36 Years Old, No Children, 100 Pound Weight Loss (TT W Lipo & Vertical Incision, BL W/ Implants) - Huntsville, AL

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So, I had my consultation with my PS today. At...

So, I had my consultation with my PS today. At first I thought he'd recommend a body lift, but in the end, he said that it wouldn't make enough of a difference to go through the recovery, so just doing a tummy tuck. Apparently I really AM big boned and my hips are fairly wide structurally, so the chance isn't worth it. I have a long incision down the center of my stomach from gastric bypass in 2001 (back before it was done laproscopically), so he will be reopening that scar to remove the bulge above my belly button and narrow in my waist. He's doing lipo on my abs, hips, back and waist to enhance the contour.

I'll also be getting a breast lift with implants. My weight loss left me with a 38D (long - ha!). I have pretty extensive asymmetry as well, so I think we're estimating a 400cc on one side and a 275cc on the other to even them out and give them a good, high shape. I can't tell you how excited I am to have breasts that won't point at my feet.

At this point, I don't know which concerns me more - the $20k price tag or the 8 hour procedure. It's going to be a long day. It will feel like seconds for me, I'm sure, but I'm not thrilled about the idea of being out that long. In the end, though, I decided I just wanted it over and done all at once. I'll update as we get closer.

Preparation Suggestions

I've spent hours going through other people's posts and I am getting kind of overwhelmed. I find one with good info, then I can never find it again. Hoping maybe some of you will answer my questions here.

For those of you with day jobs, did your company cover this under their short term disability like other surgeries? I'm worried they'll tell me that elective procedures aren't covered although the paperwork doesn't say so. I'm trying to take off all of December but I don't have enough vacation for all of it.

How long did your PS put you out of work? I have a desk job, but being up and about after all the work I'm having done seems like a stretch. I don't want to make the swelling worse than it will already be.

I'm planning to stay with my mom the first few days. She's recently had her knee replaces, so she has a lift recliner, walker, potty lift, shower chair, etc. What are the things that made life bearable that first week?

How long was your procedure? My doctor says it should take 8 hours, which makes me nervous. I've never been under that long. I'll stay overnight at their facility so they'll keep an eye on me the first night.

Lastly, what is the one hing you wish someone had told you before surgery?

Thanks everyone in advance.

Vertical Incision TT

I wanted to see if anyone out there had a TT with both the horizontal bikini incision and a vertical one. I have excess skin above the belly button and the PS said this would narrow the waist well. My skin is wrecked with stretch marks, so I'll never have a flawless bare able belly but I'll take flat any day. I ask because I've heard some people have issues healing at the point where the two scars meet.

I'll see if I can get the miserably horrible photos from my doctor to post soon.

Pictures (before)

So my doctor wants patients to bring a swimsuit to take pictures in. I bought a bikini (my first since 1992) since my usual swimsuits show very little. There is a very good reason why I don't wear them. As I post this, I have to remind myself that it will help others. Lord.

If you looks closely you can see the 14yr old scar from my gastric bypass. We're reusing that scar to narrow my waist as well as the horizontal scar, so I guess that's a fleur de lis?

Job Scare

So, scheduling your surgery around the time of year that congress works on the budget is a bad idea when you're a government contractor. My contract is being renewed as it is, but I think we're over that hurdle - I THINK. Now the issue is whether or not there will be a budget, if there will be a continuing resolution, or if they will shut down the government again. All of those things can impact my income and force me to take some vacation time I desperately need for my surgery in December. I've been so stressed out. It is SO MUCH MONEY. I hate that all this is happening when I finally decide, after 14 years, to take the leap. Here's to hoping that everything works out. I really, really want to do this for me.

Go Girl Test Run

So, folks should get some amusement from this. TMI information seems like par for the course here, so... I ordered a Go Girl. I thought it would be helpful to be able to pee without having to sit early after surgery. I'd seen a couple posts recommending it. Thankfully, I thought I would test it out and get some practice in before I really need it. Yeah, peed all over myself. Half went out the shoot, half went down my leg. Its very pliable, which I guess is good for folding it up and carrying it, not so good for getting a tight seal. More practice required. Lots more. :)

Pre-Op Consult and Payment Completed

October 30th, I had my one-month pre-op consult. I met with the nurse to go over my pre and post op instructions, medications, and made the final decisions on my implants.

