and am SOOOO grateful I was able to get these!!!!!!!!!!!

The hard lumps are still there but seems to have gotten a little softer. The incisions are sooooooooo dark :( I really want them to fade.... this is something that I really need to be more patient about >_< I been putting cocoa butter on it but really want to start the scar strips but doctor says to wait :(

bra shopping today.. size?

went to buy some bra's today at ross, and just grabbed a few sizes in C, one fit pretty well and it was a 34c, however 34c's in other brands I was bulging out of. I'm guessing I will be a D. Feeling kind of small. -_- why!!!!!!!!!!!! need to do more shopping later when i have more time to try on other sizes. still love them!!!!

mondors veins

hey girls! so i was having these weird pains on my ribs when i stretched my body out. i didnt think much of it then i looked in the mirror and lifted up my breast and stretched and noticed veins sticking out. i remember seeing another fellow realselfer that had an update about this so i didn't worry much and I looked it up and its called mondors veins, and it will go away in a few weeks or months! so, if this is happening to you, don't worry, it goes away! I still haven't gone official bra shopping yet but hopefully soon! my scars are dark, but it hasn't even been a month yet! I been using silicone strips and cocoa butter and egyptian magic! I want to hide any evidence! hehe. In a few days will be my one month boobiversary so I will post more photos then!!! :)

one month update!

hey girls! well its not really one months, but it will be in like 3 days so i'm going to do this now before i forget :P The hard part under my left breast has gotten softer but the scar is VERY hard. The right breast scar is very soft and squishy. Hoping it will get softer, i'm massaging the scar tissue. The mondor veins seem to have subsided so that's good. Still get a little pain when I stretch on my ribs, but hopefully that goes away soon. Haven't gone anymore bra shopping because I've been in live with my cheap bras from walmart LOL. Here are some more photos!


Im not sure how long it's been, maybe 2 months now post op. Im sure it will say once I publish this post. But they are pretty soft and no longer hurt and feel different at all. I love them and only thing I don't like is the scars which I hope will fade better and quicker. I've been intimate with one guy and he told me that I have amazing breasts haha!! I hid the scars so he has 0 clue they're fake so I'm guessing they feel pretty freakin real. Im sorry I haven't been updating more, it's just I've moved now and am adjusting to life here in the bigger city and new school. I will post photos when I have some more time. Still have been wearing mostly bralets because I don't need any extra cushion to make them bigger and they're just more comfortable! :)

At long last! An update! 4~ months?

Hey ladies! Sorry its been so long. I've been so busy so I haven't been able to update but I finally found the chance to today! My boobs feel like part of my body now. One thing I don't like is my left breast seems slightly to the left and a tiny bit too far from the center...now if you look at it from front view you cannot tell, its just when I flex and get into weird positions I notice it. My SO tells me they are amazing breasts, although he doesn't know they're fake because I don't let him get near enough to see the scars LOL. I don't like how the scars look...they are so dark :( I want them to go away. I have attached some photos!! :) Hope everyone is doing great. By the way, I don't regret the decision! I really love them and they look great. No one has ever asked if they are fake so I think I got a pretty modest size. They're definitely big - but not too big. Which is exactly what I wanted :)
Boise Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sorensen is a very skilled surgeon. Did a great job on my procedure. Would definitely recommend him!

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