46 Yo, Mother of Two Teenage Boys, BL and TT - Hyannis, MA

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After having 2 boys by c-section and losing over...

After having 2 boys by c-section and losing over 35lbs, at 120lbs and fitter and healthier than I've been since my early 20's, I am stuck with a belly of loose skin that no amount of diet and exercise can fix.
I've thought about this for years and now finally, I've booked the appointment. Only one problem... Fear!
I'm not afraid of the surgery itself, I trust my doctor. I'm not afraid of the recovery, I'll manage, I'm not afraid of the scars or how long it will take me to get back in the gym, I am however, petrified I will chicken out at the last minute. Why? Because I have a real although irrational fear of sitting with my boys in my recliner and dying from a DVt!!! Rationally I know it's a possibility, but highly unlikely. However, rational thought seems to escape me when it comes to this issue. I just don't want to die in front of my kids and die knowing the surgery is elective.
Anyone else out there share the same feelings? If so, I'd love to hear from you. I'm 110% sure I want the result, 99% sure I will go through with it, and at the same time, about 50% sure I may chicken out at the last minute.

Before pictures

Posting some before pictures so I can keep reminding myself why I'm doing this. I can't wait for the results!

What do you tell your co-workers?

I'm curious what you all told your co-workers. I have told only close family and friends about my MM. I've told my boss I need surgery and gave her no further info, but I'm wondering how to field questions about my absence once I'm gone.


Starting to feel like a crazy person. Met with my PS for a consult yesterday. He answered all of my questions and the whole appointment should have put my mind at ease. Instead, I'm feeling more and more like I'm going to chicken out. There's less than a 1% chance of death from these procedures. Why am I so scared? Anyone else go through this? If so, what did you do to get through it?

Surgery buddies?

Hello ladies, anyone else out there have a surgery scheduled for mid December? I'd love a buddy to share our journeys. 4 weeks to go for me!

More before pics

Posting more before pics so I can compare later. Can't wait to get rid of the extra skin!

Point of no return!

Last major preop appointment with my Dr tomorrow. Signing all the waivers and making all the final payments. Shits getting real! I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. When I first made the decision, I started worrying that I might die and was it really worth it. Then, I got a grip on reality and for the last few weeks have been calm and actually looking forward to finally getting it done! Now I'm back to sheer panic. I can't believe I'm actually doing this! I'm following a few peoples journey on here and the vast majority of women say it's worth it. Just have to hang tough these next couple of weeks! I know I'll be glad when it's over, but in the meantime I might lose my mind!

Emotional yo yo!

Excited then nervous! Up and down, round and round! Wish the waiting was over! As I get closer, I am definitely more excited than nervous, but those nerves are persistent little buggers!

One week away!

By this time next week, I'll be on the flat side!

One more day!

I can't believe it's finally here! By tomorrow night, the anticipation will be over and I will be on the road to recovery! Some final pics to say goodbye to that excess skin and droopy boobies!

It's done!

What a long day, but it's done! Onward and upward. My doc keeps all his patients overnight in the hospital for comfort and safety, so I'm settled in for the night. Sore but manageable. Of course I'm in pain meds!

Prune juice and colace!

Well, so far so good. I'm managing my pain with one Percocet every 6 hours, unless I move too much, then I take 2. I slept pretty well last night. Thank God for my recliner! Now, just waiting to poop. I've read enough reviews on here to make me a little nervous. I've been taking 2 colace a day, plus drinking prune juice and a ton of water. Hoping today is the day! If no poop by tonight, moving on to a laxative! Wish me luck!

Every day a little better!

Feeling better than yesterday! Pooped! No pain no strain. Thank you prune juice, colace and smooth move tea! A little more energy and feeling more human. I'm down to 1/2 a Percocet every 6 hours with one Tylenol. Not bad! Will post pics as soon as I am able.

Cabin fever

Yesterday felt somewhat human, today, I'm already growing impatient. I can handle the pain, which isn't so bad. I'm just having bouts of anxiety. I can't wait until the risk of complications has mostly passed. I'm only on day 4... I hoping to shower today. Maybe that will help my mood. What are you all doing to manage anxiety, if you're having any?

A minor setback

Well, I debated whether or not I should post this as I know before I had my surgery I only wanted to read positive stories. At the same time, I think it's important that we share our experiences both good and bad. We all know that there are risks, but by and large although they can be scary and certainly annoying, the vast majority are not life threatening. I think it helps to hear others stories of complications and then seeing that they still make it through and are happy in the end. Last night, I was taken back in to surgery for a hematoma in my right breast. It hurt like hell and scared the shit out of me, but my wonderful doctor reminded me that it was not life threatening. I was in and out of the OR in about a half hour. I spent the night in the hospital, but I'm heading home shortly. My PS visited me this morning and said everything looks good. I may be a little more tired the next couple days, but other than that I should stay right on schedule. I see him on Tuesday to hopefully get my drain out! Looking forward to that and continuing to recovery every day from here on out!

Things to look forward to...

1. Pooping! Again! Yep, 2nd surgery set me back to the colace and prune juice stage, but I did it once, I'll do it again!
2. Post op appointment tomorrow, pretty sure I'll be losing the drains!!!
3. 2 and a half more days on antibiotics, the less pills to take, the better
4. Finishing the last of my Christmas shopping tonight!
5. Christmas!

