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Definitely worth it, ladies! I have had both the...

Definitely worth it, ladies! I have had both the upper and lower abdomen done in two separate procedures. Though I have worked out my entire life and would be considered extremely fit by most, I have always had an element of tummy jiggle because any extra fat immediately deposits right there front and center. Plus, at nearly 47, gravity was beginning take its toll as well.

I had the lower abdominal area treated with the medium paddle on the first visit ($600), then went back two months later to have the lower abdominal area treated with the medium ($600) paddle. Like others have mentioned, there was a slight cold/tingling sensation when the suction was turned on. I did experience some pretty good cramping (like terrible menstrual cramps, but I have had far worse than what I experienced from this procedure) when the procedure was over, the machine was turned off, and the deep massage began. However, by the time I was in my car on my way it was much better, but I did change into some looser-fitting shorts for the long ride home because the waist of my jeans hit at the exact spot the paddle had been placed. I experienced a pulling sensation off and on for a few weeks afterward which would sometimes catch me off guard, and the area was pretty numb for nearly a month, but it did not interfere at all with any of my daily activities. I went right back to working out, walking/running, and lifting weights the very next day after both procedures.

The results: I wouldn’t have gone back for a second procedure if the first one hadn’t been a huge success! :-) I have lost nearly 2 inches off my waist, there is nearly no jiggle remaining in my abdominal area (I think I can see a six-pack wanting to form!), and my tighter clothes fit more comfortably. I cannot see any downsides to this procedure given the results I’ve had. It took an hour each time, I was awake and conscious, no anesthesia to recover from, no downtime, and an area of my body that has been a problem my entire life no matter how much I exercised has been considerably improved.

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