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I had my vaser lipo on Aug 2nd. Procedure was done...

I had my vaser lipo on Aug 2nd. Procedure was done in the office with mild sedation. Yes it was painful but tolerable. I arrived at the office about 1 and left around 5:30. Some of this time was paper work and waiting for meds to work. It had now been a week I am swollen and sore expected that. Hope it is worth it. Right now I can not see what I will look like. If I didn't know I would swear nothing had been done. Hopefully in another week or so the swelling will subside and I will have a nice e flat belly or at least no muffin top. If you decide to do this I suggest taking a week off no matter what your doc says. You need to drink tons of water and for me I can't drink all day because I work in the OR of a busy hospital. Had I known I would have taken the week an hydrated like crazy.

11days in

Well it has been 7 days since my procedure. I am starting to see a big difference in my upper abs and flanks hydration is so important to help get rid of all that extra fluid. I was afraid I made a mistake. I am still sore and feel bruised and feel much better with my compression garments on. I am going to continue to push water even though I don't want to. And hope to see continued improvement


So sorry 11 days not 7

17 days post op

Yes can now definitely see a huge improvement wore real clothes for the first time Friday and I looked so much better. I say do it for sure


Hopefully these upload


I can not believe every day I am smaller an feel better. I have not been this small in years. I am already down one size and my doc says I still have a lot of swelling so I will be even smaller. I am so excited. If you are thinking about doing it do it¡!!!!!!

So worth it

I feel like I am about the same size as before I still have quite a bit of swelling. I am going to take more pictures this coming weekend so I will have more to judge by. I am trying to he patient I know it takes time to heal but instant gratification is really what I want. Haha

Still doing well

I have got to find time to get some pictures!! I am still a little swollen and lumpy but I am told that will all smooth out over time. I am in a size smaller jeans with absolutely no "muffin" top. And I have been wearing shirts that are fitted. I don't have that gross overhang when I sit down now. I will admit I was not large to begin with I wore a size 28 and they were a little tight and I did have a "muffin" top so no tight shirts so now I comfortably fit in a 27 and my stomach looks flat, so I am happy with that

Looks kinda strange

I have this weird wrinkling on my lower abs that looks kinda weird now I understand that I am still healing and my doc says it looks good. But I am hoping that this smoothes out. This would be below any bathing suit I would ever wear but still.

Doing well

I would say I am happy with my results. My stomach is still hard in places but my doc says that means the vaser is still working. I will be so glad not to have to wear the garment I find it to be hot. And I can finally start working out. I am worried any weight gain will go to my back.

Still happy

I didn't really know what to expect so I guess my results are good. My belly definitely looks flat even without my garment but I would like to be maybe not smaller but firmer so I joined a gym. So we will see

What the hell ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am five months out I look like my results have totally reversed. Except for scars I would never think anything was done. My muffin top is back. I can not believe it. I followed all my instructions I don't over eat. I am 5'11" and when I had he vaser I weighed right at 160. Right now I weigh 149and look 6 months pregnant. I am goingto post pictures of myself at the 2 month mark and then one I took this morning


I know it has been a while since I updated but I have been so frustrated I just couldn't. I went back to the doc in November and he wanted me to wait a bit before I made up my mind. Whatever I looked the same as before anything wa done anyway I agreed to wait my full 6 MO. I went back Mar 13 and he gave me the run around like I am a idiot and don't know my own body he says I look great. Really I can't wear a shirt thats not too big be a use of the muffin top I am not supposed to have. Finally he says he will have someone call next week to set up my touch up. 3 weeks later I had yet to hear a word so I once again call the office and had to leave a message for his office manager /wife. Two days later nothing. What would anyone think? I thought he is blowing me off so I text his wife and she calls me back in about a hour mad as hell she said I left a message it had been 3 weeks I did and she was waiting for me to make up my mind d if I wanted a touch up Wth I always wanted a retouch always she said she will look at times and call me tomorrow but not to txt her again. Then answer my message in a timely manner when you took my mourned were just as sweet as can be but now you want to be a bitch because my results were terrible? I don't think so. I will update as soon as there is more news. Moral of this story use a plastic surgeon only and don't settle for poor results. And if you live in Huntsville don't use Dr Fernandez he blames you when your results are uneven and undesirable


Revision set for may 9 stay tuned

ok with it

I would like to apologize for any derogatory remarks that may have hurt someone's feelings because I was upset. I know we all say thing when we are not our best that can be hurtful. Dr fernandez wife was a little upset I called her personal phone but I guess I would be too. And dr fernandez is one of the best surgeons I have ever worked with.I think I was upset at myself and not really at him. I have to say I definitely look better than before and he really did do a good job .sometimes you just have to learn to be happy with yourself and let the rest go. If you live in the area dr fernandez is a great surgeon and I would recommend you go to him for any needs he is really a nice guy. My muffin top is really not that bad. I think I expected to look like a super model and that's just unrealistic. So I'm gonna stay as is and maybe work out a little more good luck to all that are considering this procedure I think you will be pleased.
Dr. Fernandez

Because I am a nurse I was given a professional discount so the listed price is not what I paid.

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