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I am 49, turning 50 next April and having a hard...

I am 49, turning 50 next April and having a hard time with that "number". I have 3 grown kids and have always wanted to have a BL/BA since my first child at 18 I went from am A (or maybe even an AA) to a DD. That was the pattern each time! Talk about total deflate and super sag! So since 18 I have never had good boobs and always wanted to have it done but it was either no funds for it, no time or not the right time. Anyways this is me time now and I am going for it!

Makes me uncomfortable but added some pics

So since everyone is so upfront and putting it all out there I figured what the heck I have to let go of some of my modesty lol. Obviously these are the before's...not filling out favorite work outfits, sagging in the nightgown, totally flat in a sports bra, extra padding in VS to make them look normal in clothing and then my first try on session at the PS

one week until pre op! Should I bring pics of wish boobs?

changed my profile pic to the droopers! Was really hard for me to do but....its done. I am super excited for my pre op next week and not 100% sure on what to expect. Try more sizes? Make sure this is what I want? Talk about the anesthesia? All I am positive about is that I will be paying for my procedure and then I am almost there! Did I say how excited I am to finally be having this done?!

Anddddd the new girls are paid for!

Yesterday I went to my pre-op appointment and I was so excited that by the time I got home my face hurt from smiling so much! I can not say enough about the whole staff, all of my neurotic questions were answered, the doctor spent so much time with me and i was never rushed. I picked out my final size and I am feeling well..a bit giddy!!! I have already picked up many of the items that I think I am going to need thank you to the lovely women on this site! 15 more days until surgery and I am so excited!!!!

One week to go until I get marked!!! Bye Bye to my droopy girls!

So I am super excited! Next week I get my markings and it will feel more real!!!! It seems like forever since I first wanted to have a BL/BA. I feel like this site has been so helpful to me in terms of support, what to expect and how to love my body (the old one, which served its purpose and the new one which will hopefully give me more confidence, more freedom with intimacy and to show more of my free spirit!). At this point in my life I am trying to focus on living, having fun and being in love. My husband, who is not the father of my children knows it has always been difficult for me (even 23 years later) to feel sexy, as I have always felt very ugly when we are in bed. I know he does not see me like that but its how I feel. I am in the home stretch and I cant wait!!!! Today I will post my before pic.....

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!

Good morning RS ladies! I went for my markings and went over for the bazillionth time the size with my PS and thought that this time I have truly annoyed him! Sorry for that doctor! I will be getting a lollipop lift with implant, 415cc SRF Inspira. I am a worrier by nature and add to that a bit obsessive and want to make sure I can get the best results, especially working from such damaged breasts. These breasts did their function at the time but have been a cause of much low self esteem and embarrassment in the bedroom, locker room and to myself. My husband today is not the man that knew me before children (when I had perky boobies) and for years I did not allow him to see me naked (its now been 23 years and I still am embarrassed) not that he has EVER made a comment but he knows how I feel. I like to think I am a younger spirit and want to be able to be a complete younger spirit (if that makes sense). I have been obsessed with this site and I think that played into my obsessive nature and made me a bit more anxious. But I can see that much of my feelings are shared among others. Today I am truly excited to start a new journey, not a new me but an improved me, a more confident me and a new sexier me! Bye bye droopy boobies and hello new fuller friends! I cant wait to have some fun with you! xo

Day 3.

Sorry ladies I haven't been on. Signal here at beach isn't great. But I am feeling good. A little pain today. Lots of squishing feeling/noises. Weaning off pain meds. How's my Friday or September girls doing??? Pics to follow!

I'm in love

I can't stop looking at them! My befores were so damaged and ugly. I love my new girls! Can't say enough about Dr. Loffredo he is quite a miracle worker. Swollen a little bruised today but off meds which is a bonus! Bloated still and enjoying being pampered by my hubby and my mom. How's my September girls doing?? Xxoo

3 weeks one seems bigger or just not dropped as much

So it's been 3 weeks since my breast lift augmentation. And though I am ecstatic and thrilled that I had it done it is my nature to start to worry that they are not the same size. I'm doing my massages squeezing them inward, lifting them up, pushing them down exactly what the doctor said. But one definitely seems to be higher than the other and I know that I was bigger than one side to begin with but my droop was so bad that the size difference wasn't really noticeable. I'm really hoping that it's just that one dropped sooner than the other. I feel ok not as good as I thought I was going to feel at this point, I get electrocuting pains through my nipples and my breasts feel like they're sunburned. So I guess that could be a good thing since I'm getting some feeling back. I am still sleeping on my back on my wedge pillow but I feel like when I wake up in the morning that my boobs are under my armpits. I will be discussing all this with my doctor on Wednesday and I'm hoping that it's just normal and I'm overreacting which again is in my nature. And I guess the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem LOL. I still can't do grocery shopping vacuuming a lot of cooking or long drives definitely no lifting. I hope all my September girls are doing good I posted some pictures just so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Tape comes off next week and we start scar treatment! I'm so glad that I've been taking pictures since the beginning , so when I look at my befores I am very happy xo

Softening? Love them right now!

Today I woke up and usually the girls feel swollen and in my arm pits but not so much today. Maybe softening a bit? Doctors appointment tomorrow! Took some pics of side views and scars at the 3.5 week mark. Hope all my September girls are starting to feel more like themselves!????

New bras!

Shopping is always good therapy!

Embracing my new friends

So last week I was so up and down after my appointment but today is a new day. I went the other day to get fitted at Nordstrom. Today I took all the bras I have been ordering (daily) and went to VS. Figured since the Nordstrom ones feel so good let me see what I can do at VS. I had posted some pics the other day but wanted to make sure I was in the right size. The girl measured me a 36B or C. I was thinking you have to be kidding me 10500.00 for a B??? Mind you Nordstrom was 34DD. I took a breath and thought hey these are my new girls and they fit my body size so whatever the cup size it really doesn't matter. Needless to say a B did not come close and I went home with a bag full of wireless 34DD. I have to say ladies the t-shirt bra when it fits properly was amazing! Got 2 of those. The BBV wireless demi style gave me amazing cleavage and support. Got 3 of those! Going out with some friends from high school tonight to see a band and am excited to wear something a bit low cut and sexy! Happy Saturday! Pics later on!
Hyannis Plastic Surgeon

Can not say enough about the whole experience at Cape and Islands Plastic Surgery! From the staff to Dr. Loffredo everyone has been extremely patient and exceptionally nice! All of my questions have been answered and though I have not had my procedure yet I am totally confident in the doctor and his staff that I will get the results I am hoping for! 5 stars from this happy lady!!!

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