One year later I regret this procedure! Pores are worse! Melasma is back!

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First off if you're nervous about this procedure...

First off if you're nervous about this procedure get a test patch done first! And any doctor that makes you feel that you're overreacting for this request is not a good doctor.

I got pixel 4 days ago and so far so good. I was REALLY nervous and did a lot of research beforehand. I asked her to use the lowest setting but of course I don't really know if she did or not. My face looked a lot more red than some of the other reviews, but my skin is somewhat sensitive so that could be part of it.

As for pain I had numbing cream on for 1 hour before the session and I still found the procedure to be uncomfortable. Not painful, but I was happy when it was over, that's for sure. I imagine it would be painful without the numbing cream first. The rest of the day and part of the next day my face felt slightly burning, it was uncomfortable.

I'm now 3 days post, had the procedure Saturday morning and it's Tuesday morning. Everything is happening as planned. My face was REALLY red and felt like a bad sunburn the first day, I'm now brown and peeling. The parts that are peeling don't look as great as I had hoped :( kind of just looks like the results of the salicylic acid chemical peels I've had in the past (2). I'm hopeful that this will provide more results as the weeks go on and that the pixel provides more collagen stimulation.

As for me, I'm an American (Caucasian) living in India. The procedure is really cheap here, about 100USD. I work online so I don't have to see people face to face, meaning no time off work for the procedure. I imagine if you got this on Saturday you would have to take Monday and Tuesday off work. My doctor was good, very knowledgeable but I doubt she has ever worked with caucasian skin before. She did a test patch on my neck (I would have preferred somewhere on my face since the skin on my face is still different from my neck even though it's very close). I only bought one session but I might go back for another depending on my results in the next few weeks. I will keep real self updated with pictures and reviews.

What I'm trying to correct here are large pores around my nose, some small rolling acne scars on my cheeks, and melasma on my forehead. I'm 32.

EDIT 1 - One Week Post

My skin looks fantastic! All the brown skin has come off revealing great looking skin. I just hope it stays that way. With the chemical peels I've had in the past my skin looks great for a week or two then goes back to how it was before. So far with Pixel my melasma has greatly reduced and overall my skin tone is much better. Acne scars have improved slightly, a noticeable difference but they aren't gone. Unfortunately my pores look about the same. My doctor said it would take 4-5 treatments. I am going to buy a package and see how it goes. I can't wait to see the results after 4-5 sessions.

One Month Post

My skin still looks great! The melasma reduction is very noticeable but not completely 100%. My skin texture and skin tone is so much better. I did end up buying a package of 4 treatments.

Okay, one year later, I regret this procedure!!

My pores are LARGER, my melasma returned, and I can STILL see track marks from when I got the pixel!!! I NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT AND WISH I NEVER HAD IT DONE. I should have just gotten regular chemical peels as my skin responds MUCH better to those. I'm very disappointed.

Three years later I still see Pixel track marks

Terrible procedure, I literally regret it every time I look in the mirror. I STILL see the pixel grid marks! It literally burned into my skin! It did not ever heal all the way. I have the dreaded "orange peel texture" from this procedure! I think my original happiness was because the pixel gave me some micro swelling and when that went away I saw the actual effects of the laser. I had a few sessions done, and she increased the laser each time. I'm not sure which session did the real damage or if it was all of them together.

I went to an estetician here and literally the first thing she said to me was "tell me what happened to your skin texture." :( She recommends Halo laser and I am obviously nervous about it. Not sure if I will do it but she said she is going to put it on the lowest setting. I also had some good results from Retin-A.

Another pic of texture after 3 years

You can see the crepiness and orange peel texture, plus the pixel grid. I did not have this texture before!!
Note the crepiness on the chin area. Didn't have that before.
Dr. Nikkat

My doctor was good, very knowledgeable but I doubt she has ever worked with caucasian skin before. She did a test patch on my neck (I would have preferred somewhere on my face since the skin on my face is still different from my neck even though it's very close). Then 2 weeks later checked the test patch and everything was good. She was very kind and answered all of my questions since I was nervous.

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