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A little about my self. I'm 21 years old, 5'2,...

A little about my self.
I'm 21 years old, 5'2, 120lbs and currently a deflated 34D and very unpleased with the size, volume and shape of my breasts.
in High School I was a full 34B and after HS my boobs grew into a full 34C, which I was pleased with, especially because my boobs were nice and round and perky and I had nice light nipples, but I always wanted DD so I had always planned on getting implants for my 21st birthday. Since I got pregnant when I was 20 that didn't happen. During my pregnancy my breasts grew up to a 34DD and I loved them. They were nice and round and full and very perky but once I stopped breastfeeding my son they quickly started deflating and sagging.
A few months ago I decided that I was going to fix my breasts to boost my self esteem. While doing my research I realized that most likely I was going to need a lift so when my doctor told me that I did indeed need a lift it wasn't much of a surprise. During my first consultation my Dr went over the procedure he would do to lift my breasts. He recommended an Anchor lift with no augmentation, but I told him that an augmentation was a must for me. He then went on to tell me that if I chose to do the augmentation he would recommend me going with only 350CC's and if I wanted them bigger not to go any bigger than 400CC's because since I'm already getting a lift, getting big implants would eventually lead to another lift.
While trying on the sizers I tried to keep in mind everything he told me but decided to go with 400CC's rather than just 350.
I have my surgery schedule for September 3, 2016 and I'm so excited to share my BL/BA journey with you all

Blood work, prescription drugs and weight loss

This week I got my blood work done (I went to Lab Corp since my insurance covers it). I also got my medications (which was also covered by my insurance) my doctor prescribed me Keflex (500mg) to fight bacteria and treat infections, Norco (5mg/325mg) pain reliever, Phenergan (25mg) for nausea and Soma (350mg) muscle relaxer. I also lost 5lbs and feel as if my breasts got smaller, my 34C bras fit me much better than my 34D.
I've also been thinking that I might change the size of my implants to 375CC's, but so far it's just a thought, I'll make up my mind the day of my surgery.

Day of surgery

The day finally came!
One of the nurses called me yesterday to inform me that my arrival time had changed from 6 am to 7:15am. I got there 15 min early and still had to wait for at least 2 hours before they started prepping me. My surgery took about 2.5 hours. I did an anchor lift with implants. I had 375cc's put into my left breast and 400cc's on my right. I woke up on a great deal of pain at the clinic but once my pain killers started kicking in, I was ready to go. The drive back home (30min drive) wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've been taking my medication right on time and the pain has be tolerable. I'm also able to go to the restroom without any help, which is a huge plus. I've also been taking naps on my recliner which is 100x more comfortable than my bed. I've been walking little by little to avoid any blood clots.
So far everything is running smoothly, I'll keep you guys updated! xoxo

1day Postop

So far everything is going great. I'm still in pain but nothing severe. I felt well enough to go out to the mall and to my best friends grandmothers bday dinner. I'm still taking all my medications, which work wonders! Lol. The muscle relaxer's do get me a little drowsy but I don't mind it. My breasts are still sitting pretty high but that's normal. They feel more squishier than they did yesterday, which is a good thing. I'm also able to lift both my arms up for a short period of time so that's also a plus. My 1st Postop appt isn't until Tuesday, September 5, since its Labor Day weekend but I did take a peak at my incisions and I think they look great.
P.S aside from my prescribed medication I'm also taking Arnica Forte, which was recommended to me by my surgeon.

2 days Postop

2 days Postop and feeling very exhausted and drowsy. I'm still in a little bit of pain but nothing exaggerating. While I was running some errands today, I did notice that any sharp turns or sudden stops (made by the car) would hurt me, but like I said it was nothing exaggerating. My breasts do feel a bit heavier and more sore than yesterday. They also seem to have dropped a tad bit.
While looking at my breasts in the mirror, I did noticed that I have bruised in multiple areas, which was to be expected since I do bruise easily and I have not been taking it easy.
I am taking Arnika Forte which is suppose to help speed the healing process and also help with bruising, swelling and pain.
Hopefully by tomorrow some of the bruising has subsided.

1st Post-op Doctors visit

Today was my first Post-op Doctors visit. I was hoping my PS would take off the surgical tape he placed over my incisions, but he did not. He said he was going to leave them on for an entire week and that on my next visit (a week from today) he would switch them off with new ones.
He also said that the bruising and swelling is normal and was to be expected so not to worry about it and that overall i am recuperating at a fast rate.
I've noticed that I'm in less pain overall and feel less sore. I'm able to move my arms around without feeling soreness nor tightness. My breast have also dropped a little and the swelling has subsided a bit.
Its crazy to see what a difference a day can make!

4 days Post-op

Today was not a good day for my breasts! My almost one year old baby boy was being very difficult and I had to carry him, which was a big No-no. Since then my boobs have been aching and feeling extra sore and tight.

Appearance wise: I feel like everyday they change more and more! They're still very bruised as you can see but I feel like they're rounder and fuller. My surgical bra is starting to feel tighter and leaves marks on my breasts

4 days Post-op pics

Pics didn't load on previous post

4 days

Pictures not posting

I don't know why but my pictures have not been posting

9 day update

So my breast do not look symmetrical. Could it be because one is more swollen than the other?

2nd Follow up Appt

PS removed my surgical tape today and said I'm healing very well and is not concern with bad scarring since I have good skin.
I also started putting BioCorneum on my incisions. BioCorneum is a silicone gel scar treatment with SFP30.
My left breast is naturally 1 1/2 cm higher than my right and therefore has a smaller implant (375cc's) it is very noticeable at this stage since my right breast (400cc's) looks bigger and higher up but my PS says that once my breast drop and fluff they should look symmetrical.

2nd Follow Up appt

13 days Post-op

Still have some swelling and bruising but loving the results!

17 days post op

My breast have soften up and dropped a good amount since my last post! I feel like they're getting smaller which I hope is not the case! In the other hand My incisions are healing great ???????? which I'm very happy about.

Removed the last of my surgical tape

I feel as if my right breast (your left) is much bigger than my left. Also I've been getting zits all over my breast, is this normal? Could it be due to the moisturizer I'm using?

24 days Post-op

It's almost been a month since my surgery and I'm loving the results! I feel as if everyday my breasts change and start looking and feeling more natural! I also love the way my incisions are healing. I've seen a lot of reviews where patients have issues with spitting stitches, wound separation and/or poor scarring, but thankfully that is not my case. I have a good feeling that I will scar well and that my incisions won't be so noticeable.

1month postpartum

It's been a month since my surgery and my breast continue to change as the days pass by. In my opinion they do not look like fake pornstar tits, thankfully.

P.s. They don't look so big with clothes on, which I think is a plus!

2 months post-op

It's officially been 2 months and I'm still recovering!

4months post-op

No pain or discomfort whatsoever. I actually sleep on them most of the nights without any problems


8 months PostOp

It's been 8months! I love my results!
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