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I am a couple of months away and I am nervous,...

I am a couple of months away and I am nervous, anxious, and excited all in one! I haven't found anyone who has the exact "before" body as me. I am 5'2" and have had this hanging belly since 1989, right after my oldest son was born. I have exercised and dieted and have been successful with losing weight as well as inches. However, my stomach never goes away. I have alway been very curvy and I love my curves, but I hate my stomach. =(

I am starting Chalene Extreme on Tuesday! I would...

I am starting Chalene Extreme on Tuesday! I would love to get toned and lose some weight before my proceedure. I would like to lose 20-30 lbs before my surgery date. I am so excited to have this proceedure done! I have had this hanging belly since I was 17yrs old and I just want it gone! I get embarrassed when I start to run because I can feel and hear my stomache smack against my body and it is really depressing. I am 182lbs right now. I would love to be right around 160lbs. I know that sounds like a bit much for my height, but it works for me. I have very muscular legs and a naturally large bottom and chest. Like I said before, I love my curves and I am very confident... With my clothes on! I want to look good naked! =)

69 days until I join the flat girl club! ...

69 days until I join the flat girl club! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am on this site more then Facebook! I can't stop looking at all of the updates!!! I am sooooo excited and feel like it is a lifetime away!

My situation is a little different because I am in...

My situation is a little different because I am in Texas, but I am moving to California. Dr. Nichter and I have spoken over the phone and I have sent him pictures, but on the 24th of this month I went to my actual consultation. I was able to meet Dr. Nichter and I was soooooo excited! He has a very calm demeanor, very thourough and answered every one of my questions. He made me feel comfortable and he was very professional. It all became very very real! He said that he is going to give me a full TT with lipo of the upper abdimon, flanks, hips, upper back and that gross extended boob I have under my arm! hahaha I am now 47 days away from my surgery date!!!! I was nervous the entire time up to my appointment. I thought for sure he was going to tell me I had to lose weight! Guess what? He didn't! The only thing he said about weight is don't gain any more! He also said he wants me to stop using Nicorette. I have to admit, I thought smoking was what actually slowed your healing. Well come to find out, it is nicotine! He just wants the best results for me and I truly thank him for that. He said it wasn't necessary to stop and didn't disqualify me as a candidit. However, my results as far as healing are concerned would be far greater. He suggested getting Chantix. I am going to look into it. In the meanwhile, I am going to try and cut back little by little with the Nicorette until I don't need any and hopefully that works! I do plan on losing about 15 lbs before my surgery just to give my results that extra boost! My wonderful husband is on board with his duties and is ready to take on the challenge! He said he is going to miss my fluffy body! Hahaha I am sure he won't miss it too much after the results kick in! =) That's all for now ladies... I'll keep checking in as time gets closer! Until then, Happy Tummy Tucking! =)

I have a question that maybe one of you can answer...

I have a question that maybe one of you can answer... I am getting my back fat removed or as I call them my back boobs! lol Will the skin hang in that area? I am thinking it will be like deflated ballons? Nervous about this issue... I know I should talk to my PS, but it is 9:30 at night on a Sunday and thought I could get first hand experience! Help!!

So, here I am 3 days prior... I have all my meds...

So, here I am 3 days prior... I have all my meds and vitamins! My house is 95% complete and I feel good! I have been so busy putting my house together that I have not had time to sit back and think about my surgery... I am a little nervous, but that is to be expected. I have had one of the worst weekends as far as hiding my stomach goes! On two occasions the monster has been exposed and I was so embarrassed! Here are some things I am looking forward to:

Not having to wear a shirt long enough to hide it!
Being able to reach above my head without having to worry about it showing!
Fixing my underwear by pulling them from underneath it!
Lifting it to shave the Vjay jay!
Shopping for form fitting clothes!
Not having my yoga pants roll down and expose it!
Being able to run without it flapping on my legs!
Wearing jeans and not having to tuck it in like a shirt!
Continuously pulling my shirt away from it while I am sitting so it doesn't show!
Looking in the mirror and moving it and smashing it to get a glimpse of what I will look like without it! I know we've all done this! lol
Wearing lingerie for my husband that I truly love and not buying just what hides it best!
Getting grossed out when I look at it while laying on my side!
Being nervous during the summer when I am invited to a "pool party"!
And for my back fat... Not having to pull my bra over it to help hide it!

That's all I can think of for now. I am sure there are more... Hahaha
I know it is happening, but after living like this for years I keep thinking, what if I am one of those people that look pregnant and not flat?!? =( I have lost 7 lbs which isn't a tremendous amount of weight. However, it has made a difference in my upper stomach around my ribs.

