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Year ago I had botox in my forehead. My doctor...

Year ago I had botox in my forehead. My doctor urged me to get the injection for wrinkles which she pointed out to me and then offered me the solution. She told me there were no side effects and even when I came for the procedure and was worried she encouraged me to do it. At the first injection my body reacted and I almost fainted. I lay there for 30 minutes to recover and then went home. Felt like I had a flu and my stomach was upside down.
I woke up the next night and underneath my eyes were bags filled with fluid. The next day my under eye area was swollen and it hurt. Also the area was hollow and darker.
I contacted my doctor and she had never heard of side effects or experienced them. I did not have to look for a long time on the internet to see I was not the only one. And if you read the side effects for the drug you should know there can be be side effects. I wonder if my doctor never took it seriously what she was doing.
To make long story short. My eyes never healed. They got better in about six months but I still have the hollow look and more wrinkles underneath the eye. The result is more eyebags when I smile.
The forehead looked good for 4 months. But overall I had never looked worse.
Now the skin in the forehead is looser and have more vertical lines.
The shape of the eyebrows have changed as well as the eye area.
I do not look very bad but I look worse than I did before and my eyes look older and more tired.
My only solution for the eyes is to have blepharoplasty which I am not yet ready for.
The forehead I can live with (and have to) but you are told once botox disappeares you get the same.
That is wrong so beware all who consider botox !
I believe so many people suffer from side effects from botox and even that some people do not recognice that the poison is affecting their eyes. I can now see people who have had botox and their eyes look worse.
Good look to all of you who are suffering from botox side effects !
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