35 Yo Scheduled for Anchor Lift with Breast Augmentation on 8/10/2015. - Huntington Beach, CA

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I am 35 mother of 2 having a much needed anchor...

I am 35 mother of 2 having a much needed anchor lift with 450cc implants! Scheduled for 8/10/15, pre op done. I have 11 more days and I am excited and freaking out about the anesthesia! I have 2 kids who need their Mom lol! Everyone tells me I'm gonna be fine but I it is still a thought. I hope everything will turn out okay....

8 more days!!

Final payment has been made!!! Picked up my prescriptions, 8 more days to go!!!

Pre pictures!

Here are some pre photos :(

6 more days to go!

6 more days to go!!! All labs are normal! I am all set to go... My stats are 35yo 5'7 175 lbs current cup size small deflated C.
I bought another front closure sports bra, do I need anything else?

3 more days!!!

3 more days until D day! Or like the girls say until DD day! I am excited, nervous, scared and happy all at the same time! I am tired of seeing hundreds and hundreds of before and after booby photos..... I keep having nightmares about it, but I am almost there...... I've obsessed about this for 3 months, researching and finally it is almost here!

Last night before Surgery!

9 hours before I have to be at the surgery center!! I started my antibiotics, and Nothing by mouth in 12 minutes. Getting my daughter ready for school tomorrow. I am excited and not as nervous as I thought I would be. My Parents will drive me to the surgery center because my Husband will take my daughter to her 1st day of school. I hope I can sleep tonight, I have to arrive at 5 am.

It's done! I'm alive!!!

Yay! I survived! The pain and pressure is terrible! I took my pain pill and muscle relaxant. Took a nap and I feel so much better.

Day 1!

Suprisingly I feel pretty good! It's starting to become easier to breathe. I took a few walks and was able to eat.... I have been on pain medication every 4 hours, the pain doesn't completely go away but is tolerable. Have 450cc on my left breast and 435cc on the right. My Surgeon in didn't need to do the complete achor incision, just one side on both breast. The anesthesia wasn't bad at all.

Day 2

Boobs feel tight and very sore. Saw my surgeon today and he said they look great..... I stopped taking Vicodin and started Tylenol, I don't like how they make me feel... He said I could shower tonight and return to see him in 1 1/2 weeks.

Day 3

Feeling a lot better today! I am only taking my antibiotics and Tylenol! Still have swelling but it seems less today. I was able to take a shower last night and rinsed off today. The weight of the implants feel weird on my chest but I guess I will get used to it! I like the was I look in a tank top, I feel more proportioned.

More boob pictures

Day 5

I am on day 5 and I feel great! I started driving and took my kids to school. My breast implants dropped a bit and I love the shape! I still have stretch marks from before that look weird because of the bruising but overall I am pleased with my PS work! I was 8 lbs heavier after surgery but now I am only 2 1/2 lbs heavier so I think I actually lost some weight.

More pictures

7 th day!!

I am falling more and more in love with the girls as each day passes! Right boob is a little bigger, but I think it's because the left needs to drop more. Overall I am very pleased.....

Tapes off!!!! Day 10!!!

My tapes are off! Saw my PS Dr. Doan for post op. He said everything looks good and going as planned. Next follow up in 1 month!

20 days post op

Breast are starting to feel softer. I had a few spitting suture to my left areola, 2 cut out by PS and the other I cut. I am tired of wearing my bra at night! I am able to sleep on my side now. I haven't started scar therapy until my incisions are completely healed up, I am worried I will get an infection or something. I need to buy new shirts/blouses because some don't fit over the girls! But I'm not complaining ????

Booby blues

Is anyone experiencing booby blues??? I have had a few issues with spitting sutures and I know that the PS doesn't think they are a huge deal, they say don't worry they will heal just fine! I know that he is the expert and knows his stuff and he is not alarmed by it. I guess I thought I would be fully recovered by now and I have to remind myself that I am still healing. My breast look good but I just feel depressed. My PCP said its normal.....

Happy 4 weeks 1 day

Not really much change.... I think they are looking good for 4 weeks! I bought another sports bra and it helps with support but not so tight at the surgical bra! I feel good but had a rough night over the weekend I couldn't sleep because they were uncomfortable.... Maybe the way I slept or spasms maybe??

7 weeks 1 day post update

I saw my PS on Friday... He said everything looked great and healing appropriately, I don't have anymore spitting sutures and incisions are healed. He said I am released to work out etc. I also can start wearing underwire bra or whatever I feel comfortable in. He also said they settled well and are pretty much settled where they will stay. I went bra shopping at Victoria Secret and I measures a 38 DD! I didn't believe them so I went back the next day to measure again, and I was still the same. They had me try on a 38D but it was too tight, I also went to Nordstom and measured the same. I didn't think they were that big but I guess so!

10 weeks post op

Before and after 10 weeks postop!

Drop and Fluff!

I think this is what they refer to as drop and fluff!

At my consultation I was very surprised that my PS recommended a lift! Measured 26 inches and moderate drooping. I never really put much thought into that..... But after doing a month of research I decided it would be most beneficial for proper shape and size.

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