36 Year Old - Lollipop Mastopexy - Revision from Previous Areola Reduction (Benelli) Due to Stretching! - Oakville, ON

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So far so good! I can't wait to see the final...

So far so good! I can't wait to see the final result....

Around 6 years ago, I had a Benelli procedure to correct puffy areolas (by another surgeon in Toronto - Dr. Brown). I wasn't too upset with the size of my areolas, though I know I'd have liked them smaller. Of course after taking out the extra breast tissue, it had to be changed. I went to surgery with local and sedation....I hated every second of it! The healing went ok until about 2 months in. There was a noticeable stretching and the dissolving stitches itched so badly I thought I would literally go insane! By 6 months my areolas looked worse than ever....stretched, almost oval shaped. My once (and I guess still kinda of) perky breasts looked sad and looked almost sagging sideways, unless I stood up super straight. For years I dealt with this....I don't know why. I hated taking my bra off, even in front of my husband. I was ashamed....and it became especially difficult when going to the beach and my friends would all be topless, and trying to get me to do it too....I felt shame and sadness.

Finally I decided it was time to fix the problem....! I found Dr. Julie Khanna online, and checked out her reviews and results. There was something I also liked about a woman doctor. When I went back to my previous surgeon, he talked to me like I was an idiot, telling me I was 'just fine'. However, Dr. K acknowledged the problem and explained so much to me in detail, it was fantastic. The only way to solve the problem was with a lollipop (vertical) mastopexy. To try the original surgery again would yield the same results.

I was very concerned with the scarring, but I figured I could just be diligent in scar care....and then eventually get camoflage tattooing done. I would have done it previously had it not been for the stretching. With smaller areolas this time, the tattooing would work, should I find it nesseccary, without making my arolas look too big!

The staff at ICLS are just....INCREDIBLE. I was made to feel welcome, comfortable, cared for....I've never felt this level of care from any other clinic. They took as much time as I needed to have questions answered....I could go on and on. Just super impressed with everyone I dealt with!

When I met Dr. Khanna, I knew this was the doctor for me. She is forward, honest, smart and quite witty actually! Such a character....! All questions were answered....the honesty and knowledge presented to me was so unexpected and welcomed. She took her time and I never once felt rushed!

Leading up to my surgery, I was quite nervous....what about scaring, what about dying from anesthetic?! I have panic disorder and even though I was only getting local, I find the local with the epinephrine (adrenaline) very hard on me....I get heart palpitations and skipped beats which throw me into full panic attacks. On the day of surgery, they diluted it and I had NO PROBLEM.

When I got to the office, I was warmly welcomed, and made to feel very comfortable. My husband came in to the first room with me, where I changed into warm and comfy clothes. After that my husband went to wait while I went in with Dr. Khanna and had some measurements done and final drawings. I went to the washroom and then was brought into the operating room where two amazing nurses managed to keep me warm, comfortable and ended up comforting me big time during the freezing. At this point I started crying, and one of them came on the other side of the drape with me (the drape was put down over my neck so I couldn't see the surgery, although later on I really wanted to watch!), and ended up wiping my tears saying she would never let me cry alone, ha ha! She got me talking about stuff to take my mind off the local. I finally calmed down once I realized my heart was ok. Dr. Khanna came in and an intern was there to watch as well....she asked permission beforehand and I thought it was really cool and said yes! We all chatted throughout the process, mostly about travel and such. Dr. Khanna is well traveled and sounds like a blast to hang/travel with! :-) She cracked jokes and made everything seem like a piece of cake! There was one point where I could feel pain, and she had the nurse add more freezing, and then continued.

After surgery I was carefully lead back to the room where my locker was and was brought juice and cookies. My husband was lead in shortly after. They said I was good to go, and that was that! I had my folder from my previous appointment with all pre and post op info, including contacts for a 24/7 nurse and also Dr. Khannas cell phone number.

The local started to wear off during the evening and it felt like burning....I figure from the cauterizing. It was the feeling you get after you touch a hot surface and your skin goes hard and it just aches and burns. I opted out of painkillers because I have a very high pain tolerance and have never needed it for a procedure before....but the stinging was super annoying! Not so much pain as annoying....it felt like my nipples were burning!