A lot of what she told me is what I'd already read here. I bought the vitamins from the office, which includes the arnica, bromelain, etc., that was recommended. I also bought compression stockings from them. They're providing the compression garment, but I do have to bring a front closure sports bra with me to surgery. I was given several different medications for nausea, so that shouldn't be a problem. I also got pain medicine and blood thinners I have to inject daily after surgery.

I'm having a lift with implants. I opted for the 425CC saline implant on the left and the appropriate one on the right to match, as I'm very asymmetrical. The nurse said with my frame, I could carry larger, but I don't want to end up too big and give myself more neck issues than I already have.

My doctor requires a clear fluid diet the day prior to surgery. Not thrilled about that, I'm sure I'll be wanting to stress eat all day. Yay, Jello. :( On the plus side, I can take a shower after 48 hours, even with my drains in. Also good news - he uses Experel, which makes me very, very happy.

The doctor doesn't have a long list of requirements or recommendations. I stay overnight in the surgery center, then I'm released the next morning. My follow up appointment is the next week, and it's already scheduled.

When it was all done, I paid the bill and $20,000 later, I sat in my car in disbelief that I'm actually doing this. Less than a month to go.


I'm sure everything will be fine, but today, I started the process of getting a last will and testament, living will/medical directive, and power of attorney paperwork finalized. I also made a list of finance and social media accounts, bills, passwords, etc., for my executor/legal power of attorney to have for reference if something goes wrong. It's important to be prepared and hopefully, I won't need to make use of any of it.

It's Starting To Get REAL

Less than a week away. I've taken all my nesting supplies to my mother's house where I'm spending the first four days. I've spent this week washing all my sports bras and jammies, getting them ready to go. I'm packing a bag tomorrow with my prescriptions, compression stockings, sports bra, and whatever else I'm supposed to take with me to the surgery center.

I started the pre-op vitamins a week early, as prescribed. 3 giant pills in the AM and 3 different giant pills with dinner. Tomorrow I start the Bromelain (2 pills, 3 times a day on an empty stomach). So many pills. I'm officially off my birth control pills and all ibuprofen/aspirin products. It's a countdown, now. I've downloaded the Mango Medication reminder app for my phone and loaded in all the medications to help me stay on schedule. I don't want to miss a dose of medicine and be playing catchup on pain.

Monday, I've got a massage scheduled. I'm supposed to start laxatives that day, but I'm opting to do a colon cleanse with magnesium citrate on Tuesday, instead. Unpleasant, but stuff is handled and I won't have to worry about 'going' for a few days post surgery. Starting Tuesday, I'm all a clear fluid diet all day, which I'm not excited about. I've already stocked up on jello, broth and popcicles. If nothing else, maybe I'll lose a pound ahead of surgery. Every bit helps, I suppose.

My doctor has me taking Zofran the night before and the morning of, plus an earpatch that morning for nausea. Tuesday night, I'll have to take off all my nailpolish and shave all the things.

I got my will, power of attorney and living will signed and notarized today.

Nothing left to do but panic.

Surgeon photos

I finally got these from the doctor. I've avoided posting, but it's time. Surgery Wednesday!

Less than 12 hours away

Sitting here wondering if I've lost my mind. I can't believe I'm really doing this. Why does any sane person pay a fortune to be hacked up? Sigh... Vanity. Beauty is pain, right? It's going to be worth it, right? I've got to shake this off. It's happening! I've paid. No going back now. See you all on the flat side.

Made it to the flat side

I survived. The first day was pretty awful, but today is better. I'm working hard to keep up with meds. Coughing is miserable. I'm supposed to breathe and cough with that little machine every hour, but I can't bear to cough. I swallowed water wrong and choked. I thought I had split right open, it hurt so badly.

I haven't seen the results yet. Dr took a picture in the OR, but I don't have a copy. I'll post when I do

Day 3

Feeling better today. I got to take a shower, which was nice. It was my first chance to see underneath my garment. I'm still swollen. My midsection isn't as flat as I was expecting, but it's early and they did a lot of lipo. My waist is narrow enough that my hips look huge!

No nausea after surgery, I was just sleepy. I'm taking my meds on time so the pain isn't too bad. I ended up with 3 drains right near my hoohaa, which are annoying and sting.

My mom's lift chair has been a godsend. If you can rent or buy one, do it. Standing up and sitting down is rough.


