28.yo Develped P.E Annd Major Infection - Huntington, NY

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I need to know if anyone else had gone through...

I need to know if anyone else had gone through this I am feeling depressed bc I am hospitalized for a week now. Behind my incision was a large abscess that I had to have cleaned (being put under) 3x sofar hooked to a woundvac bc the wound is left open.. on iIV antibiotics, have a pulmonary embolism on top of it so I am on blood thinners.. just looking to hear if this has happened to anyone else

update to my infection

So after a week in the hospital.. still here but some answers received there were two bacterias found in my wound.. one of which they believe the source was my IUD bc one bacteria was a bacteria associates with the vagina.. so they removed the IUD and changed my antibiotic. Still on the wound vac with the wound left open. Possibly will go home Tuesday but with the wound vac and many followups to attend...

All fixed

Well I am finally off the picc line I feel great. Still dealing with the after effects of having an embolism but soon ti be over with that too!

One year later

Jan 212015 will make one year since my surgery, this year has been horrible after my tummy tuck and embolism, my cat scan showed a tumor in my chest so in August I had another surgery which resulted in Horner's to my right eye, so now I'll need corrective surgery for that this year. However, I'm still going strong and don't regret the tummy tuck even with the aftermath.

Just some photos

I think my tummy tuck could have been better I see photos of others and see there results are awesome and mine... Ehh not so much , yes I still need to lose weight but I still feel I should've met with more doctors and wish I knew of the website!
dr Jonathan lebowitz

Absolutely charming, nice, personable, lovely staff..

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