25 Years Young One Child and Desperately Needs a Reduction - Huntington, NY

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I finally got approved from my insurance! The wait...

I finally got approved from my insurance! The wait is over! I'm 25 years old and currently a 38DD and want to go down to a full C. I've always had a big chest and having this dream come true the feeling is indescribable!
My surgeon made me feel so comfortable and I can say I trust her with this big step! We went over everything on my visit! I've been calling her office non stop and just her staff alone is amazing! Let the count down begin!


As time is flying by and I'm only two weeks away from surgery I can't seem to shake this feeling! My biggest fear is I won't be able to go back to work on time! I'm a bus driver and as of now am laid off for the summer but my first day back is sept 3 and my surgery is the 27! Although it's not an office job I am sitting and obviously driving! Anyone on here that had this procedure can give me some advice in how long their recovery was and when you were able to get a clearance to drive! ?My surgeon said I should be ok but others take 2 weeks !!!

Anxiety is in full effect!!

Well today I woke up feeling different! I started getting shortness of breathe and just overall do not feel myself! I know it has to do with all the emotions I'm going through since my surgery is right around the corner! My husband will be off the day of surgery but can't take off any other days! His job is rediculous! So now I'm trying to find a sitter for my son and am trying to see if I can stay overnight in the hospital because if not I would have to go to the surgeon the day after to do something with the drains if I'm not mistaken! Everything is hitting me all at once! Keeping positive though and pray that something will turn out good to ease my stress! Other then that I went and purchased my 1000 mg vitamin c and tom will be getting the other meds I need! I went to target to try and find a sports bra with the clips in the front and they had none! Does anyone know where I can get one? Also what else should I buy besides what's in the list my surgeon gave me? Any other recommendations would be great! :)

Finally found my a bra for surgery!

Well after going into store after store I finally found a bra for after surgery! Before I went so shit. And giggles I went into LOFT or some store close I can't remember lol anyway I told my husband I just wanna get measured to see what size I am. I've always been up and down with my weight and before my son and aftery son I was in a 38DD my son is now 2 1/2 and as of today I got measured and I was a 36 DD! Woah big deal I said lol. I really thought I was bigger since I'm getting smaller but these things just don't wanna go for nothing but oh well! Anyway! I went into Walmart and found the bras I needed thank you to whoever recommended on here! It saved me a lot of stress so thanks again. I also managed to pick up surge rival tape and pads. I also stopped and got my arnica pills and cream! I'm just curious I anyone else was instructed to rake them before the surgery? My surgeon told me to take the vitamin c and Attica pills before and obviously after but on the bottle of the pills it states to chew and let it dissolve!? I know it's a dumb question but what's the difference if I just swallow them then to chew them? Lol. If anyone can answer that I would appreciate it!

Posted are some pics of my new bra before surgery !!

One more day!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day! I have so many emotions going through me that I can't seem to sit still! I made a check list and hoping I got everything I need!

Today is the day!!

Well today is the day! I woke up today not nervous at all! I got my lil man dressed and ready had a great morning with him and dropped him off to daycare! Now the hubby just took me to walmart and picked up some soap and a button down! Now that I'm only a few miles away from the hospital my anxiety is in full affect! Everyone keep me in your prayers and I will update everyone as soon as I can!

Taking it easy!

Yesterday was the big day for me and it went pretty well! The nurses were amazing! So nice and helpful! They had a hard time getting my Iv in so the anaesthesiaoligist did the magic! I got to the hospital at 11 and was rolling in to the or about 1ish! Before that I was able to see my doctor and here assistant Olga who happened to be the sweetest women on earth! She did my markings and asked about size! We both agreed either a full c or c would be great so I will see what I end up with!
All I remember is going into the OR and then switching me from on bed to the next and then waking up in recovery! I had a hard time waking up but I do remember finally being alert at 4:30! They didn't give me pain killers till I woke up so I was in a lot of pain and was very very nausaaus! After about an hour I was able to feel a bit better and they realised me! I did eat when I got home and then shortly after took my medication and nausa meds! Sleeping was uncomfortable to me and my back is killing me. Today the hubby is going to buy more pillows! The pain as of now on a scale from 1-10 is about a 5 most of it is just being uncomfortable. Today I didn't take my medication but I took Tylenol so hopefully that works! I go back to the surgeon today at 2! It looks like a long road to recovery for me but I have a high tolerance for pain and I know everything will be worth it in the end! Thank you all for the well wishes! I will be keeping everyone posted when I can! Xo

3 days pos

Last night was the first time I was able to take a shower! It felt so good I didn't wanna get out! Everything seems to be looking nice but time will tell! I'm in minor pain Nd have just been taking Tylenol but the worst pain is in my back and neck! Ugh! Sleeping on my back is so hard for me! I go to get my draines taken out on Tuesday so I'm hoping the pressure that I feel will go away after they take then out! Anyone who had them taken out before does it hurt? And do you feel relief afterwards?

Alittle concerned of one my breast!

So I'm a little concerned that one of my breast is badly swollen and bruised and is a lot fuller! It looks like one of my breast is a full c and one is a small c! I'm also concerned of how they are shaped underneath it kinda goes on a slant! Is this normal? Am I just really swollen? If anyone can let me know if they experienced this it I would appreciate it!

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