I was feeing better today and fell into the trap of thinking I could do more than I should. I cut down to one pain pill, walked around more, etc. then trying to shift in my chair, I think I pulled a boob muscle. I'm not supposed to push or pull, but I was so uncomfortable and thought if I could just shift a smidge. Ouch. Back up to two pills and an extra muscle relaxant for good measure. I'd hate to screw up my new boobs 4 days in. Took another photo when I adjusted my binder today. Since I have two wrap around corsets, they keep shifting. My waist is no narrow now that I can't keep the lower garment over my hips. There's no panty or shorts to keep it in place. Might have to get something different soon, but at least it's easy to pee in.

No BM, but I did a colon cleanse before surgery and I haven't had a ton of solids since surgery. Taking a colace or two each day anyway.


Feeling pretty good today. I took a shower and washed my hair, so that was nice. We also washed my binder, socks, etc., so I got a break from wearing all that. I needed that because the word of the day is ITCHY. Good lord. It's mostly where the lipo was done along my back, but it's making me insane. I can't reach it or its under so many layers that scratching does no good. Mom says it's a sign of healing, which is great, but I can't stand it. I'm squirming like someone dumped ants down my shirt.

Aside from that, things are better overall. Less drainage, less pain, easier getting around. Just itchy. I don't recall anyone mentioning this in their reviews. Maybe I just didn't notice. But know that come day 5 or so, you'd pay Freddy Krueger to scratch your back.

Day 6

Moving around better today. Still taking all my meds to avoid any pain issues. The itching continues. Last night, my mom rubbed my back with cocoa butter. Today, she did the same over the bruised areas, staying clear of my tape and incisions. Still really swollen, but as you can see, I can stand straighter. My follow up is tomorrow, so we'll see how we're doing. Hopefully, me clawing myself isn't a problem because I can't stop. I also get to lose the compression stockings tomorrow, which makes me very happy. I'm tired of them, too.

First Follow Up Appt

I had my first follow up visit today. It was pretty quick and easy and I was relieved to get out of the house. I didn't get any drains removed, sadly. They said everything looks good and I shouldn't worry about my chest strain. I was scheduled for another appt in 3 weeks. Between now and then, I can call and come in whenever I have a drain that goes 3 days with less than 15cc output per day. I'm at 20 on drain 3, so close.

I was told I could stand straight. My drains and the tape under my bust keep me from standing 100% straight. The drains are making me crazy. They keep pulling and it feels like pubes are being tugged one by one. And the holes are leaking. I keep having to wear a maxi pad to keep the pinkinsh fluid from leaking down my legs. Fun stuff.

Overall, I think the pain has mostly subsided. Things are tight, so my mobility is limited. That's the biggest issue for me. I decided to stay in with my mom a few more days, but just to have someone there. Trying hard not to overdo it.

Swell Hell (AKA day 7)

I read about it, but I didn't really quite grasp it. Figured that the swelling would be localized to the areas of surgery. And they are swollen. My hips are like rock from the lipo. But my legs are crazy swollen too. Yesterday was my first day out of the house, so I moved around more than usual. I also got to remove my compression stockings. Last night, I felt uncomfortably tight. My thighs were so swollen, I almost couldn't walk for them rubbing. Then I looked down and noticed my whole leg was swollen. I have fairly thin legs with narrow ankles and very bony, narrow feet. Last night, I was so swollen I had no knees. I had candles. My feet were wide and flat. It was like I was eight months pregnant all of a sudden. After sleeping in the recliner with my feet elevated, it got better, but after getting up and moving around again ... Swollen. It's crazy.

Day 12

I haven't posted in a while, but honestly not much has happened. I'm finally back home. My boyfriend is nervous about caring for me, but I'm past the worst and all I ask is the occasional fetching of a drink or snack.

I'm still taking a pain pill every six hours or so. If I don't, I start feeling really uncomfortable. And really, I take hydrocodone on a daily basis for my neck issues, so it's not a big deal.

I still have all three drains. Every time I get close to 3 days at 15cc, it suddenly has a 50cc day and I have to start over. I've also noticed a tiny spot on my incision that has separated and is oozing a little. I put polysporin on it and I'll hope that does the trick.

Still exhausted. Still swollen. Still uncomfortable. Still tired of wearing this corset-like binder that rides up and pinches. But looking a little better every day. My breasts haven't given me any issues yet, so as my PS said, buy a tummy tuck, get a breast lift "free" in terms of pain and problems.

2 Weeks Out

Two weeks ago today, I was in surgery. The first week or so just blurred together in a haze of medication and sleep. The second week was all about swelling and wishing to god I could go to the bathroom. I guess I didn't take enough stool softener. That wasn't fun at all.

