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Hi, I've been a member of this group for several...

I've been a member of this group for several months reading what you all have to say, but this is my first time posting anything. I have had to wear a bra since I was 7 years old. I was a DD when I graduated highschool. I was a tiny person then, wore a size 3 and was barely 5 ft. tall. Add a backpack and it was a nightmare. I remember one time my freshman year I fell and I was so top heavy with my boobs and my backpack I couldn't get up without help. Everyone was laughing at me. I guess even though I liked my boobs I felt like they didn't like me. They caused all kinds of problems like that. I've thought about having a breast reduction off and on since I was probably 19. I've had a lot of other health issues so it kept getting put on the back burner. When I got up to an H about a year and a half ago I was fed up. I lost all kinds of weight and that didn't do a thing. I spent 2+ hours a day in the gym and that didn't help either. In January or February of this year, after having a neck X- Ray and muscle relaxers from shoulder and back problems I started seriously looking in to it. I watched every you tube video I could find of people describing their experience, doing all kinds of web research etc. After looking at things in here for awhile I finally called my doctor. I guess she thought it was a good idea because she referred me for a consultation without even seeing me, she just told me to figure out where I wanted to go. I know a lady who is an oncology nurse, and had lots of breast cancer patients. She asked around and recommended someone for me. It took me till late March to decide. By the time I did I couldn't believe how fast things have been moving along! My consultation was in early April. It was a pretty good experience. We mostly discussed insurance. See, my right breast is significantly larger than my left, about 500cc's. He told me that for insurance to cover there had to be at least 500 from each side, making my left one a B and he didn't think he could safely make my right one that small. I told him that I had looked at the insurance policy and it said 500 from each side or 1,000 total. He had never heard of this. I sent his nurse a link to where I found it. And they submitted the request for taking 300 from one and about 750 from the other. I have Blue Cross insurance, just in case someone later has this problem. I would encourage anyone with this issue to research their policy for themselves. Somehow this had been BCBS's policy since 2012 and they still knew nothing about it. If I hadn't done my own research I would have to pay for the left completely out of pocket, or kept them as uneven as they are now. I was approved and scheduled within 4 weeks. I go under the knife Aug. 10th! So from when I talked to my doctor till the surgery was only about 5 months. From what I understand I've had an unusually easy time of it.

Less than a month to go!

Yesterday day was the one month point. I'm so excited I've been waiting for that one for awhile. Now it feels like It's close enough to start really preparing for it. (And here I thought nesting was only something pregnant women do!)

I would really love some suggestions from you ladies. What things did you do or not do preparation? What products were you favorite? Especially what surgery bras did you love and hate?
What's your recovery shopping/to do list?

What are you most looking forward to?

Hi everyone!
I'm 17 days away from this life changing surgery. I'm already having trouble sleeping because I'm so excited.
Yesterday my mom and I went shopping for things to wear in recovery. Being that I wear an H right now, nothing with front closure has been an option for me in a long time. The nurse I talked to in my pre - op this past Thursday said that after the first few days I should be able to put stuff on over my head... I'm not buying it. Partially from things I've read from you guys, and a lot because I ripped my bicep really bad a few years ago and have a screw in my shoulder that makes it already somewhat difficult. Add this and I don't think I'll be putting anything over my head for at least a month.

I didn't own anything front closing that actually fits. I have a few plaid flannel shirts that I wear buttoned half way with an undershirt in the fall. So shopping for this stuff got me thinking about all the wonderful things I will be able to wear that I haven't since middle school!
I've always been a huge fall girl. So I'm ecstatic about wearing my button up flannels by themselves, and being able to zip my puffy vests all the way up!
Obviously the whole not having to order bras online is a huge one. I think this will be the first time I can remember not crying when I go swimsuit shopping.
Oh, and wearing an empire waist and it not being in the middle of my boobs!
Or just wearing a shirt with a regular neckline and not being looked at like I'm a prostitute or something.
I used to hate how all my friends could wear the exact same thing as me, and look pretty, but on me it looked slutty.

What are some things you guys are most looking forward to wearing?

44.5 hours till scheduled surgery time!

This past week has been pretty rough. I've mentioned before that I have a lot of health problems. One being an immune deficiency. I'm out of work because I have a dizzy/heart racing issue that keeps me pretty immobile. So I don't go out very much (really bad for losing weight, let me tell ya!). We went to visit family the week before last which included my 3 year old niece's birthday party. I don't know if it was that or what, because I was out and about like everyday ( and completely worn out). Anyways Tuesday, the day after we got home, I had a terrible headache. I ended up with a bad fever by Wednesday but at that point I had to be really careful about what I took, because you have to stop taking anything with blood thinning properties a week out from surgery. I finally seem to be over the fever but still a sore throat and bad headache. At least the fever is gone though, I was so worried they wouldn't do the surgery!

