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Orem Plastic Surgeon

I met with two different plastic surgeons in Northern Utah before visiting with Dr. Crofts. A friend of mine referred me to him and as soon as I met with him and his great nurses I knew this was where I wanted to have my mommy makeover done. Dr. Crofts gave me guidance that I was really looking for in deciding what implant size would look best on my body. I have had five children and my breasts were deflated and pendulous. The other two doctors gave me zero help in trying to decide what breast size would look best on my body. I am 5'10" with a fairly athletic build. I have never been busty and felt nervous making such a change to my body. Dr, Kimball Crofts came in and without hesitation told me where the human eye looks when it sees a body and what is considers to be beautiful. He also had me stand to the side and explained to me how the projection of the chest should match the projection of my buttocks. If the buttocks projects out further than the chest projects out on the front, things seem off to the human eye and out of balance. The vice versa is also true. If your chest is projecting out far and you have a flat bottom that does not seem attractive to the human eye either. I was so grateful to have his help in deciding what looked best on my frame. The other doctors almost refused to give me any guidance saying that it was completely my choice and that they would do whatever I wanted. The thing was, I did not know what would look right. I did not want to look hugely augmented, but I did want to have the right amount of curve to my body. I really appreciated his honesty and help in choosing the right breast implant for my body!! Like I mentioned above, I had a mommy makeover done with Dr. Crofts. My abdominoplasty looks so great right now, and I am only three weeks out from surgery. My stomach is flat as can be and the scaring at this point looks amazing! I not only had a breast augmentation performed, I also had a breast reduction and lift performed at the same time. Like I said before, I have never been a really busty girl, but Dr. Crofts thought I would need some tissue removed from the base of my breast to make the breast and nipple placement look best after the lift. Neither of the other doctors I met with considered doing this. I really felt like a number in their offices and not like a patient they wanted to help look great. They were only going to do what I asked for and no more. Well, My breasts look great and the scaring I was so nervous about that comes with a lift are almost invisible. That was another reason that I really liked Dr. Crofts. In his gallery I could see the scars on the patients with breast lifts looked very minimal, and that is my result as well. The nurses have always been available and helpful if I ever had any questions after surgery and the service at Dr. Crofts office has been second to none. They were even so kind as to give me multiple gift cards to their spa for a massage on the areas I had liposuctioned (which look amazing by the way) and for a microdermabrasion, and for six laser hair removal treatments of my upper bikini area. Just another example of them helping to make sure that I am going to be very happy with the end results of the procedures I had performed by Dr. Crofts. These guys are awesome, you will not be disappointed!!

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