33 Woman Cystic Hormonal Acne and Tried a Lot Adult Acnomel Worked! Hutchinson, KS

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While I've never done accutane or rentina A I have...

While I've never done accutane or rentina A I have done minocycline, Spiro, clyndimycin, differen, proactive, lerocette, clay, coffee, cat litter, and any other mask out there. I have battled acne for around 15 yrs and never had success. Minocycline gave me mailyasma(sp?) on my checks and while I'm not 100% clear and developed a major rash over my entire face the only thing that has gotten me where I'm at now is sulfur. I've been using acnomel for 2 weeks and have seen the improvement I wish the antibiotic would have given. while I'm at it let me tell you a few of my major side effects to those treatments. Minocycline made my oil glands dry up. So I ended up getting mastitis about 2 months into the 12 week treatment. I also could not have sex as it disrupted my natural oils in that area. I ended up having to clean my clitoris daily with a qtip because of a hard oil buildup around it. Not fun and extremely painful. When asked if it had these side effects I was told absolutely not. Funny a week after I quit taking it everything was back to normal. I quit after my breasts became inflamed. A year later i went on spiro. Sipro while it did clear my skin some I continued to have clitoris issues. Not near as bad as mino but still. I also had my period every couple of days. Very light but I bleed on and off until that treatment seized. I was on it for about 6 months. Clymdimacine cream didn't work at all. Differen gave me psoriasis on my eyelids that's pretty painful too and didn't really work either. Proactive and all the clays were a complete waste of money and time. I'm not saying that these treatments esp the antibiotics don't work they do and did for my skin but the side effects were worse than cystic acne in my opinion. I have found a treatment that works for me and my skin its highly drilying but only where applied so no sexual issues. It doesn't stink as bad as proactives sulfur mask. And honestly I don't care if it does. I've spent probably $1000 on treatments that haven't worked and makeup to cover up only to make it worse in a couple days. For $30 I can get this stuff in a 3 pack that comes to my door (I
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