About the nipples....boy are they sensitive. I can touch them, and I feel it 10 fold between tape, gauze, bra and top! It's insane! Ouch!

I ended up taking two Tylonol, but not because of the surgery....rather it was because of the piercing I had to take out! I had 6 ear cartiledge piercings that were not healed, but I had to take out for surgery. In 6 hours they almost grew right in so I had to re-pierce them myself! After yelling and much blood, I opted for the painkiller after my husband urged me (and thought I was quite insane....perhaps I am!)

That night I propped up my pillow and went to sleep on my back. Bad idea for me....I guess I didn't prop them up enough because I had a big episode of post nasal drip! I woke up gasping for air and then had a good 5 min coughing fit. After I was done, OH MY GOD! Now I was hurting. I went to the mirror to take a look and I guess I coughed so hard I started to bleed through my incisions. I tried not to panic, took more Tylonol and deep breathed for a bit. I propped my pillows higher and put two on each side of me so I wouldn't roll. I woke up one more time slumped over on my side....ha ha! Needless to say, hubby let me sleep in till 1pm!

That brings me to the first day post op. 26 hours later, I am much better. I took some Advil instead and I think it does more for the burning sting than the Tylonol does....not sure. I was afraid it would make me bleed more but it's nothing serious as of now. There is leakage and a bit of blood which I think is normal. The swelling feels better too, due to the Advil.

I will keep record as time goes on with photos, etc.
The pictures included are pre op, then photos from the evening of surgery, then photos from today (you can tell todays from the blood).

More to come!

P.S. I have to find better pre op ones, maybe ones from the office.

Three days post op!

OMG what a scare I had today! I looked at the bruising and almost had a panic attack....then started reading about hematomas! I emailed the office with a photo, and the nurse wrote me back saying that it looked irritated and we may want to do antibiotics just in case before my post op appointment. Well! That sent me spiraling into an anxiety attack, I started shaking, got chills (had no previous fever) and yeah....not good! I wrote back answering some questions (no heat coming from the area, felt good, no swelling or oozing, no increase in pain) and then included an upclose shot with a flash. She called me and said it looked fine upon the second photo, just very bruised and said the coughing fit from the night before likely helped it get to that point. She said to watch it and send a photo of it in the morning to see the progression. She was so nice and calming, told me to breath deeply when I was panicked at the beginning of the phone call, etc. So I guess we wait and see. I am so worried my medical bra is too tight....or that I am going to die! I have decided against further looking up horrible photos online of hematomas and skin necrosis....and I suggest anyone reading this with similar anxiety to mine go and do the same!

3 Days Post Up photos....

Would help if I had uploaded the photos properly!

Day 4 Post Op!

Today I woke up feeling much better. The previous evening my fever went up to just over 100....which I read is fairly common and normal after surgery. After a beer and some relaxing, my fever went back to normal. Stress can do crazy stuff! And so can beer apparently:P

The bruising has started to yellow around the edges. It's thicker and bigger, but nothing too scary. I had a hard time getting into our boat today during a storm and struggled a bit, which lead the right one to spot a bit, and it felt super irritated. Had a shower and then iced it and it was much better!

Hopefully I can see some more improvement tomorrow, so I can ease my fears. No fever today though:-)

Day 5 Post Op!

I love to see the yellow right now, let me tell you! It shows me it's all just bruising:-)

Some thoughts on things that I'd like to tell woman who are considering getting this done:

1. If you have a low pain tolerance, opt for the painkillers.
I have a high tolerance, so this really didn't bother me, but I can see folks having a hard time. The worst is the burning feeling, from the cauterizing, which dies down around day 3. It feels like you have a third degree burn and your nipples are pretty much on fire as well. Then there are the nerves regenerating so every so often you feel like there is an electrified needle stabbing you in the boob. Ha ha! There is a lot of tension too, from the pulled skin. Yesterday night, I started to feel swelling/burning in the area under my arms. All normal. I liked being off the pain meds just so I could keep track and notice what was happening. Excessive pain can always be the sign of something crappy when coupled with other symptoms. Not being on pain meds I found was a benefit to me. It's not for everyone or probably most people! Also, I kept track of my temperature. Pain meds like Tylonol bring fevers down, which I'd prefer not to do if that is the bodies natural response.

