32 Years Old. No Kids, Overweight Most of my Life - Huntington, NY

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Ive had gyno since 10. Being overweight and...

Ive had gyno since 10. Being overweight and working overnights since I was 18yrs old hasnt helped much either. So in april of 2016, I made the disciplined effort to lose weight (I've lost 10lbs since april, just by dieting and drinking LOTS of water) .

Now that im so focused on my weight, I've also become focused on my gyno, hence why Im here.

I did some research and settled on a doctor to my liking (check out his videos on youtube !).

Today (7-12-16) is my consultation and I will update pics and reviews as I proceed through the process.

consultation 7/12/16

Had consultation yesterday. According to the Dr (and as you can obviously tell from the pictures) Im a candidate for his gland incision and the vaserlipo ( youtube him and check out his MOST CURRENT VIDEOS on his technique). The thing that drew me to Lebowitz is that his technique doesnt leave your chest looking deformed or like you actually had surgery.

In the mean time I will continue to diet and bring my weight down. I will update again the day before the surgery. Stay tuned.

switching to one meal per day

so I recently read about a guy by the name stanley mcchrystal . He's a retired military general who runs 7-8 miles per day, sleeps only 4 hours per day and he eats one meal per day. The man is 62 years old and he looks amazing.

I read a bunch of books on one meal per day and read studies on how mice who ate once per day lived longer than those who didnt. Needless to say, I'm going to give it a shot up until the day of my surgery

surgery completed, very satisfied so far

Procedure completed! So far so good!

I couldnt maintain my 1meal a day diet while in so much pain, so I gained 4lbs. But as of yesterday, Im back on my diet.

I will post weekly updates and respond to any questions anyone has in regards to the procedure or about Dr. lebowitz.

best decision I ever made. Best doctor ever

Im still swollen and tinder in chest area and under arm area.

The pics don't do it justice, Im very satisfied and I only see myself getting better.

Im down to 240lbs from 253lbs in july and from 263lbs in April. My goal is 185, then clean bulk back up to 205-210lbs.

Still eating one big meal day (all natural food, nothing processed whatsoever). And drinking one gallon of water daily. Started this parasite tea cleanse which ill be on for about 2 weeks (trying to rid my body of all the meds I was taking).

Starting my workout routine october 1st.

still swollen :-(

Some fluid (SEROMA) build up

Im still swollen with some hardness (scarring from healing) under the skin. Using the small handheld pizza roll, helps with removing the hardness but obviously it comes back as the nipple area continues to heal. I have small fluid build up and I drain it myself. It hurts like a $&@^@% but you get used to it. I SERIOUSLY ADVISE AGAINST CHECKING WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU NEED TO DRAIN. IF YOU ATTEMPT TO DRAIN, YOUR DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!.

trying to drop down to 180-185lbs

been crazy busy so no updates. Down from 240lbs to 232lbs eating one meal a day. Just read the book by Dr. Jason Fung- Obesity Code.

On my last update I started exercising for a week (no cardio), doing german volume training and I started to develop Seroma buildup and swelling in my chest; so for now I stopped.

2 weeks ago i went to doctor to have steriod injection in my chest to rid some of the hardness but it seems to have come back.

I will post pics sometime after the new year.


loose as much weight as you can BEFORE a gyno procedure especially If your in the obese category such as myself. Your post op experience will be much better, secondly it help the doctor do a better job, and lastly if you develop saggy skin from the weight loss, the doctor will be able to correct it in the same procedure as opposed to you having to go in and doing a revision. Just my opinion.
Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz

Lebowitz is very active on the social media scene and is always updating his pics and detailing his techniques and completed procedures. I havent had the surgey to date, but based on his videos, I feel hes a master of his art and is very confident in his work. Also his front desk person is just amazing with customer service. if your contemplating getting surgery, bookmark my review and see how this pans out. Also, go watch lebowitz's newest youtube videos and judge for yourself. UPDATE: 9/12/16 now that the procedure is done, I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. lebowitz. Cares about his patients, loves what he does, takes his job serious and tells you like it is, no sugar coating. Also, if your from out of town and you need to see him late, he will get out of his bed and come to your hotel. The man's a real gem in the world of gyno. 5 star all around, you won't be disappointed. Im only 5 days post op and will update weekly

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