I Feel Like I Have the Perfect Boob Job!

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I had 475cc saline implants (yes, I really needed...

I had 475cc saline implants (yes, I really needed help!) placed under the muscle a month ago. This took me from a B to a D or DD depending on where I buy my bras.

My surgeon had a very long, very serious talk with me about the implants, which puzzled me at first but I appreciate it now. (I thought he was trying to talk me out of it!) He gave me all the options (saline vs. silicone, etc), discussed how big I wanted to be and then gave his advice. I appreciated this approach. I wasn’t just pushed into a room to dictate my requirements to a nurse - my doctor LISTENED TO ME. This is so important!

This prepared me for the surgery day, which I am happy about. I actually felt okay for a few days after going home, but then the misery started. I couldn’t wear any of my favourite clothes and couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, so I got down on myself. I am better now - let me tell you, your first shopping trip to buy new bras will be the best experience of your entire life (except maybe childbirth ;-) ) - but the going was tough.

Advice... let’s see. Stay off the Internet after your surgery! I’m serious. It’s fine to research BA online and share stories, but I promise you will find so much to regret about your surgery if you go online a few days after you get home with your new breasts. There are a lot of negative people out there and if they’re unhappy or don’t like enhanced breasts then fine, good for them, but I read these things when I was feeling very fragile and it made me regret what I’d done. The Internet just made me feel worse about everything.

Now I don’t regret a thing and I love what I see in the mirror. When I share pictures people say I look amazing and I can tell they’re being honest. I feel like I have the perfect “boob job!”

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