Overall, I'm starting to feel more normal. Unfortunately my PS sets the bar for drain removal so high, I may never get them taken out. I have 3 and I have to go 3 days at less than 15cc to get one out. Not even close. They are my far the most annoying part of his whole thing.

The swelling is still present, although it's not as bad as it was. Still bad enough for me to nearly cry when I got on the scale. PS said he took off 13 lbs, yet I'm up 20 from my pre surgery weight. Remind me not to weigh again for a long time.

Attached a new pic from this morning. The midsection swelling is starting to go down, thankfully.


In my sleep last night, I recall shifting my hips and thinking "shouldnta done that." This morning, I woke with a dark oozing at the t-joint of my incision that smelled icky. No swelling, redness or infection. Called the nurse and was instructed to remove the surgical tape, wash with antibacterial soap, apply polysporin, and cover with a gauze bandage. Did all that and now I'm just trying to keep still. the nurse says it's common for the incision I have for there to be a breakdown at the intersection of the two wounds. The rest is looking pretty great. A lot of the horizontal wound's tape is coming off - I think because my garment rubs on it.

Trying to take it easy now. Somehow without the tape at the center, I feel like I'll split open if I bend over for something. Doing a lot of napping in a flexed position. I think I also overdid it yesterday.

All I Want For Christmas...

"All I want for Christmas is my drains taken out, my drains taken out, my drains taken out! Gee, if I could only have my drains taken out, then I'd have a much Merrier Christmas."

I am so sick of these things. Alas, I may never reach the minimum required for removal. I'm too juicy. 15cc is nothing. I think I could put that much out without even having surgery, much less do it three days straight. If I don't get at least one taken out by Christmas, I'll cry. The idea of going back to work with them still in is horrifying. I get to switch to a spanx garment once the drains are gone, so the longer I have them, the longer I have to wear these binders.

In related news, I'm washing all my binders so I'm lying in bed free from the squishing and pinching. It feels good, but also a little insecure. My oozing from yesterday has dried up. Lying in bed for hours watching Christmas shows must've helped.

The scars look really good, though. Once all the tape is gone and the scars are good and dry, I can start using the Embrace scar treatment I bought. I paid $700 or so for 60 days of treatment on my tummy and breasts. Won't last that long, though, since I also have the vertical incision. That's the one I'm the most worried about. Very few people will see my breasts or bikini line but my midriff might see daylight, especially if this swelling goes down. Fingers crossed for low output this weekend so I can go in before the holiday shutdown.

Christmas Wish

I got one drain taken out today. Hopefully, the second will be taken out at my check up on Monday. We'll see. It will probably take a while to lose the third one. The experience wasn't as bad as expected it to be. I couldn't feel the stitch being removed or the removal of the tube until it got to the wider part at the end. There was a second of ouch as the big part came out, but then it was over. They put some gauze over the hole, but otherwise, she said it will close up on it's own.

She said my scars were looking great and that they look more like 6 week scars instead of 3 week scars. I still have tape on my vertical and breast incisions. I imagine they'll take the last bit off on Monday.

Merry Christmas!

Checkup Today

Today was my first official checkup with the PS. My previous appointments were with his nursing staff. It was short, he seemed pleased and not terribly concerned about my midsection, which still worries me, although to a lesser extent. My next appointment is mid January. I'm pretty sure that in 6 mos to a year, I'll have some touch ups. I also would like an inner thigh lift and arm lift, but we'll see how long it takes me to pay off this first surgery! I'm not certain, but touch ups may be included at little or no charge depending on how he feels about it. Some doctors will do that to tweak odd lumps or dog ear scars.

My most annoying drain was removed today, so that just leaves one. Fortunately that one had pulled enough to stretch the hole out and I couldn't feel it be removed at all. That was nice. If my numbers stay low, I can go in to get #3 removed before New Years Eve. We'll see.

I return to work Monday. It's hard to believe. The time really flew being stoned and sleepy. I haven't gotten really much done since I've been out.

Now that I've only got the one drain, I may try on some real clothes and take some pictures. My lower belly is really amazingly flat. My boobs are perky and sitting right where they should be. I'm just fixated on the middle. It bothered me the most before and will likely continue.

Going to also start my scar treatment on the areas that are healed and the tapes are gone.

I'm ready to get back to normal. Until then... I'm going to take a nap.

Four Weeks Post Op Today

I was hoping to lose the final drain before they closed on New Years Eve, but alas, removing the other two drains has increased the output on the last one. I'll be going back to work with the last drain, but hopefully not for long. I never dreamed I'd still have them at this point. Most doctors have a higher limit, but a lot of people also have more problems with swelling and seromas that have to be drained with a needle. I guess I should be glad to avoid that, but still... ugh. I also have to take antibiotics as long as I have them in.

