Breast Implants Coming out After Infection - Huntington Beach, CA

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Ok so where do i start.....i had breast implants...

Ok so where do i start.....i had breast implants in 04 the doctor had placed the pocket too high and for a year my nipples were at the bottom and over full on top. I was not happy with them so i decided to get them fixed in 05. I had gotten 500cc the first time and went with 700cc the second, way toooo big. I had 2 children after them so they got even bigger.

So a couple of months ago i decided i was done with the big watermelons and wanted to get them out with a full lift. So i found a doctor and talked about it with him, he told me he wanted to put smaller implants in because i wouldn't have upper pole fullness and wouldnt be happy. I didn't want to get implants again but got scared of how they would look decided he knew best and to go with the smaller implants. I had my surgery March 5, about a month ago. I got 230 cc filled to 300 high profile under the muscle...and a anchor lift.

Well last week i started to have pain in my right breast, the incision hurt underneath and was very red, i went to my dr. and he said i had a infection to not use my right arm and he put me on Cipo antibiotics. I went home that day and around 5 i was in bed and coughed all of a sudden i felt my shirt get wet, i stood up and lifted my shirt and saw all this grreen fluid pouring down my stomach and pants, it was seriously like a horror movie. If you have children the way i can describe it was like your water breaking but out of my boob. I just stood in the shower crying and shaking with the biggest fear to open my sports bra, i didn't want to look. All i was picturing was my incision open with my muscle hanging out! I called my fiance to come home and that something was wrong. I didn't look till he got there. When i did look it wasen't as bad as i thought but the bottom of the incision was open a little bit.

I called my Dr. and he said not to eat or drink anything because he probebly will be taking me back to the OR in the morrning. I stared crying, i didn't want to go into surgery again. I got there in the morning and they preped me to go back, he told me he was probebly going to have to remove the implant and i can get it put back in in 6 months. So i said ok and went into surgery. I got home and was so upset thinking i cant belive this happend to me. The next morning i went back for my post op i didn't want to look at my boob without the implant, i was picturing this flat piece of skin just hanging. I looked and it was fine! I told the dr. it didn't look bad at all, i liked it. I came home and kept looking at it, it was acually kinda what i wanted in the first place. I acually like it better the the one with the implant, it's cute and kinda reminded me of my original boobs.

So i have came to the decision to have him take the other one out. I go in next friday the 20th. I really cant wait to just get this other one out of me. It feels good on the one with it out, i like the feeling of nothing being in there. It sucks that i have to go into surgery a 3rd time in a month in a half but i dont want this other one. Im too scared of infection again if i get it replaced and to think i would have to have another surgery in 10 years to replace them. I dont want to go through that more surgeries and risk of infection, its not worth it. I have had big boobs for 7 years so it is kinda wierd having my little ones back, well one little one right now lol. I already see girls on TV with implants and question getting it out because i want to feel sexy, isen't that horrible. I feel like i need big boobs to feel sexy :( But honestly i see that and feel sad that i wont have them but then just picture green fluid running down my stomach and that feeling goes away lol! Its just not worth it. Hey there's always push up bras right! So just waiting for next week so i can get this other one out! Im scared to go into surgery again but i just have to think positive.

A couple more days till my surgery to remove my...

A couple more days till my surgery to remove my other implant! I'm scared (cause its surgery, I hate being put under it terrifies me) but also excited. After this hole nightmare I can know that it's over and now just time to heal and get back to normal!

It's over!!!! Thank god. Surgery went well was...

It's over!!!! Thank god. Surgery went well was only under a little over an hour. I had a panik attack before I went in, in the prep room :/ ugh it sucked I hate them, I haven't had one like that in awhile. It feels good to be implant free! In some pain though, I'm taking vicidin . I I had some drainage this past week on the right side that was infected the incision was open a little tiny bit again leaking a watery red fluid not green thank god! I think he took the stiches out and redid them or something because it hurts I don't know if he reopened it again cause he said he had to drain it, I just want that side iti heal dang it! I have another drain >_< on the side that was infected. Boo, I hate when they take it out it feels so uncomfortable. I just want to see my boobs how the other one looks, did I get stiches again, did he reopen the incision again on the infected side... All these thoughts I'm thinking , I will find out tomorrow. Well at least it's over now, just need the healing fairy to sprinkle some healing dust on me :)

I just want to thank all you ladies for the...

I just want to thank all you ladies for the comments and support, I truely feel I would be a nervous wreck without your guys. It really has helped a lot through all of this! Thank you again XoXo
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