Well ladies, that is all I have for now. Happy tummy tucking and I am looking past my fears and saying, See ya on the flat side in three days!!! =)

I had a horrible 1st and 2nd day! This is the...

I had a horrible 1st and 2nd day! This is the first day I have felt well enough to post anything. My muscle repair hurts worst then anything. I am pulled so tight it is hard to take a deep breath. Like my dr said, I paid good money for that tightness! I go to my PO appt tomorrow at 11am. I am hoping to get at least one drain out. Sorry to offer TMI but, I did have a bowl movement today. It made me feel a little more normal. I will update you guys a little later. Please send prayers my way and I will do the same for you! Godspeed all!

I just wrote a 3 paragraph review and somehow...

I just wrote a 3 paragraph review and somehow managed to erase it! Grrrrrrr... So, I am going to try my best to remember what I wrote. I cannot lie... I have been miserable! I have forced myself the past 2 days to get out of the house. I am glad I did! I feel alive again and have kicked the cabin fever! =) My PO appt went good. He said my bruising is better then he expected and that I am healing very well. Apparently, I have edema. It feels like there are bricks, very heavy bricks, in my stomach and it sucks! It is so hard and tight that it is difficult for me to breathe, especially after I have eaten. He also told me that I will not get my drains out until I produce 30cc's out of each drain or less a day for 2 consecutive days. =( One of my drains are leaking and it is not fun! Also, he will not let me wear my CG until my drains are gone... This is very frustrating because my swelling could be lessened by wearing the CG! I am definetly in swell hell right now and it is not a pleasant place! Haha

I bought my first casual outfit today and it felt great not to have to make sure the top was long enough to cover my chub! =) I didn't even try it on to see if it looked good. I just purchased it and I am hoping for the best. I didn't want to get anything expensive because I know I am in swell hell and my body is going to change more.

Well ladies, that is about all I have for now. Check out my pics. Sorry they are not the best, but I am trying! If you just had your TT, it does get better! If you are about to get your TT then see ya on the flat side. If you already had it, happy healling! '

Godspeed to everyone!


I got my drains out today!!!! I can take a shower...

I got my drains out today!!!! I can take a shower tomorrow and I was ok'd to wear my CG! I am feeling 100% better and really feel like everything is coming together! The drains coming out were a real milestone for me and I don't feel scared to move any longer. I am still getting very swollen and I feel like I am streching the heck out of my skin and upper abs when I stand super straight. Other than that, NO PAIN what so ever!!! Life is good! I will post pics soon... Promise! Happy New Year!!!

Why was I so anxious to get to wear my CG?!?!?! I...

Why was I so anxious to get to wear my CG?!?!?! I hate it! It is a pain in the you know what!! I drink A LOT of water and especially at night I use the restroom at least 2-3 times... I will see how it goes! I know I have a hole in it, but I am afraid I might tinkle on it and then have wash it in the middle of the night. I will post a picture of it and if anyone has any suggestions on a better CG PLEASE let me know... =) Oh and the nurse ordered me a 2XL and it is not tight! I wore a 1XL prior to surgery so WTF?!?! All of the jammies I received for Christmas are a medium and they fit perfect! My CG fits around the mid section like a semi tight shirt, but not around my puffy "lower" region and I believe I need it the most there. Also, is anyone experiencing hardening in their tummy at all??? I feel super heavy as if there are bricks in my stomach! I have mentioned this to my Dr and he said that it is edema and will go away over 3 months. I am becoming worried that I will feel this way forever and that truly scares me!

Well ladies, have a wonderful night and Happy New Year!

Godspeed to all...


BTW, I am wearing a size 12 in pants and a large...

BTW, I am wearing a size 12 in pants and a large in shirts. I was a size 16 in pants and 1XL in shirts! I am down 15.3 lbs! =)

I had this done because I hated the way I looked...

I had this done because I hated the way I looked naked. Unfortunately, I still hate the way I look naked! My tummy is deformed and my belly button is really starting to scare me. It is still leaking and off center by at least a half inch... =( I am in a much better mood these days. I have the majority of the feeling back in my hips and back. I cannot wait for my husband to be able to grab me and squeeze me again! =) I have to call tomorrow for an appointment to see my PS so he can check out the belly button. I am hoping it is not going to be more surgery. Wish me luck ladies!

Happy healing/surgery!


So, all of my tape came off last night and I have...