A friend asked me yesterday about what I'm wearing to work Monday. I honestly don't know. I have to wear my binders and sports bra 24/7 for two more weeks. I haven't tried on any real clothes yet. I still have some swelling, but my weight is down to where it started. I don't even know if I can wear my old clothes, so I guess I need to find out. It has to fit, plus not dig into my scars. It also has to disguise my last drain for a few days.

I'm getting around a lot better, I'm just sleepy. I think I need to stop taking the muscle relaxant. Flexeril has always made me sleepy. I can go back to taking my Robaxin. I'm not in a lot of pain now. Occasionally, things ache. My breasts, especially. If anything, I get uncomfortable. The doctor has kept me on Percocet as needed just because I have trouble with NSAIDS and Tylenol doesn't seem to do much.

Speaking of which, I submitted the paperwork for my implant warranty. Mine are Natrelle saline. If they rupture or deflate, they'll not only pay for the new implants, but they'll pay for the surgery to swap them out. I had to submit the serial numbers, so if I'm murdered, I can be ID'd by my fake boobs. An added benefit... :)

I'll post some more pictures in the next few days. It doesn't feel like it looks very different, so I haven't bothered.

It Was Going So Well...

For some reason, my phone app won't let me update my review, so I have to do it on my laptop and my photos are on my phone. I've meant to update this over the last few days, but after hitting that roadblock, I took a nap instead.

Tomorrow I return to the work. The decision had to be made a week ahead of time per my work requirements. Of course, over the holiday long weekend, I ran into issues. I still had the surgical tape on most of my breast incisions. I noticed that some of the tape on my left breast was a little sticky and dark, so I removed it. Underneath it, I found that the t-joint on that breast had come apart. It's about a centimeter or so wide and about an inch tall. I think it's separated a little more since I took this photo. It has a film of white goo, the way my stomach did. It's a little red around the edges and there's some blood when I clean it. Being Saturday, I decided to deal with it without calling the doctors until Monday. When I called about the similar issue with my stomach, she told me to wash it with antibacterial soap, put polysporin on it, and keep it covered with a non-stick bandage. I've been doing that all weekend in the hopes it doesn't get infected before I can see the doctor. I'm still on antibiotics because of pesky drain 3 that's still hanging around. (NOTE: I could've called the office and left a message with the service for a nurse to call me back, but I opted not to. I know it's their job, but it's a holiday. If it was serious I would, but I don't think this is. At least I hope so.)

I'm going to call the PS from work tomorrow and see if I can go in. Part of me wishes this wasn't all happening over the holidays or that it had happened a little sooner so I could see the doctor and maybe not return to work when I'd planned. It's too late now. I could probably use another week or two. Life just doesn't work that way.

Take my advice and try not to overdo it with the arms. After a month, I was feeling pretty good and hadn't had any problems with my breasts, so I started doing more. I stretched, I put my arms over my head, I fought with my sticking sliding glass door, I carried groceries and I took all the ornaments off the tree. This is what all that got me. As my nurse told me when I left the surgery center, stick with tyrannosaurus arms. Keep your elbows close to your sides.

Has anyone else run into this? It's pretty common, I hear. What did your PS recommend?

Six weeks post op

Six weeks post op as of Wednesday the 13th. I called the nurse today to confirm, and yes, I get to switch to spanx, which makes me very happy. I'm even going to buy a new pair for the occasion. I still have to wear the sports bra until next Tuesday when I have my follow up with the doctor, but that's okay with me. I'll try to do some new photos when I'm in between scar sheets to see how we're doing.

Tomorrow morning I take off my scar strips to reapply that evening. Those seem to be doing pretty well. It's hard to tell if it's making any difference, but it's only the 1st and 2nd week of 6-8 weeks of it.

The tummy is very nearly dried up. The breast wound seems to be holding steady, not closing, but not getting worse. At least it doesn't hurt that much. I also broke the stitch on my last drain. It's what holds it inside. Now I have to be super careful, keep it taped well and not yank of it, or the sucker will rip out. Yay. Still averaging 25cc a day. At least it keeps the swelling down.

Six weeks down. In another 6 weeks, I should be a whole new person.

