28 Years Old. 5'3" 140lbs. A Cup to 500cc - Huntington, WV

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My surgery is in 2 days ???? and I'm beyond...

My surgery is in 2 days ???? and I'm beyond excited. Getting nervous also. I'm a small a cup going to 500cc memory gel submuscular implant. I'm hoping for a D cup. I'm 5'3" and weigh 145lbs. (I'm 25% body fat so pretty muscular build). I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and ended up buying a 32DD and DDD bra. That's what they all recommended. But I believe there bras are made small. That would be even better if I was DD. I'm so excited for Tuesday to come! I'll be posting pictures each day of my healing process if I'm not sleeping away ????

My concerns:

-pain (I have ice packs ready to go, pain meds, and heat pack for back. I also read on here lots of pineapple juice helps with pain. I'll get that today.) What else does everyone recommend for pain

-stretch marks.
What does everyone use?

-implants dropping?!
I don't know anything about this! I didn't realize it takes time for them to drop. How long does this take?

One more day

Tomorrow is my surgery. I can't wait. Doctor calls today for a specific time. I think I have everything ready. I'm just hoping I come out with a D cup or DD. Anyone else about an a cup going to a 500cc implant?

Day 1 post op

Today is day one after my surgery. I'm tight and sore. Having more pain in my ribs than anything. BUT I'm so disappointed! They don't looks big at all! I feel like I only went from an A cup to B cup. I was hoping 500cc would lead me to at least a D. Anyone else hear about this? I mean I thought 500cc was a large implant. Even for under muscle. I'm so sad ????
Dr. Michael Spindel

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