2. It's ok to be nervous about healing, but to get overly anxious is counter productive. Don't look up horror stories, just keep track of what's happening and if you have any questions, send well lit photos to your doctor or on duty nurse. Don't feel stupid for doing so....it will bring you peace of mind, which relaxes you and helps the healing along. Watch movies, do something to take your mind off of everything. Drink lots of water. Stay positive

3. If you need to look something up, look up fantastic results other ladies have had. I found it to be a positive thing for me....because when things look so bad, it's hard to see the outcome!

4. If you are considering this op, do it during warmer weather! WOW! If you are like me and get super sensitive nipples, the cold is horrific! I was out with hubby eating breakfast yesterday at a restaurant, and all of a sudden I grabbed my boobs and was like AAHHHH. Turns out someone opened the door to go outside and the brisk air came in. When your nipples react to it it feels like your entire chest is going into a spasm! I'm wearing tape, gauze and two tops....told my hubby to blow on them....same result felt through all of those layers. So sensitive, and sooooo annoying. I dread walking outside cause it's so yucky feeling. So if you can plan your surgery at a warmer time (which is sucky in other ways) do it. Or plan to stay inside where it's warm away from any cold breeze, ha ha!

Anyway....here are some pics of today. They still look a ridiculous shape but are starting to 'fall' so that's good. Sorry for the blurry pics....I was a bit rushed!

7 Days Post Op!

Quite the difference today....yesterday there was a bit of change but when I woke up today, I noticed a larger amount of change. Bruising is almost faded....the end result is that much closer! They have fallen down yet, so still a weird shape. But the little pains of the nerves have all but stopped. I almost feel normal again! Still the little bit of tightness, but I assume I'll be feeling this for some time still!
My areolas are friggin' tiny. I hope they stay small, but I expect a bit of stretching, which is fine with me!

12 Days Post Op!

So I had my post op appointment, apparently everything is going VERY well....doctor and nurse were both pleased with the results so far. I have a second post op appointment booked for this upcoming Friday and that is when the tape will be taken off. I am allowed to go in salt water any time (I have a trip to Panama and Costa Rica planned for the end of the month) but not pool/bath water. I am finally allowed to sleep on my side....which is great because the back sleeping was killing me! I have no pain, nothing anymore. Still taking it easy though.

Hurricane Matthew was going to hit our winter home in Merritt Island Florida and we had a super stressful time leading up to this, as we couldn't be down there to prepare. That Friday night I had quite a bit to drink to ease my mind, but nothing too crazy (for me anyway). However, I got super drunk and for someone who never gets hungover, I was feeling crappy the next day and well in today. So those who drink, be warned....! I am not even sure it's a tolerance thing (haven't been drinking for some time obviously) because I've always had a very high tolerance and am never ill. Body is still healing I guess so I won't be doing that again for some time! Anyway, everything fared well down south!

Ok here are some photos from today. My medical bra is a bit tight so that is the redness. I am not taking any chances with stretching! I have a loose non underwire bra under the medical bra and I have three pairs that I swap after a shower. The medical bra I clean once or twice a week. I change the one underneath every day. All the black fuzz is starting to stick to the tape, so it looks worse than it is. I want this tape off so bad....but maybe it's a good thing being there because the 'healing itch' is getting worse! I am almost worried about the oval droop shape of my areolas (as seen in the before picture) but I guess it's too early to tell yet. Hence why I am not messing around with the medical bra! It's staying on for a long time!

Left one is dropping and healing faster than the right of course (the right one being the one that was severely bruised). I also have the under arm swelling which is making me feel so fat. WAY worse on the right side....so annoying!

18 & 19 Days Post Op +Tape Removed + Bras Used!

Yesterday I had my tape removed....pretty painless though I know it took some scabs off with it! I am only allowed to shower still....no oils or silicone until the skin closes up. There is a fold on the right side from the tape, hope it settles out a bit, I am sure it will....then the areola will be a similar size to the left which is looking bigger. Too early to tell the final result of course!

I couldn't wait to get home to shower....a weird smell after the tape was removed, yucky!
There was no feeling/pain in my boobs before, now I can feel them 'healing' again but only slightly.
I decided to not wear my medial bra last night and you can see the difference in todays photos, which is 19 days post op. They have settled out more.

