I Am Thrilled with my Facelift!

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I got a facelift last August and I am so happy...

I got a facelift last August and I am so happy with the results! I am approaching 50 but everyone thinks I look like I’m in my 30s now. I am thrilled!

My doctor is incredible. He made small incisions at my ears and also under my chin to tighten up my neck. I hardly had any swelling at all and just some minimal bruising; after a few days, I could already see a big difference, especially in how pointy my chin was and also the lack of sagging skin on my neck.

One thing I really respect about my doctor is that he didn’t try to talk me into things I didn’t need. I went in with some research, mostly from the Internet and communities like RealSelf, but clueless about the actual process, so I asked about wrinkle fillers, eyelifts, everything. He was very frank in telling me not to do those things. I have great respect for this. I had a few other consultations and price quotes from other doctors but settled on him largely for this reason (he wasn’t the cheapest but I was most comfortable with him).

The worst part was how visible the incisions were. Even though they were small, I saw them for many weeks and they were obvious, at least to me. The only side effect I have is numbness in my face, even as I write this. It has dissipated somewhat but is still there and gives me the occasional tingle. I guess this is “nerve shock” and will eventually come back, but even if it doesn’t I can’t complain.
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