Once Blurry, but Now I SEE!!! Huntington Beach, CA

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I have severe astigmatism, make wearing contacts...

I have severe astigmatism, make wearing contacts uncomfortable. I would wear glasses as well, but still experience discomfort due to headaches I would get. I would get them anywhere from 3-4 times a week and would nearly feel immediate relief once I took my contacts out or took off my glasses. What good that does, since I need both to see clearly!! I have toyed around with this procedure on and off for 7 years and finally got the nerve to get it done. Where I'm from the "well known" doctor charges 2-3k MORE than what I had it done for. My father in-law had his eyes done last year while he was visiting some family, so this year when we were planning our trip I joked about him getting me an appointment with his Dr. I had my appointment and if all went well and I decided to go through with it I would have my surgery preformed the very next day (after the consultation).

5/23 Friday was the initial consult, where he gave me an eye exam and wrote up Rx's I would need over the next 2 weeks. 5/24 Saturday at 8:00 pm was when I was to show up. Over a corse of 2 hours they gave me Valium to relax and put in numerous drops. The whole procedure only took 15 minutes. I was completely numb, and concentrated on all of the instructions they gave me. Focusing on the little blinky dot. The only discomfort I felt during the procedure was firm pressure on my eyeball when they put a suction cup type thing on my eye to keep it from moving. The little tool the used to keep your eye open wide didn't bother me at all, which I was NERVOUS about. I also thought I would want to blink since it's a natural instinct but I didn't even think twice about it, and didn't feel the NEED to. Which was very comforting because I was freaked out about that. After both eyes were completed they tape these AWESOME plastic cups over your eyes and their instructions to me was to go home, and close my eyes and take the Xanax they prescribed to me. Once it wore off I was to take another one. When we got to our condo, I took the meds and went to sleep and could feel my eyes just crying and watering and I felt like I was squeezing them closed. I think at that moment the numbing drops started to wear off and I was starting to feel more anxiety then anything and I slept for 20 minutes before begging for the other meds to take. I slept through the night and was golden!! The next morning my eyes were swollen, and it felt like I had a dirty contact or a contact inside out in my left eye.. I put in two different medicated drops in each eye 1 drop each 4 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Before bed). I also had drops with no preservatives I could add to my eyes anytime they felt itchy or dry. 5/25 Sunday I had a follow up, and within 12 hours of my surgery I had 20/20 vision!!! WOO HOO!!

I experienced that feeling in my left eye, like something was in it and I couldn't get it out or rub it for a few days. By the following Friday (a week from my consult) I felt no discomfort at all and felt BRAND NEW! I had to go 2 weeks without wearing ANY face or eye makeup also. I also wore those protective cups at night for 2 weeks as well. I am not to really RUB my eyes for 3 months, which I think I will do just fine with. Since this procedure I have only had 1 headache due to being dehydrated. So I'm THRILLED that I have felt immediate relief since my surgery!!

I was scared at first to get this done, in fear they would mess up and I would be blind. I immediately felt comfortable and trusted this Dr. and I knew this would be a great thing for me to do. I'm so glad I didn't let my fear overcome me, because this has been the BEST gift I've given myself.
Dr. Arbi Melikian

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