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I have lost a lot of weight and have kept the...

I have lost a lot of weight and have kept the weight off. With that weigh loss I had loss mass in my beast and decreased a number of cup sizes. I used to be a 36DDD now I wear a 34D. My entire life I always had large breast but never were happy with them. Especially, now that I have lost such a large amount of mass, I feel deflated and very uneven. After visiting with my selected surgeon I felt this would most definitely be the right choice for me.

Tomorrow is the day!

I am all set and have my bag ready to go which has my surgery bras. I have to be at the surgeons office at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I'm slightly nervous and very anxious for this. Can't wait to start a new chapter :) I took some before pictures can't wait to see what they are like after

2 days post-op

Everything went well and I haven't had pain. It most definitely feels weird and a slight pressure on my chest but the procedure went smoothly. I have been taken it easy and not moving around much since I want to assure I properly heal. I actually haven't seen my breast in a mirror since they have been done. Today I snapped a few quick pictures since it feels funny to be out of a bra.

1 week post breast lift & reduction in the right

Today the drains were removed!

The removal of the drains was not painful and the doctor instructed me that I would continue to drain a little bit and not to be alarmed.. I am keeping gauze on the area to collect fluid. She was pleasantly surprised how well I was doing and the fact that I went out with friends this past Friday..

I am pretty much full of energy but have to remember to take it easy since I don't want to over excert myself since I am healing. The incisions on the left breast look amazing and I am very pleased with it, the right breast is the one that was reduced so I wasn't expecting it to be exactly the same as the left one. But it still looks pretty good.

I luckily skipped the dark bruising and I'm just slightly yellow-ish from minimal bruising. I highly recommend vitamin C and the arnicare tablets prior to surgery (which my surgeon instructed I take pre and post)

Now i am using cocoa butter on my breast in the areas that do not have incisions since I feel tightness and slight stretching. No one wants stretch marks so I'm keeping my chest moisturized.

Update- close to 1 month post op

Everything is healing fine and I am so pleased with the incisions. I had all the stitches removed now and the doctor had to reopen my drain area to let out fluid that my body created. It is common that this occurs, so she opened the area a tiny little bit and squeezed out the trapped fluid. I had to see her three times in the last week to repeat this process. In all honestly, after my two week mark I started doing and hour and a half of cardio.. Speed walking on the treadmill after doing that twice my body naturally produced this fluid. The only way to resolve the issue is to take it easy. So that is what I have been doing. The threat of having a drain put back in was not ideal. So I have not walked or been active. Otherwise my recovery has been amazing. I have no pain, I barely even bruised thanks to the arnicare tablets that were recommended by my suregeon. So now I am patiently waiting for everything to completely heal up and begin using the maderma to help reduce the fine lines.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the results so far and looking forward to need clothes. The best part about this is they my breast are now in proportion to my body and I feel much more confident. Everyone who was aware I was having this procedure thought that I was absolutely crazy and said there was nothing wrong with my chest. They were unaware of how a great bra could hide flaws. I feel Amazon and confident and anyone who is considering this procedure, go for it!

9 month post op Update breast lift and reduction

9 months post op

I have had no difficulties or issues since the last update. I went all summer in triangle top bikinis, which I was never able to wear before. As well, my wardrobe change most definitely! There are no restrictions on what I can wear I am no longer obligated to wearing a bra and I love that!!

I believe I am still healing since my scars continue to fade. I use the scar-away silicone scar strips to help. As well, I am still using mederma for the scars as well.

The only complaint i have that randomly in the middle of my scar on my left test became itchy. The itch was not one that could be scratched away. It would come and go at very random and lasted about a week or so. Not sure what that was but since then nothing has bothered me. I provided photos labels 6&9 month post op.

I hope this post helps someone whose debating whether they should book a surgery or not. This was by far the best thing I could have done. I feel light a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. literally! It was never a regret or mistake and I urge anyone who feels constricted by their breast to take the leap. I know they are just 'boobs' but this helped me with my self image and my self esteem. I feel better and I look better. This was not something I did for anyone else but myself. This was a game changer in my life and I love the new me!!

1year post op breast lift & reduction

January 25th was my one year since I had my breast lift and reduction. I can not say anymore great things about my surgeon since phenomenal covers it. I am very pleased with my incisions. As well, I am pleased with the overall work. I feel like I have gained a new self confidence that I never had before. It is such a liberating moment for myself in the dressing rooms where I can try whatever I want on. I no longer have the huge, uneven chest holding me back. The procedure was worth every dollar in my mind.

I also am now 6 sessions into laser tattoo removal. Looking forward to the results of that
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was very thorough and clear with how she would preform the procedure. She was not pushy and did not try to convince me to do implants. She was very sweet and answered every question that I had.

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