Finally Getting Braces at 37 - Huntsville, AL

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I recently consulted by dentist about getting...

I recently consulted by dentist about getting Invisalign. I've never had braces, and was always told I wouldn't need them, but when my wisdom teeth came in, my mouth got a little crowded and removing them didn't help the teeth move back. My dentist said I was a good candidate and that he could provide them through his office.

I came back a few months later (after adding orthodontia to my dental plan and putting my out of pocket expenses into a flexible spending account) to do the molds. I go back in Thursday, September 1st to have the trays delivered and get the full treatment plan laid out. At this point, I have not had extensive discussions with my doctor about how many trays, or if I will need attachments. I thought that appointment would happen before the trays arrived (and I paid) but I had to do that all up front. Presuming Thursday I'll get the first tray put in.

I will post some photos soon of the before teeth.

In the meantime, I'm on Amazon ordering outies to remove the trays, flosser sticks, chewies to help seat the trays, retainer cleaner, a retainer bath, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental gum. I already have some pain relieving mouthwash. Anything else I might need?


Some before pics. I'll try to get official ones from my dentist.

Day 1

Went to the dentist today to get my treatment plan and first tray. I'll be doing 18 trays, so about 9 months of treatment. I ended up with 13 attachments across all my front teeth, which doesn't make me happy at all. I also had to get gaps filed between my lower front teeth. .2 in some areas and .4 between others. I go back in two weeks to do a little more filing and get my next few trays.

So far they're annoying but ok. My dentist filed the attachments so they aren't sharp. My trays aren't sharp either, that I notice. I have a bit of a lisp but it isn't bad. Tight but not painful. I took Advil ahead of time and I have just a touch of a headache, but that's it. I haven't tried taking them on and off yet. With 13 attachments even the dental assistant had trouble getting them off. My outie tools haven't arrived yet. I'm avoiding dinner in the meantime. Maybe the Invisalign Diet will work for me out of pure laziness.

Tray 4 Update

Since I was out of town last week, I didn't switch to tray 4 until Tuesday. I've come to really hate new tray day. I've had a headache most of the day and taking it out only makes it hurt worse when it goes back in. It's a vise-like feel on my jaw for the first day or two before I adjust. I did comparison pics but I don't really see much change yet. Lots of trays to go still.

One unusual thing that has happened to me twice is that I've torn my top tray. Same spot both times. I think there's a thin part and it's around the place I tend to pull on to remove the trays. It hasn't torn in half yet, but I have ripped the side of both tray 1 and tray 3. I've also had some staining from my Diet Coke habit. I can't take them out every time I drink and still hit 21-22 hrs a day, and I drink DC more than anything. I'm brushing/flossing/rinsing 4 times at a minimum and using the Retainer Brite every morning, but by the end of the two weeks, they're still slightly discolored.

Everything else seems to be going okay so far.

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