Sculptra. Pondering This Decision For Months - Huntington, NY

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Ok, so I have been pondering this decision for...

ok, so I have been pondering this decision for months. I have lost so much facial fat from just 3 years ago. I did not lose any weight, just my face got very thinned out. I am so tired of people asking me (looking surprised), "Have you lost weight", and "Why are you so skinny?". The big one I get is ALWAYS..."You look so tired."

I have lost so much confidence, and I barely want to smile anymore because I have so many lines on the sides of my mouth (they look like parenthesis, I don't know if those are marionette line??.) I am only 43 and could only imagine what I'll look 10 years from now!!! I was PETRIFIED getting this done. I saw 3 different dermatologists (not necessarily for me), one dr. I asked while my son was getting a plantar's wart removed. They ALL recommended the same thing for me-sculptra.

After reading all these posts, people getting lumps, disfigured, I was so scared, terrified actually. I trusted this dr, and he seemed very knowledgeable and he was a recommended SCULPTRA trained dr from SCULPTRA's website. I decided to go ahead with it...

First of all, it wasn't the most comfortable procedure by any means, although I wouldn't know what to expect as this was the first time I did anything to my face. They marked up my face, and then put numbing cream on it...I still felt it, but it was bearable. Some spots more tender then others. I was uncomfortable in the chin area especially. Other than one lump (but more of a swelling where the injection site was),I barely have any bruises. Maybe a very few lights ones around the mouth and nothing that couldn't be covered well w/ a concealer. I was shocked that all I really see are little dots, almost like the tiniest hive where the needle went, which he said will subside w/in a few days. A little swelling on the cheeks, but nothing terrible and I believe from just 3 hours ago and after he iced it, it has already gone down.

I will wait to see the results, although I liked what I saw even before I left the office. However, they say that will go down until my own collagen will begin to fill back out. He said I should see a difference w/in 4-6 weeks, and at that time he will reassess my face and only decide then if I need another treatment. He believes I will need 1 more treatment (I had 2 vials this time), and doubts I will need a 3rd as some people need at least 3 treatments-mostly older women...

I will post again in a week or two, to let you all know how it is, but so far nothing I was expecting, since I was so scared and almost expecting the worst and hope I will not have any adverse reactions. My dr said, he has rarely seen any lumps or adverse effects in all the times he has done this procedure.

I did it to restore lost volume, especially in my temple area and cheeks...I hope this helps and if anyone performs this on you, make sure you know if he's recommended, and has pictures to show for it, etc. He was VERY meticulous and kept backing up to make sure it was symmetrical, etc. He did not rush and took about 1/2 hour maybe a little more for for only 2 vials. That was the one thing all the girls told me in the office (that work there, and have had him do fillers-he never rushes, and is really very good at what he does.

I took a chance, which is how I felt after reading so many posts, and hope it continues to give me positive results. good luck to anyone who will be doing it! The only thing as of now is that I definitely came home and needed to take Advil, my face felt very sore and tender in a few places. I also have to massage 5 minutes, 5x for the next 5 days. That was it-

Tried to post, but don't see it...the next day II...

Tried to post, but don't see it...the next day II had a little more discomfort but fine w/Aleve. 2nd day (today) I hv less pain, a little more swelling but when I took Aleve, the swelling went down. My bruises are a little darker today, but small, and nothing I can't cover up well...I wish I could just relax...I have complete anxiety reading all these posts w/ bumps and bad reactions so many months later-I'm definitely scared. My dr seemed very confident that he has not seen these bad reactions that I discussed w/him prior, but a few slight bumps-not very often-that are not visible to the eye? But perhaps felt under the skin...he said it is placed deep, and that should not happen. I still hv slight swelling I guess, because I still appear a little filled in...I'll try and post pics. I hope this is helpful!!
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