48 Year Old Male, Gum Lift and 8 Veneers on Top - Huntington, NY

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I used to have really nice teeth. As with...

I used to have really nice teeth. As with everything on our bodies, time takes it's toll. I have a pretty bad case of receding gum line due to over-brushing, and my teeth have become crowded and no longer straight. I go in Thursday to start the procedure. The wax ups look great, but to say I'm extremely nervous is an understatement. I initially was scheduled to do this months ago but got cold feet and cancelled the night before we were to begin. I just needed to make sure this is what I want and needed the extra time to convince myself. I am ready now. I decided to share my experience and hopefully provide you with information that can help in your decision. As you can see in these "before" photos, my gum line is receding, but thankfully it isn't visible when I smile. Also notice how my back teeth have inverted, and the front four are fighting for space. One of my front teeth is also starting to invert. It isn't as noticeable from the front, but is clearly noticeable from the side. My top teeth have also worn down quite a bit. I've also had my teeth bleached a few times through the years, but I plan on going slightly brighter with the veneers. I will post more pictures after I get the temporaries this Thursday the 19th.

Gum lift complete

The day has finally arrived! Just completed the gum lift by Dr. Anthony Polimeni. No pain & no problems, really quick procedure. He used a laser to sculpt and even out my gum line on the back teeth. Starting the procedure for my temps in half hour, nervous and excited!

Gum lift photo

My temps are in, so far so good!

I am very pleased with my temps! You can read all the reviews and personal stories on the internet regarding veneers, but there is nothing that can prepare you for the actual process. As stated at the beginning of my "journey", I am sharing my experience with you in hopes that it will help you make an informed decision. So here it goes, my experience with the temps....but first, I have to say, the entire staff at Huntington Bay Dental is outstanding and Dr. Adamo Notarantonio is a true artist. He had my wax ups on the counter for me to see (I only saw a pic of them in an e-mail and couldn't get a size reference) but in person they looked great and sized perfectly. (this immediately eliminated my fear of my veneers looking big and bulky). So after he explained the whole process of putting in the temps, we went to work. Thank god for Novacaine! It was a pretty grueling process of grinding/preparing the teeth, and it took some time. There were a lot of steps involved, and even though he gave me a hand held mirror to have a look if I wanted, I decided to not get in his way or interrupt the proceedings. Finally, the temps were bonded in and he went to work on them like a master sculptor. With a little grinder tool and polishing buffer tool, he gave the teeth some shape and form. (this is where the real "artistry" and "craft" comes in to play). When I was finally upright and looked in the mirror, I was thrilled. I'm happy with the shape and sizes of the teeth. I had sent him photographs of what I liked and we discussed in great detail my desires/wishes in my initial consultation, so make sure you have an open line of communication with your dentist and tell him what you want! (be sure to listen to his advice as well). We then discussed shade (we decided B1), opacity, and texture for the veneers. (these are all things that will give your veneers a realistic look). Dr. Adamo took photographs throughout the procedure, I will share them with you when available. As for pain, it was minimal, even after the Novacaine wore off 8 hours later. It was mostly just uncomfortable listening to and feeling the grinder go to work on my teeth. As for the psychological toll, the thought of grinding and ruining my real teeth (there's no going back!) was probably the hardest thing I've had to go through with this whole process. I was also worried about walking around for a month with temps on. But I can honestly say I am happy I did this and pleased with the temps and not worried about people seeing me with them. And the veneers will only look better! I look forward to my next appointment March 18th and will post the final review and photographs...

Veneers are in and I love them!

I had waited for the day for my veneers for so long, it was worth the wait. All the mental anguish was a complete waste of time! I am so happy with the results, Dr. Adamo is an incredibly gifted and talented cosmetic dentist and a true innovator in his field. I found a great new friend for life. Traveling from LA to NY to have him do the work was completely worth it and worth every penny on the additional costs for travel. Plus, it was such an exciting journey, an adventure that I hope many people get the opportunity to experience. Flying in to JFK, taking the AirTram to Jamaica Station to the LIRR to Huntington is a breeze, and I stayed at a super nice Hilton 15 minutes from Dr. Adamo's practice, so it was a piece of cake. Once again I found myself in his chair, and after the novocaine, I didn't feel much during the placement of the veneers. It is a bit uncomfortable, but I got through it, and when he handed me the mirror to inspect I was so overjoyed and blown away! Although I was pretty swollen and numb from the novocaine and my smile wasn't working properly, the veneers looked great. We chose B1 for the final shade, with little white natural markings and a rough surface, just like a real tooth. As you can see in the "before - temps - veneers" trilogy photo attached, my gums did suffer minor trauma from the reshaping, but I am happy to say that as of today, almost 2 weeks from veneer placement, my gums are back to normal. The bottom photo is also tilted just a tad, but I assure you they are perfectly even in my mouth. The veneers look like better versions of my original teeth! So happy! Dr. Adamo, you are the man...

Dr. Anthony Polimeni will be performing the gum recontouring procedure, Dr. Adamo Notarantonio is doing the temps/veneers. They are the masters of their craft and I am fortunate to have found them. I live in Los Angeles, which is filled with cosmetic dentists, but I chose to have this done with them in NY. Stay tuned for review and photo updates...

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