I finally got around to taking a few pictures.


It's 3:30 am and I'm in a really nice private room in the surgical center. I was surprised they planned on me staying the night all along. I could not be more thrilled with every member of the staff whether it be dr Alison's or the surgical Center's they've all been wonderful! I think my surgery took a little over two hours. I haven't talked to the doctor yet, but he told my mom he was able to make them symmetrical (which is something I've never ever had), and that they are going to be a C just like I hoped.
I've had to get up and go to the bathroom like every hour to hour and a half from all the fluids. Something no one told me; it's excruciating to wipe after you go. At least it has been for me.
One major set back is that the Morphine drip makes me break out in hives really bad, like I'm totally miserable, but I guess it's better than feeling the brunt of the pain.
Most people I've heard from have said the lipo was the worst part... For me it's these stupid compression hose and the pulsing machine to keep the blood from clotting. It certainly isn't as painful, but it's driving me to insanity! And I have to wear the hose for 4 more days!

I didn't think I would get to see my new boobs so quickly; I thought it wouldn't be until tomorrow. The doctor likes to wait to have them redressed till he is there and can see the initial drainage and stuff. But mine was so soaked through they did it this afternoon. They said it wasn't uncommon to drain that much though. I was glad I couldn't see the stitches except the ones visible at the top part of my nipples and they still had tape on them. But I absolutely love them!! They're perky and full but a C!! I'm sure in a few months they won't be as much so, but he seems to think because of the density of my particular breast tissue and my age, that they should stay looking really good. I guess that's it for now!

Three days post-op

I'm running a fever but they said to expect that. The pain medicine keeps me in and out of sleep all day, which I'm appreciative of, but I'm starting to get antsy. I'm pretty swollen and bruised, but it doesn't look as bad as I had expected it to at this point. I'm trying not to look to closely at the shape and stuff since they still have to settle, and there's a lot swelling to go down. I think I'm going to be very happy with them though. I do not regret it at all.
With my insurance I only ended up paying $70, and I think that was probably for facilities or something. The surgery it's self had no cost to me. I've got a front view, side view, and then the bruising from the lipo. I expect there will be more swelling and bruising between now and Sunday. Hope this is helpful!

Everyone needs one of these!

My fever is lower today, and I got to take a shower (that was pretty excellent). I'm a little more alert today, but wish I wasn't; my head is killing me again. I will say that this pillow has been my best friend! We joined at the hip (or chest in this case) from the moment I left the hospital. I just happened upon it on Pinterest while searching for anything to do with breast surgery. I found the dimensions and my grandmother made it for me. It was perfect for cushioning me from the seatbelt, and giving my sides extra padding after the lipo, it helps keep ice packs in place. I'm seriously obsessed!

2 weeks post surgery

I'm just over two weeks out post surgery. I've become more used to my new size. I know a tong of people were talking about those front hook closing bras from Walmart. I gotta say; I'm not a fan. I bought in all about 8 or 9 of them. Because of swelling I originally bought a size up. The band on it was awful I was in so much pain! So we went back and got a them in 3 different sizes (at different times) by the time I got a size that didn't make my incisions scream it was so loose that my boobs were not protected in the slightest, they moved around and hurt. I had one that was tolerable, but still kinda unpleasant. Mostly around the house I wear my Velcro surgical bra they gave me over a tank top so the Velcro doesn't bother me.
I've finally gotten to wear I can pull things over my head a little and I found a few shelf type spaghetti strap bras at old navy for 47 cents! They're my favorite. I only wear those if I'm going somewhere. The surgical bra, and the Walmart bras are almost impossible to completely conceal. You have to wear a crew neck to cover it up, but then you can still see the outline of the Velcro and the wrinkles from the gatheredness on the Walmart ones. So I'm super glad I can wear a regular top with the old navy ones.
The last few days I've been in a lot more pain than I had been in the couple days before that. I'm not sure if it's because I have occasionally been pulling things over my head, or maybe because in my sleep I keep trying to roll over on my sides. Possibly it's just nerves coming back to life. But the bruising has become more sensitive. The absolute worst is the cold. When we go to a really chilly restaurant or something the pain is insane. I don't remember seeing anyone mention that, so maybe it's just me, but the cold is so not my friend!
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