So, all of my tape came off last night and I have posted pictures. Please excuse the stickiness of the tape in the pics. I have cleaned most of it off, but not prior to taking the pictures. This pictures do not do it justice though. It really looks better in person. I do think I might have a dog ear though, but not sure... =( Also, there were little knots at the ends of my incision and now today I only feel one on my left side. The right, where I think may be a dog ear, is gone. I am a little worried about that. Things always seem to go wrong with me on Friday night or over the weekend! haha I have been wearing Spanx since Wednesday and I see a big difference in my tummy! I am definetely getting more flat and I love it! I have a very small mid section! =) Oh! I tried on my old Jr. High, yes I said Jr. High, sweater and it fit!!! Well with the exception of my larger boobies which to me is not a bad thing! =) I posted a pic of it as well. I have an appointment on Tuesday to get the rest of the knots out and hope to get the results of the swab culture from my belly button. I pray they finally tell me what is going on and give me something to cure it FAST!

That is all I have for now ladies! Happy healing/future surgery and Godspeed to all! =)


I think I am spitting stitches! Waaaaahhhh Still...

I think I am spitting stitches! Waaaaahhhh Still totally happy with the way I look with clothes on, but again, I did this to look good naked!!! =( Please hurry and get back to normal... I also have this burning pain in my sholder blade. I think it is a pinched nerve (nothing to do with the surgery) I think it is because I was compensating for my abs and swelling. I would be pain free except for that and the feeling of little needles stabbing me in my belly every so often... My sholder hurts worse than the entire TT recovery proceedure! Anyone have any suggestions or have the same thing?

Happy TTing ladies!


Shoulder* dang it for not being able to fix...

shoulder* dang it for not being able to fix typo's in a posted post! hahaha

Feeling great, but still have the redness under...

Feeling great, but still have the redness under belly button and on my right side under my boobie. Still on antibiotics and will be for another 10 days. PS said that under my belly button is more hard then he would like, but wants to see me in 14 days which is 3 days after I run out of antibiotics. He said if anything is going to happen or change it will be 2-4 days after I stop taking them. Oh, All of my stitches are out now!!! =) He said he wants me to walk tons and tons! I have no problem with that. However, it is freezing here!! LOL! 25 degrees in the morning and 45 degrees at the high! Forget that!! I will wait until it heats up a little/LOT! I am very active though and I am always up and walking/doing housework and walking up and down my stairs. I am very happy so far with my results and I am just looking forward to not taking any medication and not having to wonder what the heck is going on with me. I am having a family get together on Friday and I am going to have a couple of drinks... I am a little nervous, one because I haven't had a drink in about 3 months and 2 because I don't know what it will do to my tummy! We will see!

Happy TTing All! =)


Nothing major to report. My hole is healing very...

Nothing major to report. My hole is healing very well. I am loving that that weather is starting to warm up and I can wear shorts! I posted a pic of my first time in shorts and a tube top since my TT. Loving my hourglass shape! Dr Nichter did an amazing job! I am feeling more and more like myself now! Haven't braved bathing suit shopping just yet, but once I get my issue cleared up I will be all over it!

Happy TTing all!


Swelling is down a lot and feeling good! I am...

Swelling is down a lot and feeling good! I am tired right now, but I will post more later!

God speed!

My first two piece bathing suit since I was 14!!! ...

My first two piece bathing suit since I was 14!!! Wow what a feeling!! I feel kind of self conscience still about showing that much skin, but I am getting over it little by little! I posted a pic of my new hairdo to go along with my new body too! =) No real change in my recovery. I still feel amazing, but still have edema in my lower stomache. I was told I can start to ween off of my CG and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have become attached a little... Haha I wear Spanx and I love how smoothe my curves look with my clothes on. However, I don't want to become completely dependent on it! Oh I forgot, my PS said I should be doing about 100 crunches a day, walk walk walk and use my eliptical!

Happy healing ladies!


11 months post op and feeling great with no regrets!

All is well on the other side! I did have the feeling of some swelling a few weeks ago. However, NOTHING like the begining, very bareable! :) Take a look a some pics I posted...
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I had a full tummy tuck with lipo of the upper abdomen, flanks, hips, upper back and that gross extended boob I have under my arm! hahaha Dr. Nichter has a very calm demeanor; he is very thorough and has answered every one of my questions. He makes me feel comfortable and he is very professional. My results are amazing! I, never in my wildest dreams, thought I would ever look as good as I do now! I am getting compliments left and right! I was truly paranoid patty and a skeptic right after my surgery, but everything Dr. Nichter advised would happen was spot on! I feel absolutely amazing and would recommend Dr. Nichter to any and everyone that asked! His staff is phenominal as well. Summer and Barbara are always a pleasure to speak with and they make me feel very welcomed and comfortable. They are both true sweethearts! The wait time is amazing also! I have not waited more then 5 minutes before they call me back to a room. Dr. Nichter comes in after just enough time for me to change into my gown! Thank you Dr. Nichter and Staff! You have changed my life forever and no review could ever truly express the gratitude I have for you!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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