First Day in Spanx

First day in Spanx on Wednesday the 13th. They go from my braline to my knees. Brand new spanx and much tighter than I remember. I guess the ones I've been wearing are old and tired. They've also changed the design since I bought it last and there's a reinforced tummy panel. I still refuse to believe that I can pee in this thing. That just spells disaster. If I piss all over myself, I'm stuck in pissy spanx all day. We'll see.

I've got all my new scar sheets on. My open breast wound seems to be in limbo. Not better, not worse. My tummy has scabbed up, though, so no more leaking, there. Even better news is that my drains have been under 25cc the last two days. If I'm under today, too, I can get it out tomorrow! Yay! I'm flying on Friday and the last thing I want to do is explain this to the TSA. I'll get a pat down for sure.

Seven Weeks Post Op

I'm seven weeks post-op as of tomorrow. I got my last drain taken out last Thursday. That made me almost giddy. A huge difference in just how I feel and get around. The site has really started to hurt, though. More than it did when the drains were in. Not sure what that's about. The nurse told me to start massaging the area so the scar tissue wouldn't dimple, but I find myself rubbing it more because it hurts. Between that and achy boobs, I'm constantly touching my damn self. Hoping it gets better soon.

I had a follow up appointment today. My appointment went well, although it took a long time before I saw my PS. Over the course of conversation, he said he sees about 80 patients a day. I imagine you could get behind with that schedule. He said everything looks great. In a few months, we'll see how my midriff is doing. He said we'd likely have to remove more skin and tighten it up, but it would only cost me a day or two of my time, so that was great to hear that he wouldn't charge me for it.

I've been promoted to a real bra during the day and sports bra to sleep in. I can wear any kind of bra I want unless it hurts. The spanx are 24 hrs a day for another week, then just during the day until my next appointment. I have no restrictions. I can sleep, move and do whatever I want unless it hurts. Sometimes it doesn't hurt until later, but I'm trying to take it easy anyway.

My open scar has improved pretty significantly. My tummy is almost entirely healed up. Getting there!

8 Weeks Today

Today I'm eight weeks out. Feeling pretty good. The hole beneath my breast is almost entirely closed. My doctor released me to only wear spanx during the day now, so I finally get a break. I do have to wear my sports bra to sleep still. I get a little achy every now and then, but otherwise I'm doing great. I got to wear a new dress to work today now that I'm free of drains and sports bras. Everyone was pretty stunned at work about how good I looked. It felt pretty good. No one has ever looked at my body and even remotely jealous before. Weird.

10 Weeks Today

It's hard to believe it's been this long. Things have basically healed up. The opening under my breast has closed, so no more polysporin and bandages. I'm continuing my Embrace scar therapy everywhere but my upper belly incision since we're revising it. No sense in it. My breasts ache from time to time but the doctor says they're settling nicely. I measured myself and I'm something crazy like a 35G, which is larger than I anticipated but it really does balance my figure well. I love them. My breasts were so asymmetrical before it's nice to have them closer in size.

I have an appointment with my PS next Tuesday. I'm not sure when he'll want to do the revision, but I'm wanting to ask about potentially adding a little more lipo to smooth out my curves and maybe an arm lift. I'm very self conscious about them. We'll we what he says.

6 Months Later

So I hit six months on June 2nd. Feels like it hasn't been that long and yet like forever since I had the surgery. I hadn't posted much because basically it's just been healing without much to tell. I updated my six month photos. Aside from the lack of bandages and drains, it doesn't look hugely different. Swelling has gone down more, so my hips are a little softer than they were before. Scars healed nicely, which you can't really see, after using Embrace for about 8 weeks. When I realized I would be revising the middle, I stopped treating that scar, so it looks the worst, as does my lower vertical incision, which I treated, but was draining a lot and didn't heal so well. I have a knot of scar tissue there now.

I'm going back in to revise my upper stomach and have brachioplasty at the end of the month. The PS is going to reopen the scar and try to tighten it up more so it doesn't bulge. I'm really self conscious about that (then and now) and it gets irritated by rubbing on my pants. Hoping to get it as flat as possible, even if he has to open me up more and make another belly button. Odds are he will with that knot anyway. Its the risk of an anchor incision, all the tension is where the scars come together.


7 months to the day, I went back for a revision in my stomach. Initially it was supposed to be above the belly button where I still had a pesky bulge, but he ended up going all the way down past the horizontal scar because i had a big knot of scar tissue where they intersected.

Not a lot of pain. I had an arm lift at the same time so that had most of my attention. It's a lot easier without the muscle work. I can get around and cough without the world ending.

Including a pic that shows pre TT, post TT, 6/7 months post TT and post revision.
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