I Lost 3 Inches in 1 Month!

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I have had 2 rounds of lipodissolve. The first...

I have had 2 rounds of lipodissolve. The first time, I had my stomach and love handles done which required 6 syringes of "lipo-cocktail". I was actually in a LOT of pain before they ever even finished the injections. I was literally concentrating on breathing to take the pain out of my mind. I had gone alone because I thought it was no big deal. when I got up off of the table, I had to lean against the wall because I was really dizzy and had started sweating. I was told that sometimes patients react to the "cocktail" in that way sometimes and that it was normal. They had offered to give me a prescription for Darvocet, but I told them that there was NO WAY I was going to be able to drive to the pharmacy much less wait on them to fill the script. I had some Darvocet left over from having my last baby (c-section). So, I just passed on the script. Now, after I got home, I took a look at my stomach and I had huge welts all over my abdomen (which I believe is normal). The next day-OUCH! OMG! I cringed at the thought of my children getting anywhere near my stomach. This went on for about 3 days. I was sore for about a week. The second time (yes, I went back. I was determined to look fabulous!)I didn't even make it through all 6 syringes. After 4, we decided to stop because I was having a hard time bearing the pain. In addition to Lipodissolve, I am also being weighed weekly and taking appetite suppressants. I have not lost one pound in the entire process, and I have to tell you; I am REALLY trying! Eating raw vegetable and apples for snacks, and eating healthy meals. However, they did measure me and I had lost 3 inches in one month. I sort of had mixed emotions. Where I was glad I had lost the 3 inches, I was disappointed I had not lost any weight.So, maybe I HAVE gained, because I should have really seen a difference this week. When I went today for my third session (BTW it does take 3-10 treatments before you see results), my appointment was messed up so I did not get it done today. However, last week I began getting the Radio Frequency done on my stomach. They took a before and after photo, and I can clearly see the results after just one treatment. I had the radio frequency done again today, but they did not take a photo. You have to get a total of 6 treatments to get the full effect, so they are going to take another photo at the end of my 6th treatment. I am 5'6" and 137lbs and I'm tring to get down to 120lbs. I go next monday (July 17th) for my next lipodissolve session and I'm not sure if I am going to continue to do my stomach or start on my bra line. I feel like I may get better results with the radio frequency. But, I'll keep you posted.
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