I had a terrible experience.

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I never write reviews, but I feel like I have the responsibility to let people know about the bad experience I received at the Houston Dentists. My experience with the staff here is that they are unorganized and there is a lack of communication between everyone. I started an expedited Invisalign plan that was supposed to cut my treatment time in half. However, with the mistakes and delays that have occurred, that extra money I spent to cut the treatment time in half has been a total waste because in the end, it will take the same amount of time as if it were a regular plan. Some of the things gone wrong: When the first aligners had been made and I was at the first appointment, the doctor noticed after the fact that the end alignment had some mistakes so the whole treatment had to be revised and the trays needed to be re-made. If the doctor had done his job and thoroughly checked the treatment plan before the trays were created, that could have been avoided. That mistake delayed my treatment by about a month and a half because Invisalign had to revise the treatment, make another set of trays and send them back to the dentist's office. A few months later, I needed to get yet another treatment plan due to insufficient spacing. After I went in for impressions, a month had gone by and I had not received any information. I called and was told that they had forgotten to send the impressions in to Invisalign, which caused another delay. Some other examples, turns out I needed refinements, and had to go in twice to get impressions made because the first one wasn't done correctly, and after about 6 weeks when my trays finally came in, I wasn't notified because they didn't know who the trays belonged to. I had to call and ask for a status. For a price of over $5,000 I deserve much better than this. I would suggest you save yourself time and money, and go somewhere else.

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