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Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

I met with several plastic surgeons within the Indianapolis area before meeting Dr. Robey. As soon as I met her, she did not treat me like a patient, but a friend. She didn't use medical terminology and if she did, she thoroughly explained them. I have always had self esteem issues and my saggy breasts at the age of 23 were a huge factor. She comforted me, explained to me how normal I am and there was no need for surgery, but she understood it is what I wanted and she told me everything is up to me. She didn't try to sell me the biggest and the best out there. She first handed me several different implant types, letting me decide which ones I like, before explaining to me what they were. We first started smaller, around 200cc because i already have larger breast, 32ddd. I ended up going with the gummy silicone implant at 355cc (I believe.) I chose larger implants because I was told to shape your breast, it is normal for breast tissue to be removed to get the desired shape, understandably with my sagging breasts. I was indecisive at first about size, I was concerned about getting the "porn star" look, and she assured me that anything I chose would look great on my body type. She walked me through the process, the incisions, and what could happen or go wrong. She assured me even though rare, they could happen, but she told me she'didn't be there every step of the way if it comes to it. We did an anchor breast lift with under the muscle implants. The day of surgery I was terrified, but she kept telling me if I wasn't scared, then she would be a little concerned. Telling me it's normal to be worried and scared of surgery. The day of surgery she acted the same as before, like she'd known me for years, telling me why she was doing this, or apologizing for that. I asked questions and she always have thorough answers. The day after surgery, a saturday, she personally called me and made sure I was still feeling ok, and that I had no unanswered questions. I have no regrets going with Dr. Robey. Her and her staff were the most pleasant and caring out of all plastic surgeons I met with. It was the best possible experience and even though it's only been one week, I am thrilled with the outcome.

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