Positives and negatives

Well, had my 2nd post op appointment today. The positives: I'm standing straighter, the incisions look great, I started with the scar tape, and I'm done with antibiotics and painkillers . The negatives: I still have a drain and although the output is low, it's draining dark red so my surgeon wants to keep it in another 5 days or more and I'm excessively tired. Keep telling myself that this will all be worth it!

Happy Day!!!

Another goal met! Got the drain removed today!!! Happy happy joy joy!
I had another post op appointment today and everything looks great! I'll post pictures later.
The last two weeks were rough, I'd like to thank all of you so much for your words of support and encouragement. You are truly amazing women!

A good night's and a good day!

First time in two weeks, I slept through the night!!! This morning, I showered all by myself without any assistance or babysitting! Ha! I went to Kohl's and bought some spanx and some sports bras and then met my sister out to lunch. Best part is I was able to wear normal clothes! No more baggy sweatpants!

Happy New Year!

As I approach my 3 week mark, i just have to say how grateful I am for all the love and support I've received! I truly feel that I'm over the hump and I have my friends, family and all of you to thank. The support I've received both before and after my surgery has been an amazing blessing and I truly appreciate it! Tuesday I go back to work, and although I know it's going to be exhausting, I still get quite tired during the day, I also know that I have enough support around me to help me through. Im looking forward to the next 3 weeks when I can start exercising and living more "normally". As someone on here pointed out me, a few months of recovery and a lifetime with a new body to enjoy! Here are some photos I took this morning, swollen but not nearly as bad as at night... not quite standing straight but close! My jeans are loose! Yay!

Help, need advice!

Today was my first day back to work. I have a desk job and my PS cleared me to work. I work until 4:30 and by 1:30 I could feel myself swelling. By the time I got home, I was so swollen I thought I might bust a stitch! I tried getting up and walking around frequently to keep things moving, but I think sitting straight in a chair all day cut off my circulation at the hip. I'm home now, laying down with my legs propped under pillows, I don't know what to do. I'm miserable! Any advice? I've been taking 30c of arnica 3x a day and drinking lots of water.

Not sure about this... Anyone else experience this?

Hi all, so I had some popping sutures earlier this week. I went in and had them removed and noticed two spots under each breast and asked if they looked infected. The medical assistant said it looked normal and in spite of the green/yellow appearance said that was just some serum fluid leaking. She told me not to use Neosporin, but aquaphor. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. She said it's a common spot for that to happen because it's where the incisions come together. I'm very sore today...

Feeling foolish....

Well ladies, despite the fact that my ps advised me to wait 6 weeks, I went ahead and had si this morning. I thought we were very careful. I did not feel any pain, just some mild pressure. Honestly, I have more pain when I sneeze. I've been laying down virtually all day, but am really swollen! I'm not in any pain, just feel an very uncomfortable. Any one else get really swollen after? Really hope I haven't given myself any complications because of lack of self control!!!! Worried....

One month anniversary!

Looking back ... for you ladies out there who are considering this, here's a quick synapses of the last month and for those of you who've already done it, I think you will relate.
Week one was all about initial recovery and immediate and basic needs: Staying on top of meds, trying to sleep, trying to poop, trying not to freak out about what I had just done to my body, trying to get up and move without hurting myself, watching a whole lot of tv, staying hydrated.
Week two was all about emotion. I swear I cried on and off that whole week, can't even tell you about what! I think all the pent up anxiety and exhaustion just let loose. Which is interesting since I had also hit some milestones. I was moving a little more, I was off pain meds and antibiotics, no more constipation, and generally starting to feel better.
Week three marked the beginning of some normalcy. I was finally starting to relax and enjoy my results. I took some photos and really enjoyed comparing the before and after. At the end of week three I went back to work and doing more around my house. Which brings me to..
Week four which is first and foremost about swelling. Stand up, swell, sit down, swell, etc... (sung to "swimming pools") Don't judge, I have teenage boys, ha! It seems there's no escaping the swell hell! At the same time week four has its pluses. , On the outside things have made a drastic improvement. My TT incision is looking great and all healed, except for some scabbing in the tightest area above my mons. The line is thin and low and I can really start to see that it's going to be a very minor scar when all is said and done. I can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's beautiful and bright! My right breast is still giving me trouble with some wound separation, but this too shall pass. Best thing about this past week, the big O! Even though I scared myself after wondering if had pushed it too soon, my wonderful RS friends reassured me and I was fine!
I'm looking forward to the next four weeks and the milestones that will come. Especially, sleeping without the CG and eventually not wearing one at all! When that time comes I will burn every single one in my outdoor fire pit!! Although right now they are both my best friend and worst enemy... I am also looking forward to getting back into my gym routine! I really really miss it!
All in all it's been quite the journey so far! I can't believe I really did it! I'm proud of myself and so very grateful! Onward and upward!

Almost 8 weeks!

Wow! I can't believe I've finally made it to this point! As of next week, PS says I can burn the spanx!!! So very very happy! Still swell by end of day, so I'll keep one, it's a love/hate thing... swelling is definitely getting much better! It's there, but no where near as uncomfortable. I'm back at the gym, THANK GOD! I didn't realize how much I relied on the gym to relieve stress! I'm not doing what I used to yet, but at least I'm there! Onward and upward!

Belly button revision?

Hi ladies! I'm almost 6 mo post op. I love my results! No complaints except my belly button. I like the shape, but the scar is on the outside and is red an pronounced. I see my ps in 2 weeks for a follow up. Think I should ask about a revision, or should I wait a year in case it lightens, etc... any thoughts are appreciated.
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