Having Abdominal Lipo on Same Day As Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty - Huntsville, AL

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I had lipo on my stomach probably about 15 years...

I had lipo on my stomach probably about 15 years go. My mom and grandmother both have a belly, and I had twins via c-section and my stomach was round and out there. The procedure did remove a lot of fat, so I could at least wear clothes that clung to my stomach and it looked flat. But no way could I wear a bikini or crop top because there were several lumps, bumps and dips on my stomach. But I just lived with it until I decided to get my eyes done, and my surgeon also does lipo so he is going to attempt to fix it and remove more fat. I'm scheduled for June 27, upper and lower Blepharoplasty and abdominal lipo. Nervous, not about the pain, but about the results. Trying to only think positive thoughts!! Here is a before for my lipo review.

All I can say right now is OUCH!!!

Lipo looks great from what I've seen, just quick in doctors office for him to check the drain and re-do my compression garnet. He took like 3 pounds of fat I think!! I'll post more when I'm allowed to take this garnet off!!

Got a Look at Tummy Lipo!!!

Finally got to take a shower today and this is the first time I've seen my tummy since the lipo. My hubby took the 2nd pic above when I went in day after surgery for them to check the drain thing and show me how to fix the compression garmet.

I know I'm thick in the middle, plus I carried twin girls for 38 weeks, each almost 6 pounds when they were born. I did have lipo when my girls were about 4, so like 15 years ago. It was lumpy and dented in one spot the size of a softball. Of course the doctor couldn't see what I meant and he said it looked good!!!

Finally after all these years I think my tummy is flat!! Please excuse all the drain hoses and phone chargers. Getting this shower was challenging but I feel like a new person!! Hopefully this will continue to get smaller as swelling goes down. So far I'm very pleased :)
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