Hurt a Bit, Felt Weird for a While, Now Very Good

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I had a single vial injected into my NL lines...

I had a single vial injected into my NL lines which were just starting (I was 31 at the time). It did hurt and felt weird for the next couple of weeks. The pain was fine, I had no numbing injections so it was to be expected. At first, there were lumps under my skin and I really couldn't smile (even if I'd wanted to but the literature my doctor gave me said not to smile etc for a few days so the Restalyne didn't disperse). In a few days I felt like I go move my mouth 'normally' again. The following week I could still feel something different when I smiled and still tried not to a bit. In another week my face felt normal and was a bit fuller. In another week, I think the optimum results were acheived my NL lines were filled out and I was just a little plumper as your face is in you early 20s. I had it done on holiday, so I came back looking naturally rested. It's now been a month and a half and I am very happy with how it looks now. Very happy. At first I had significant regrets because it felt so strange and I couldn't really smile normally. I've come aroud though and am really pleased. I had botox done at the same time and would say that I always (i.e. the two times I've had it done) thought it feels weird for a couple of weeks too and then it's great.
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