Currently 36C Hoping For Fuller Bust - West Virginia

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Ok, I'm very new at this whole thing & have SO...

Ok, I'm very new at this whole thing & have SO many questions. I recently went for a consult with a doctor whom I think I can safely say is pretty professional on Nov 6th. I am 5'2 and 135lbs (I hate admitting that weight lol) and I am naturally a high C low D cup. I am looking to get bigger because I want that fuller look and perkier than what I have now. The doctor & I settled for 650cc gel under the muscle for a natural but bigger look. I want my surgery to happen sometime in Jan of 2014. My question to anyone who will answer is that because I am already a high C low D will 650cc give me the look I want to achieve? He kept trying to talk me down from getting anything higher than that. I went into the office wanting like 700cc implants but he said because of my frame they would look way too big. I am wondering how big that would actually look on someone my size but I cant seem to find ANY pictures to help me visualize how it would look if I pushed him to give me 700cc. Im Already getting boob greed & I dont even have the implants yet! I am just so nervous that I am going to spend all that money & it not be what I want. I keep reading that if people are naturally bigger like a C cup the implants would look huge. I dont fully understand what that means or why it would make a difference. Can anyone explain that to me?? I will post more when I get more prepared but I am in desperate need of other people's advice in this matter. Thank You All So Much! Here are pictures I want to achieve that full look but I'm not really sure what each woman's height/weight/bust is...

Ok So Change Of Plans

Ok so I recently received a phone call from I guess it was the American Board of Medicine & they were giving me alternatives to some surgeons & highly recommended a Dr. Hauw Han from Ohio & now I am wondering if anyone out there has had him or has heard of him & could give me some reviews on his work. I would greatly appreciate it! Also, I found some more wish pics I wanted to share, I think im a monster with this now lol
Dr. Spindel

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