I will continue to wear my medical bra even though I've been cleared to not wear it. This is my decision because I don't want to risk stretching....I'm paranoid! Once everything is healed, then I will let my boobs drop to their normal position. Seems to me like the right way to go about it!

As for the bras I use!

I have 4 of these which I swap out for a clean one after I shower everyday.
Carole Martin Women's Full-Freedom Comfort Bra

Wearing alone, I can see the material irritating the nipples....with the medical bra over top it, it creates less friction, if any at all, and keeps things in place and supported well. I wash this one every week or less.
Post-op bra after breast enlargement or reduction - Black size M from CzSalus

I have bought another one which I will try out if I don't want to wear my medical one out for a night on the town (it makes me look too flat, LOL! I It has a smoother material and more bra like shape without the underwire. Will report on this one soon!
Bestform High Performance Sport Women's Lightly Padded Bra

Anyway, going to be very cautions with the 'new wounds'. Will report in a bit!

A little backdating! Going good so far! - October 19th and November 10th

I have meant to update for a while, but things have been very busy with a trip to Panama and Costa Rica, and then our 6 month move to Florida for the winter. Some backdated stuff with photos that I have dated in the comments to show the results on the way. Will do another post under this one to show the photos from TODAYS DATE.

Life has gotten pretty much back to normal. The new found confidence (despite the early scars) is quite incredible. More so than I thought. Hubby doesn't seem to mind the scars at ALL. He loves the new result. He still says there was nothing wrong before, but the way I have changed mentally was worth all of the money I spent. I actually LOVE being topless....something I could never have imagined before! I go topless in the hot tub....on long car rides at night, lol....at home....any chance I get. I go BRA LESS now....I wear low cut tops and not have to worry about anything peeking out, even when I do wear a bra. It's GLORIOUS!

Well now on to the physical side of things.
The scarring is pretty harsh, so let that be a reality to consider. It is fading though....so that's good. I've been looking at other results for this time, and it seems I am on track. On our trip to Panama and Costa Rica, I floated in the salty ocean for ages....I think that helped. At the time I had the point of a stitch poking out....but wasn't worried about the salt water. I just stayed away from the chlorine and made sure to keep everything clean. I even went on a crazy ATV trail....I opted for my medical bra thank goodness! I still wear it most nights and some days. I am terrified of stretching. So TRAUMATIZED still!

I am pretty sure my bra size has gone up. Not complaining, lol. 36C? Maybe even bigger. Will have to get properly measured.

After my trip, I got home and was fed up with the stitch....I could feel it rubbing against material. I took a pair of tweezers and gave it a little pull. A bit was hanging out now and I felt no pain. So I kept pulling slowly and about an inch came out until there was no more. Easy peasy. The hole was healed in not even a day.

The area of the one areola that was folded under the tape is fine now, and the size has been catching up to the other. Now everything just needs to stop getting bigger. I think it has for the most part, but again, I am paranoid as heck!

As for scar treatments.
I got this micro needle roller....and plan to use it once a week on the scar area after a shower. Maybe twice a week, we'll see:

My husband and I both do the scar massages. I use three different oils at different times. Argan, Tamanu, Rosehip, and Coconut. At first I could only use Rosehip, especially after the roller treatment, as I found the Argan and Tamanu a bit stingy. They both are fine now....
I just bought the coconut oil....I use it all over though. Seems nice to use on the scars too....

Here are the links to the brands I have. The Argan I got from a friend direct from Morocco. I think the brand is Arganat.

Eden's Semilla Rosehip: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00Y5G7FFS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Scentuals Pure Tamanu:

Anjou Coconut Oil:

Right now we do the massage along the lines and circles of the scar, as well as small circles going down the line. I do not do directly across the scars yet, as I heard that can possibly lead to bigger/wider scars. Not taking the chance. Apparently you can do the cross ways massage later into healing. I will wait a couple more months for this. Again. PARANOID, lol.

That's all I can think of for now. Oh, I noticed all the redness around the scar area, if you look close it's little capilleries. It's been there the entire time, so I am sure it's normal and will fade in time. The nurse said nothing about it, so....

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